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The Informer

The Age of Horus Dawns
Now, what are the odds that the most important celestial object in the ancient Egyptian religion -- and, just by "accident" also the brightest stellar object in the sky, Sirius -- would be crossing the most important celestial marker in this same ancient religion (the meridian), at precisely the most significant moment in at least a thousand years (the transition to a "New Millennium"), at the site of the most significant ancient monument on the planet (the Great Pyramid) -- which was specifically designed to observe and mark such passings?

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Earth Healing

Earth Meditation
Awaken, dear friends, within this dream and realise that it is your duty and responsibility as human beings, based on what you now know, to imagine and visualise a safe world. It will be as you decree, and your own experience will thus reflect it.

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Book Reviews

The Keys of Enoch
by JJ Hurtak
Now, more than two decades after its publication, people are continuing to learn new things from The Keys of Enoch which in essence provides both the scenario of an ongoing past/present/future cosmology and a blueprint for a new direction in humankind's evolution into a higher state of consciousness.

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The Frontier

The story of this experiment has been most vividly described by two brothers who jumped off the ship while moving through hyperspace and found themselves to have travelled forward in time and space. The time was 2am August 12, 1983 the place Montauk, Long Island where a similar experiment had been set into operation to link with the Eldridge, in order to destroy the generators on board the ship which were out of control.

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About Lightnet

LightNet attracts information on challenging research projects concerning issues outside the existing paradigm of how ‘reality’ operates, and of how the potentials of these can manifest. Surprising sources of exciting spiritual and technological breakthroughs are to be found throughout the world, compiled by groups and individuals about their own work in their own particular fields. LightNet seeks to make such information integrated on a local basis serving as a useful interactive network for International researchers. This aims to nourish them by feeding in new ideas for their own research projects. LightNet sees the need to be holistic by looking at all aspects of life as an integrated web, and so does not rank some areas of information as more special than others


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