Ancient Apocalypse Review: Graham Hancock’s Hunt for the Lost Civilisation

Ancient Apocalypse Review: Graham Hancock’s Hunt for the Lost Civilisation

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Graham Hancock is back with his documentary series Ancient Apocalypseon Netflix. The series shows Hancock set on a hunt for evidence to prove the existence of the forgotten past. According to Hancock, this civilisation dates back to the Ice Age and is the most advanced civilisation in the history of mankind.

Graham Hancock has tried to solve the puzzle that he’s created after his extensive research that has expanded for almost three decades. Through his documentary, Graham is trying to prove his theory that there is, indeed, a lost and forgotten civilisation which dates back to the Ice Age. 

Graham believes that this lost civilisation did not just comprise of hunters or gatherers but, had artists and engineers and was much more advanced than its successive civilisations.

Ancient Apocalypse: Plot

The series is based on the journey of a journalist who takes us through the labyrinths of the world. As such, this documentary does not have a plot which needs to be followed. Every episode is shot in a new place, with new facts that are presented to the audience. 

From Indonesia’s Gunung Padang to Turkey’s Derinkuyu, Graham extensively investigated each and every archaeological site for evidence to prove his theory.  Even if you miss an episode, you can continue with the next one but, since Graham presents his viewers with so many historical facts, we would not recommend skipping.

In Ancient Apocalypse, Graham has tried to delve into the past and share with us how civilisations collapsed after being hit by apocalypses.

Ancient Apocalypse: Review

It all comes down to this: Do you or do you not love watching Discovery channels?

If your answer is yes, you are going to love Ancient Apocalypse. The host, Graham Hancock, is a passionate journalist who has, at times, been the target of trolls and haters. Despite being humiliated so many times, Graham has not given up on his theory and is adamant about proving it to the world.

As far as the show’s cinematography is considered, it is one of the key elements that kept us hooked to the show. Beautiful aerial shots of the picturesque historical monuments and sights blew our minds. The videographer did justice to the grandeur of these monuments.

Graham has officially become a threat to archaeologists with his statements and evidence. He calls them out for trying to hide the reality from people. It is an extremely provocative series. Hancock has gone around the world to explore how different civilisations collapsed.

What we really liked about the documentary is that in his journey, Graham also shared with us traditional and cultural facts from around the world. It is educational and entertaining, thanks to Hancock’s sense of humour.

The documentary is an educational series with cultural folklore and social history. Graham has tried his best to educate his audience. He also joined hands with scientists like, geologist Danny Hilman Natawidjaja and University of Calgary anthropologist and archaeologist, Geoff McCafferty.

It is a series based on history and speculations that surround history. Historical facts always need strong proof to be accepted by the world. This is where Graham fails. His words are still theories that are yet to be proved. Whatever he says can be regarded as speculation since he is himself searching for evidence. At times, he himself questions the evidence to be surprising. This further shakes our trust in him.

Hollow words are not going to prove themselves, Graham. We are so sorry, but you need to work even harder to convince us. At 72,  the man’s dedication is praiseworthy but if you really need recognition, you will need to prove your words. 

Netflix needs to be given credit it deserves for dropping this series with the controversial Graham Hancock. For decades, the theorist has been locking horns with historians and archaeologists from around the world by challenging their ‘proven’ works. 

Ahead of the launch, Graham tweeted that the series took 2 years to film, which, honestly, we believe in whether or not we believe in Hancock’s theories.

Ancient Apocalypse is currently streaming on Netflix.

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