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Golden Keys of Ascension & Healing

by Joshua David Stone, PhD

Golden Keys of Ascension & Healing @
Golden Keys of Ascension & Healing @

Dr. Stone's seventh book in his collective book series begins by sharing some of his inner plane experiences and spiritual journey with His Holiness the Lord Sai Baba. In ninety percent of the rest of the book Dr. Stone shares the 420 Golden Keys to achieving God-Realization in this lifetime. The author unveils the insights and tools of how to connect with Sai Baba and the inner plane Ascended Masters. There have been many books written about Sai Baba, however, no book has ever been written exploring just the inner plane connection with Him, and showing how he is integrally connected to the Cosmic and Planetary Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Dr. Stone shares a great many personal stories that completely captivates the reader. This book also, in some extremely profound way, is like the "Synthesized Golden Nugget" of his entire series of books. A person reading this book will, in truth, garnish the essence of all books written henceforth. Extremely easy to read, practical, electrifying and awe inspiring page after page. You will literally not be able to put it down once you start reading.

-- The Informer

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