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Arial Photo Stonehenge, built by the unknown people of ancient England who finished building Stonehenge 2000 years before the Druids came to the Salisbury Plain. Stonehenge is said to mean "hanging stones."Some say it means that the stones were used to hang criminals back in 3,000 B.C., when it is said to have started being created. Stonehenge is far too elaborate to hang people on. I personally think it refers to the way the stones seem to hang in the air in the trilithons. Stonehenge has many different legends behind it.g

Stonehenge is a circular setting of large standing stones surrounded by an earthwork. No one is quiet sure how old it is, who built it or what it's function was. There are many theories, ranging from an astronomical observatory (it is aligned such that it can predict eclipses etc) to religious temples to a calendar.

Stonehenge in Snow Stones

Stonehenge is angled such that on the equinoxes and the solstices, the sun rising over the horizon appears to be perfectly placed between gaps in the megaliths. But this is purely coincidence - the Earth's orbit has shifted several times in the 5000 years since it was built, and at the time of it's construction, the sun would not have lined up with the gaps at all! if you ever go to stonehendge it has amazing energys i have bee there on the equinoxes and this is one of the most speacial times to be at stonehenge due to the energy points that cross.


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