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10-01-2001: Proven DNA Technique For ET Abduction Claims
Many abduction cases exist where alleged biological evidence has been reported. Such events lend themselves to an established forensic DNA profiling technique, which could help establish the credibility of such claims.

22-11-00: IBM Sells USAF New Supercomputer To Identify UFOs
International Business Machines Corp. (IBM.N) said on Wednesday it sold the U.S. Air Force a supercomputer to help it to identify unidentified flying objects.

23-08-00: Remote Viewing - What is it, and what is it not?
It is not widely known that for the past fifty years, the ability of
the mind to 'know' or to 'see' things which may be distant in time or in
space has been studied in solid scientific laboratories, from those at
Stanford, to Princeton.

23-08-00: Remote Viewing - The Future Of The Field
Remote Viewing and Psi abilities are more and more taking their place in the public consciousness, perhaps not as much as they should - and will.

27-07-00: Uncovering MJ-12
MJ-12 is believed to be a high-level, top-secret organization within the government since the 1940s. Government denies it, ufologists despise its secrecy, and Dr. Robert and Ryan Wood are out to unravel it.

27-07-00: Grail Quest
Nobody knows where it came from, who made it or what purpose it served. Now a Cambridge historian believes he has cracked its ancient code to reveal a treasure map that could indicate the burial place of the Holy Grail ...

26-07-00: UFO Activity Increasing Around The World
Reports are coming in from Europe, South America, Australia and the US of a moderate increase in activity despite solar storms ...

06-05-00: Britain's UFO Secrets Revealed
On 15 February 1999 an air traffic controller in Scotland noticed something strange on his radar screen. A bright blip on his screen suggested there was a very large object travelling at 3,000mph over the Scottish coastline heading south-west to Belfast ...

06-05-00: The ET Question - Do We Really Have A Need To Know?
Those in power say "NO" and I think I know why they want to keep their secret a little longer. I think I am beginning to understand why they can't reveal the "truth" ...

04-03-00: Cosmonauts: UFOs Are Real - US Satellites Catch UFOs
Cosmonaut Alexandr Baladin stated that "flying saucers" have come into close proximity to the MIR space station as well as the Baikonur Cosmodrom. He added there is sufficient evidence to warrant a scientific study of the phenomenon.

02-03-00: Saucer lands on ancient pyramid in Wiltshire, UK
Driver Clive Stevens is seeking the truth behind mysterious coloured lights he saw over Silbury Hill (in North Wiltshire, UK) in the dead of night. He said the flashing lights formed the shape of a flattened oval 'rather like a flying saucer' and he is hoping other motorists might have spotted them and tell him what they mean.

26-02-00: The 9th Alleged ET Implant Removal By Dr. Roger Leir & Team
Three things happened to Cullen in 1978 that changed his life forever. He suffered a terrible car accident, saw his first UFO, and suddenly realized that both events had appeared to him in dreams well before the actual occurrences.

20-05-99: US billionaire funds crop circle research
Scientists will be carrying out aerial research over Wiltshire next month in the hope of finding out once and for all whether the mysterious patterns are genuine or the work of hoaxers.

19-05-1999: Rockefeller Funding Serious Crop Circle Investigations
THE enduring mystery of Wiltshire's crop circles is coming under the gaze of one of America's wealthiest men. Laurance Rockefeller is funding research into the puzzling patterns that have spawned a host of theories.

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