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Modern Kitchen EMFs May Make Women Less Fertile

By Roger Highfield - Science Editor - Telegraph

31st Oct 2000

The fertility of women may be affected by electromagnetic fields in the modern home, scientists claim in a study published today. Women are exposed to low frequency electromagnetic fields daily in the home or at work through power lines and the use of appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and kettles. The egg-containing sacs (follicles) in the ovaries of mice exposed to realistic levels of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) fail to develop properly in many cases, Italian scientists report in the journal Human Reproduction. Exposure significantly reduced the development of the follicles' central cavity, a structure called the antrum, report Prof Rita Canipari and colleagues from the University of L'Aquilia and University La Sapienza in Rome. Dr Sandra Cecconi, from the University of L'Aquilia, said: "Our results raise concerns that ELF-EMF exposure might impair female reproductive potential." The team would like to see similar research on human ovarian follicles. The members admit that in humans this is currently very difficult, technically. However, studies in animals could be extended. Dr Cecconi said the team had no idea whether the same effect would be found in women, "but it would seem prudent to investigate. However, human infertility is very complex and many factors can combine to reduce fertility, and in every woman these factors are likely to be different."

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