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Abbots, The
Free New Age info, complete FREE ebooks and channelings on earth changes, starseeds, ufo's, soul mates, past lives, angels, lightworkers, paranormal abilities, auras, FREE chakra lesson and much more.
Alchemical Mage, The
Alchemical Mage offers tools and techniques from the Council of Ein Soph for lightworkers and others interested in the Ascension of the planet and mankind.
All About Astrology
FREE online astrology resource. Has your life taken a turn that leaves you searching for answers? Whether you are seeking celestial guidance or striving for spiritual enlightenment we have compiled the resources to help.
Ask Claudia
Claudia has a broad site which serves two main purposes: firstly to enlighten and to heal, and secondly to be a comprehensive listing of links across the web.
Aumara Light & Healing Circle, The
A Place for Healing and Inspiration. Enrich your life with spiritual healing and powerful healing crystals, join us in global healing and meditation, browse our inspiration gallery and teachings library, and much more for the traveler of the spiritual path.
Awaken your Healing Power with Reiki
Learn Reiki by distance attunements anywhere in the world for very low fees. Limited time offer: Free e-book "How to Improve your Will-Power”. Testimonials, Free distance healing and more!
Be More than You Are
Life is a reflection of what you believe. And in the mirror of life, just as in a physical mirror....if you want to see the mirror smile back at must smile in the mirror FIRST!
transcendental, yet omnipresent; unchangeable, yet the source of all spacetime; formless, yet a living state of universal awareness. This is what the Wisdom of the Ages is teaching us.
Cyberwiz, The
Internet - Business and [Alternative] Technology Links
David Icke
David Icke is weaving the web of information across endless subjects, areas of investigation, research, and study. He is showing the world how they all fit seamlessly together.
Discover Health and Wealth
Are you looking for ways to enhance your abundance of health and wealth? You are invited to explore this site for effective alternatives that address the underlying causes of ill health - not merely deal with the symptoms.

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