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Award-winning online magazine dedicated to New Age thought, mysticism, metaphysics, world mythology and religions, astrology, the paranormal, and general esoteric studies - MAGUS is an online publication dedicated to the dissemination of advanced esoteric knowledge, holistic health and ecological awareness.
Mystic Visions
Attractive New Age site combining Mystical Teachings with Self Improvement. Carefully chosen Spiritual Articles. Metaphysical Magazines & Books. New Age Discussion Group. Products for Meditation, Personal Development, New Age Business Marketing, Nutrition & more.
Network 2012
Network 2012 is an international networking effort started soon after the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Its purpose is to help light workers around the world to re-discover one another; to share ideas, resources, and challenges; to improve communication, and to explore ways to cooperate on behalf of positive planetary transformation. This has been accomplished in many ways.
Nibiruan Council, The
Serving the Worlds of the Galactic Federation ... welcomes Lightworkers, Starseeds, Walk-ins, and all who seek the higher perspective of universal and mankind's history...who desire to recode their DNA, and become multi-dimensional again.
Olde Consciousness Shoppe, Ye
One Spirit Project, The
The One Spirit Project facilitates personal empowerment, growth, and spiritual enlightenment, through interaction and discussion. "The ability to communicate is a gift and a powerful tool in re-membering who we really are and re-connecting with our soul purpose."

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