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Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic
Explore the exciting and practical world of magic and shamanism by visiting The Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic. Practical courses for all levels and walks of life, including online, teleconference, self-paced programs and apprenticeship programs. Resources for everyone from dabblers to longtime practitioners.
Gary Smith's Merkaba Teachings
The Sacred Merkaba Techniques combine new and ancient knowledge in utilizing the awesome transformational energies residing in that state of consciousness that we know as Unconditional Love.
Golden Capstone Project, The
The central purpose [of The Project] is to establish an enlightened Democratic Global Family network capable of linking ‘wisdom in action’ across the entire spectrum of human endeavor.

Good News Page, The
A distance healing page where you can send goodwill and request wishes of healing from others.
Good Orient
Distinctive Eastern Lifestyle Products
Halls of Reiki, The
The Halls of Reiki consists of four wings with many rooms containing extensive information on Reiki. Room titles include History & Origin Information for New Practitioners Reiki in Daily Life Reiki First Aid Reiki Links and much more. Site also contains a book store and Hall of Music. This is the home of the Reiki Referral.
Holistic Resource (Hawaii), An
Na Lima Ho`olu Kino A Ho`ola is a center for resources on Energy Healing Therapies that promotes Relaxation, Mental Clarity, Spiritual Healing, Long Distance Healing, Stress & Anxiety Relief and much, much more.
Hunger Site, The
A site dedicated to the plight of the starving, allowing you an opportunity to understand the issues and pledge a food donation.

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