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19-01-2001: Roads lead to Amazon 'destruction'
The Amazon forest in Brazil, the world's largest remaining wilderness, could vanish within two decades, a new study reveals. If these development plans go through, we'll lose the largest remaining wilderness on Earth and a huge amount of the world's remaining biodiversity.

09-01-2001: NASA Asks Native Americans How to Heal the Earth
Exchange of information and dialogue on climate change is happening
throughout Native communities from distribution of relevant materials in the middle schools to gatherings of Native spiritual elders.

05-12-2000: Plight Of Whales And Dolphins Worsens
Conservationists yesterday set up an action plan to save the whales and
dolphins which frequent European waters and which are being poisoned, killed in nets, and deliberately harassed by people in fast boats.

28-11-2000: Sun's warming influence 'under-estimated'
Scientists at Armagh Observatory claim a unique weather record could show that the Sun has been the main contributor to global warming over the past two centuries.

28-08-2000: Thirsty Earth Predicted
A new report published by the US non-profit group Population Action
International (PAI) reveals that over three billion people could face
chronic or severe water shortage by the year 2025.

20-08-2000: North Pole Icecap Melts As Global Warming Increases
The North Pole is melting for the first time in 55m years. Researchers have found that the icecap at the top of the world has turned into a mile-wide patch of open ocean. The melting of the pole last happened on such a scale when the Earth was going through a period of rapid warming.

30-03-2000: Tiger poaching 'still at danger level'
A report by the Traffic network, the wildlife trade monitoring programme of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the World Conservation Union (IUCN), says the poaching is continuing "unabated".

07-03-2000: Melting Of Earth's Ice Cover Reaches New High
The Earth's ice cover is melting in more places and at higher rates than at any time since record keeping began.

01-03-2000: Global Warming - Beyond Point Of No Return?
In Mozambique, 300,000 people are left homeless and hundreds have been killed in devastating floods. In France, storms cause 90 fatalities, destroy 270 million trees and trigger R750-billion worth of damage.

17-02-2000: Twentieth century 'warmest in 500 years'
Studies of temperature records preserved deep in underground rocks show that the Earth has been gradually warming over at least the last 500 years.

18-11-1999: Climate Change Warning
A draft report on the probable impacts of climate change, written by the world's leading climate scientists, carries a stark warning - that the world may be in for some nasty shocks

18-11-1999: Icy coating on Arctic Ocean thins dramatically
A new underwater map of the Arctic ice cap has convinced scientists that the icy coating on the Arctic Ocean has thinned dramatically in the past few decades.

15-09-1999: Outlook Grim For World's Environment Says UN
The United Nations warned Wednesday that the world's environment was facing catastrophic damage as the new millennium nears, ranging from irreversible destruction to tropical rainforests to choking air pollution and a threat to the polar ice caps.

12-09-1999: Earth Under Pressure - 1/3 Natural Wealth Gone 1970-95
The world lost about 30% of its natural wealth between 1970 and 1995, according to environmental organisation, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). In a new report, released in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, the WWF says that more than half of all freshwater species are in decline and that marine life is also being seriously damaged.

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