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Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the morphogenic structure behind reality itself underlying even mathematics based on the occurrence of certain forms and shapes found mirrored in the art and religion of ancient cultures across the globe mainly from Egypt and the Teaching of the Right Eye of Horus. These geometry's are so clearly mystical in nature. In terms of the creation of species, the same shapes, forms and ratios are repeated in your cells, DNA, and body as well as in plants, animals, and entire galaxies. The Mer Ka Ba (make active link) is quickly activated by an awareness and understanding of this sacred language. Imagine, everything from the atom to the crystal to the crop circlesand the planet itself, all created through the same simple language!

Eye of Horus

The Symbol for Akhunaton's school was the Right eye of Horus, which is controlled by the left brain. This is the male Knowledge, the logical side of how everything was created. It was all created by spirit because at the beginning there was only spirit

Platonic solids


Platonic solids were named after Plato he Called them perfect solids. platonic solids have certain characteristics. All faces are the same size. Second all the edges are all the same length. third have only one size of interior angles between faces eg cube has 90% angle and fourth if one is put into a sphere all points will touch the surface of the sphere. Each of these shapes are also shapes of energy fields. Ancient alchemists used the for element aspects ( as shown above sphere is void. is a nice site to view 3d pictures of solids.

In the beginning

Genesis, chapter one:

In the beginning god created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void ; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said , Let there be light : and there was light.

So first they was a void then spirit shoots a beam of consciousness out into the all six directions

Six beams

Once all six direction were plotted by spirit the first motion was to move to the surface which created the first sphere


Once this was done from the surface there is only one thing to do to make another sphere which is the first day of genesis

Twin Spheres

Once this has started it becomes rotational until the sixth day of genesis

Genesis Pattern

On the seventh day spirit rests remember that all these shapes are 3 dimension solids. Then rotate again to get this

Second Vortex Rotation

Then by erasing some of the lines you end up with what is called the egg of life

Egg of Life

Which is eight spheres this is connected to the harmonics of music and all biological life the next rotation in the flower of life

Flower of Life

Now with in the flower of life are all the sacred shapes eg all the platonic solids are in there and all the make up of life is contained

**** to be updated this is just the beginning see what you can find in the flower of life think of it as 3d solid ****

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