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The Frontier

In The Frontier we will bring you new advances in technology, cleaner alternatives, biographies of scientific geniuses, and revealing articles on less well known events.


The story of this experiment has been most vividly described by two brothers who jumped off the ship while moving through hyperspace and found themselves to have travelled forward in time and space.
The Montauk Project
The Montauk Time Portal

Creative Genius
  Viktor Schauberger  
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Anti-gravity, Free-Energy, Alternative Fuels, Psionics, Space-Age Weapons, Time Travel, UFO's, New-Age Medicine, Ultrasonics, Lasers, Strange-Science, Bionics, High-Voltage, Pyrotechnics, Surveillance, and Lightsabers. A burgeoning site of alternative technologies, including the new Hoverboard. Drop in on Future Horizons for more information.

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The Informer

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