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26-11-2000: Found: Temple sacred for 3,000 years
Archaeologists have discovered a mysterious 4,700-year-old temple that is the largest Stone Age structure ever found in Western Europe. More than a half a mile across and covering 85 acres, the site in mid-Wales is 30 times the size of Stonehenge.

29-09-2000: Traces Of Ancient Structure Found 95m Below Black Sea
Off the coast of northern Turkey, 311 feet (95 meters) below the Black Sea, explorer Robert Ballard has discovered remains of an ancient structure that was apparently flooded in a deluge of biblical proportions.

19-09-2000: Ballard Gets Green Light To Recover Black Sea Artifacts
Turkey's Minister of Culture, Istemihan Talay, has granted the National Geographic Black Sea expedition a permit to recover artifacts from the sea floor, the Society announced September 19.

25-06-2000: Land of Giants
Rapa Nui -- that's what its Polynesian natives call Easter Island -- is, in fact, the most remote inhabited island in the world. It sits in the South Pacific Ocean 2,300 miles west of South America, 2,500 miles southeast of Tahiti, 4,300 miles south of Hawaii, 3,700 miles north of Antarctica.

23-02-2000: Ancient Prophesy Fulfilled - Giant Rock Splits
Before Monday morning, Giant Rock, was considered by many the largest boulder in the world. It is now two boulders. A slice of the rock fell off from the boulder at 8:20 a.m. Monday, exposing a gleaming white granite interior

03-01-2000: New Stones at Avebury
A new series of slabs at Avebury stone circle in western England, discovered under a farmer's field, probably formed a causeway linking the circle, or henge, to a contemporary burial site at Beckhampton, a mile to the southwest.

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