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Keeping you Informed on Global, Galactic and Personal News

I should start with a bit about myself: I have been involved in lots of different topics and alternative views over the years personally and globally. All that I know is that I have seen my own view and opinions change and keep changing as I evolve and one should view all information with an open mind and see if the information fells right for them because we are all multidimensional beings and are capable of viewing things from different realities and dimensions, so listen to your heart.

There is lots of information floating around from books, the Internet, channelling, lectures and videos. Planet Earth is in a constant state of flux (as are the platforms the content is posted on). These ongoing physical changes can be called “Earth Changes”. These include changes in climate, tectonic activity (earthquakes/ volcanoes), weather systems, marine Eco-systems, and the resulting effects on microbial, animal, plant and human life.

There are also spiritual changes, consciousness levels vibrating to a higher frequency that seem to be in synchronicity with the physical changes. There is an inner knowing by most prophets, futurists, psychics, channellers, and all manner of people that the destiny of this planet is on the verge of change.

Most researchers and psychics feel that it is inevitable and that the consciousness level of the planet will ultimately affect the final outcome … I believe that this is true but when … ? When the time is right and this in my view is not a time of fear and chaos but of love and light and for each person to look within for their answers as we all have the power and knowledge to set ourselves free … so over the coming times I will try to keep you informed on much interesting information going on which I come across and think people should know about or might be interested in …

Peace Love & Light

The Informer