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Something in this book is true

by Bob Frissell

Something in this book is true ... @
Something in this book is true ... @

Something in This Book Is True... is Frissell's journey of inner discovery and empowerment. We follow him from the Kennedy assassination to his first meeting with Leonard Orr dressed in a green sweater with dollar signs all over it. We share his trials and triumphs at an est initiation and learn about rebirthing and emotional body clearing firsthand. Something in This Book is True... is more than another New Age prophecy, self-help technique, or millennial mythology; it is a training manual for entering the Earth's future, whatever it may be. Frissell has no stake in scaring readers with cataclysms or promising exotic future shocks. Instead he teaches us how to make ourselves into a vehicle for travelling through a universe of danger and hope.

-- The Informer

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