Reverse Skin Aging and Get Youthful Skin with Red Light Therapy and Near-Infrared Light Therapy

Reverse Skin Aging and Get Youthful Skin with Red Light Therapy and Near-Infrared Light Therapy

Red and near infrared light are working wonders in the anti-aging communities, and dermatologists and plastic surgeons, even dentists who do Botox and other treatments are capitalizing on the incredible powers of red light for anti-aging.

Because red light stimulates both collagen and elastin production, eradicates lines and wrinkles, as well as the appearance of scars, surface varicose veins, acne, and cellulite, red light therapy is fast becoming recognized as a safe and welcome alternative to injections and surgeries for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.

Collagen is important—not just for giving us youthful skin and helping us avoid that saggy “schnauzer” look around the neck and jowls—collagen is needed to keep the entire body youthful, resilient, strong, and vital. In fact, collagen is the most abundant protein in the entire body. Even more important than what we can see on the surface, collagen is also what gives our muscles, skin, blood vessels, bones, and digestive system the healthy tissues that they need to keep us strong and free from disease. In some schools of medicine popular in Europe, physicians put a lot of emphasis on keeping the “extra-cellular matrix” (the fibrous skeleton that surrounds and supports our cells) healthy, and dysfunction in the extracellular matrix is seen as a major source of disease. Why is this important? Because collagen is an integral part of the extracellular matrix, and red and near-infrared light are integral in supporting the collagen networks of our body.74 Supporting the health of your extracellular matrix may very well turn out to be far more vital for overall health than we currently understand.

Red and near-infrared light therapy has been widely researched and is a proven anti-ageing, skin improvement tool that brings numerous positive effects to facial skin and skin all over the body. Repairing damage from UV rays requires that skin be able to repair cellular and DNA damage, much as it does when healing from wounds. Red light does this extremely well through stimulating collagen synthesis and fibroblast formation, anti-inflammatory action, stimulation of energy production in mitochondria, and even stimulating DNA repair.

A wealth of human studies is proving red and near-infrared light therapy can reverse the signs of aging, repair damage from UV rays, and reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and even hard to remove scars.

A 2013 issue of Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery featured a review of the research that highlighted dozens of studies proving red and near-infrared light therapy can reduce the signs of ageing.

Another review of the research by Harvard professor Michael Hamblin, PhD has found that red and near-infrared light therapy can:

  • reduce the signs of damage, DNA damage, and ageing from UV rays
  • reduce wrinkles
  • reduce colour patches, hyperpigmentation, and skin discoloration80
  • enhance collagen synthesis and collagen density (research has shown it can enhance the production of collagen by 31%)
  • accelerate repair in the epithelial layer of skin
  • combat other skin conditions like acne, keloids, vitiligo, burns, herpes virus sores, and psoriasis
  • speed wound healing by enhancing skin tissue repair and growth of skin cells

In short, red and near-infrared light therapy is offering a new, completely safe and non-invasive alternative to various anti-aging skin surgeries, Botox injections, and more abrasive chemical peels. For combating skin aging, red and near-infrared light is an extraordinarily powerful tool.

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