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18-01-2001: Tigers Use Growl To Paralyze Victims
A tiger's roar is so intimidating that it has the power to paralyse animals and humans within earshot - a phenomenon that has, until now, baffled researchers.

10-01-2001: Scientists Switch To Warp Drive
This extraordinary idea has been adopted by a growing group of world-ranking physicists who believe that soon spaceships could be designed to run on energy extracted from empty space.

29-11-2000: Whales pick up new songs
Humpback whales living in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef have astonished scientists by learning a new melody sung by visitors from a distant ocean.

19-08-2000: Digital Angel
Developed by Applied Digital Solutions, the device is said to be the first-ever operational combination of bio-sensor technology and Web-enabled wireless telecommunications linked to global positioning satellite location-tracking systems.

15-08-2000: IBM develops world's most advanced quantum computer
International Business Machines Corp. said Tuesday it had developed the world's most advanced quantum computer, a device based on the mysterious quantum physics properties of atoms that allow them to work
together as a computer's processor and memory.

03-08-2000: Scientists Discover How Plants Talk To Each Other
The language may be different but plants, like humans, talk to each other and warn of impending danger, according to a study published Wednesday.

27-06-2000: Powering up the Grid
Supercomputer centres around the world are linking up over the internet to create a new generation of enormously powerful machines. The networks of supercomputers are needed because some problems in science are just too large for any one machine to tackle by itself.

27-03-2000: Humans Are Not Descended From Neanderthals
An analysis of DNA extracted from the ribs of a 29,000 year-old Neanderthal infant buried in a cave in southern Russia showed it was too distinct to be related to humans.

01-03-2000: Ericsson's entry revitalizes WebPad scene
L.M. Ericsson Telephone rekindled interest in the WebPad market here at the CeBIT show with the introduction of the Screen Phone, a wireless Internet appliance for home users.

12-02-2000: Smart Cards Will Soon Contain Biometric Data
A smart card that can verify its owner through fingerprint verification or iris recognition has been developed by Keyware Technologies and Proton World International.

10-02-2000: Scientists create new state of matter
Scientists have created what they describe as a "Little Bang" inside which are the conditions that existed a thousandth of a second after the birth of the Universe in the so-called Big Bang. In doing so, they have made a form of matter that has not existed for 15 billion years.

12-01-2000: First artificial DNA can create new forms of life
The breakthrough means that the first artificial organisms could be "born" within two years and raises the prospect of humans redesigning whole species, including themselves.

12-01-2000: DNA computers take shape
Anchoring DNA to a substrate may liberate its computing potential. Scientists have made a small but vital step forward in the quest to harness the vast computing potential of DNA.

10-01-2000: Bringing computers and life closer together
Scientists at UCLA and Hewlett-Packard pushed deeper into the frontier of technology with an advance last year in molecular logic gates, one of the most exotic fields of computing.

09-01-2000: World's First Clone Farm Being Built In New Zealand
Scientists are building the world's first clone farm. A researcher from the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, which created Dolly the sheep, has moved to New Zealand to help build up a 1,500-strong herd of genetically engineered cows.

19-11-1999: World's smallest transistor
Scientists have produced the world's smallest transistor. This new design may allow silicon chips to continue to get smaller. It could also double the processing speeds of some chips.

10-05-1999: Companies Want Biochip Implants
BIG BROTHER could soon be watching from the 'inside.' Several international companies are consulting scientists on ways of developing microchip implants for their workers to measure their timekeeping and whereabouts.

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