13 Powerful Manifestation Techniques That Actually Get Results!

13 Powerful Manifestation Techniques That Actually Get Results!

Source: Modern Day Manifestations & Reality Engineering

Do you want manifestation techniques that actually work?

It goes without saying that the Law of Attraction is always in motion…

But surely there has to be a trick to having better control over the outcome right?

Well, today is your lucky day…

If you haven’t yet seen the results you hoped for, prepare to make a shift.

I have you covered!

In today’s post, you will uncover 13 tricks to skyrocket your manifestation abilities and get real results!

So without further introduction, let’s jump right in…

1 – Create A Gratitude Loop

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” —Zig Ziglar

Gratitude is all about being thankful for the present moment.

It’s not just about the thoughts you have, but also the emotions you emit too.

When done right, sending out feelings of gratitude can cause a massive shift in your vibrational energy.

Take a look at this energy chart below, Gratitude (appreciation) is one of the highest frequencies you can emit.

The higher the frequency, the closer you are to achieving complete alignment with your desires.

Once you begin to practice the art of thankfulness, you can then create a gratitude loop.

A gratitude loop is what happens when you become immersed in an unlimited cycle of abundant energy. 

When you feel grateful, the universe responds by giving you more things to appreciate.

This is how the Law of Attraction works…

The feeling of gratitude attracts more reasons to be grateful.

When you are in a state of gratitude, you will find your desires manifesting faster than ever before…

You will be showered with blessings and support.

This will cause you to emit even more gratitude…

And so the cycle continues.

Here, take a look at the diagram below! 

Getting in the vibrational state of gratitude can seem tricky at first, remember it’s more about how you feel, rather than what you say.

How To Get Into A Gratitude Loop To See Your Desires Manifest

In order to shift into a gratitude loop, first, you must do a few simple tasks.

First, what I want you to do is take 5-10 minutes to visualize what you are thankful for.

Once you have thought of 5-10 things, channel your emotion into those blessings.

How does it feel to have these wonderful people, materials or tools in your current reality?

After a few minutes of feeling good about what you have, you then need to write everything down.

Let’s do this together, here are some examples I have written down:

  • “I am thankful for my wonderful cat Winston (who is currently snuggled up on my lap as I write this).
  • “I am so happy to have a roof over my head and clean water to drink”.
  • “I’m grateful for you, currently reading this post and helping you become a wonderful manifestor”.
  • “I am grateful for my lovely boyfriend who supports me with my passion for helping others”.
  • “I’m thankful for my family and friends”.

What have you written down that makes you feel grateful? Feel free to leave a comment below! 

Now, this isn’t just a one-and-done type task, it’s important to emit feelings of thankfulness every day in order to keep your vibrations raised and the loop going.

Read from your list whenever you have the chance, or even better, add to it each day!

Remember that the more you give, the more you shall receive from the universe so don’t hold back!

2 – The Pillow Method

“I believe the last thing I read at night will likely manifest when I’m sleeping. You become what you think about the most.” – Daymond John

The pillow method is an expansion of your traditional affirmations.

If you haven’t picked an affirmation yet please check out 5 Magical Positive Affirmation Tips To Rewire Your Brain For Success (Read the bottom of the post for examples of powerful affirmations!)

The idea is to write your affirmation down on a piece of paper and place it underneath your pillow before you fall asleep…

There are 3 reasons why this technique is so effective.

  1. It helps rewire subconscious thought patterns as you sleep.
  2. Allows your last thoughts of the day to be positive. This has a positive effect on your dream state which carries through to the next morning.
  3. As you fall asleep you maintain the intention while “letting go” of any resistance that might be interfering with the manifestation of your desire.

The moment you fall asleep and the time you wake up are the two most important parts of our day, it’s important to set the right intention to avoid negative thinking and unwanted thoughts.

3 – Subconscious Reprogramming (w/ Video)

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality” – Earl Nightingale

Let’s talk about the conscious and subconscious mind.

The conscious mind refers to the individual perception of thoughts, sensations, and experiences.

The subconscious mind is like the hard drive of your mind, it collects data, information, and thought patterns in order to put reason behind the actions you take.

Unfortunately, the subconscious mind develops through repetition and has no filter to weed out the good experiences from the bad.

This means that sometimes we unknowingly develop patterns that do us more harm than good.

This is how limiting beliefs are formed.

Your subconscious mind develops thought patterns that conflict with your manifestations and this causes misalignment.

For instance, you could tell yourself; “I want to manifest my dream home”.

Your conscious mind will agree, but deep-seated subconscious thought patterns may not…

This is the number 1 reason why many people struggle to manifest.

Now, this brings me to manifestation technique number 3.

Subconscious Reprogramming

Subconscious reprogramming is rewriting negative or unwanted thought patterns and replacing them with the right signals to help you manifest.

This technique can be implemented in a number of different ways such as…

  • Affirmations.
  • Guided Hypnosis.
  • Subliminals.
  • Soundwave therapy (binaural beats/isochronic tones).

I know these methods could be considered techniques in their own right but to be honest they are all solutions to the same problem…

Rewriting limiting beliefs within the subconscious mind.

To get reprogramming now, get your two FREE subliminal audio tracks here.

4 – Give More

“No one has ever become poor by giving” – Anne Frank

Giving not only makes you feel good, but it helps raise your vibration too!

Giving comes in all shapes and forms, you can give emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

You can help animals, friends, strangers, even the environment you live in!

Here are some really helpful ways to give to others;

  • Teach someone a skill you know.
  • Invite your friends for a night out.
  • Be there for someone that is feeling down.
  • Lend a favour to a friend.
  • Volunteer at a local soup kitchen.
  • Donate to charities.
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  • Clean up litter from your local park.

One thing I’ve been doing lately is picking up plastic from my local beach every time I go for a walk, it makes me feel good to help my environment even if it’s something little, every bit counts!

You see we are all a collective consciousness, it’s important to look out for one another!

5 – 55×5 Method (w/ Video)

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief, and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” – Muhammad Ali

Lately, the 55×5 manifesting technique has been blowing up the internet!

All you need to do is choose a desire you wish to manifest and write it as one particular affirmation 55 times for 5 days in a row.

This restructures your subconscious thought patterns toward your goals…

Not only that, but it creates a vibrational shift, helping you to manifest your desires fast.

Now you may be thinking “why 55×5 though?”

The idea is to utilize the energy of the number 5.

In numerology, 5 signifies great change and transformation so it makes sense why this energy is powerful for manifestation.

To get started here’s what you need to do:

  1. Pick the right affirmation and stick with it.
  2. Get a pen and paper (or journal if you have one)
  3. Write your desire 55 times in one sitting.
  4. Repeat for 5 days in a row.
  5. Watch as your desire manifests!

Now it’s important to have your intention focused on one specific goal throughout the 5 days while you do the challenge.

Try not to change your mind, as it will give the universe mixed signals.

Make sure to spend some quality time brainstorming, I know you probably have already but it’s crucial to know exactly what you want without any interruptions. 

6 – 2 Cup Method

“You’re shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality at billions of times per second. Decide which reality you prefer. Any variation to the reality you are talking about is real. Shift to the one that you prefer. They are all real… Shift to the one you prefer. Period.” – Bashar

This strange but highly effective manifestation technique involves just 2 cups/glasses and water.

The idea is to drink water out of a cup labelled with what you wish to manifest…

This then creates a shift in the universe to manifest your desires into a reality. (I’ll explain exactly how to do it in my guide below.)

Now, you may be wondering what porcelain and water have to do with manifesting, but this technique uses a combination of two major scientific theories.

1 – Quantum Jumping

There’s a strong theory that there are unlimited parallel realities playing out, and each reality is different from the next.

Basically, you simultaneously live out every single possibility there is in various versions of reality.

It is said that our attention continuously leaps from dimension to dimension depending on the different actions we take.

These leaps are more commonly known as quantum jumps.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, the goal is to make a quantum jump into the reality where your deepest desires play out.

Think of it as tuning into a radio station, right now you’re tuned into 95.4, you can hear the music playing but it’s a little fuzzy and crackled.

But on 98.8 (what you want to manifest) has a clearer signal.

All you’re doing is adjusting the tune to get a perfect frequency.

2 – Energy Absorption through Water.

During the mid 90’s Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that water can actually hold and retain different types of energies.

He figured this out about by observing the molecular structure of water.

Negative energy disfigured the molecules in the structure, whereas positive and happy energy actually created beautiful snowflake-type patterns.

Meaning that you could say/feel/and emit certain feelings or intentions and the water would store that energy in its molecular structure. 

The theory is that when you drink water, you are absorbing the energy you charged it with when you picked up the glass. 

So basically, when you do the two-cup method you absorb the frequency of your desires into your being while taking a quantum leap into your desired reality.

Now it may sound complicated but trust me, it’s fun and easy to do, here’s how.

How to Do the 2 Cup Method

First off you will need:

  • Two cups or glasses (can be any shape or size)
  • Regular drinking water.
  • Post-it notes or blank labels.
  • Pen or marker.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. On one label write down the desire/goal/dream you wish to manifest, and on the other write down what your current situation is now.
  2. Stick both labels to each individual cup.
  3. Now pour water into the glass that is labeled with your current situation.
  4. Carefully pour the water from that glass into the empty cup labeled with your desired manifestation.
  5. Then drink the water.

Congratulations, you have just shifted realities using the 2 cup manifestation method!

Quick tip: From the moment you start this technique you must be in the right frame of mind, you can light some candles, sage, play some soundwaves/light music, or even have a meditate beforehand.

Remember it’s all to do with the intentions you set.

If you want to learn everything about the 2 cup hack, see the full post Manifesting Your Reality With Water – The Two Cup Method

7 – The Movie Method

The movie method is a simple way to visualize your desire before it manifests, without the hard work of trying to imagine everything for yourself.

When it comes to applying the law of attraction visualization is important, seeing is believing right?

But for me, when I first started visualizing I found it super hard to get clear with my desires.

I knew what I wanted to manifest, I just didn’t know how to imagine the scenarios properly.

In fact, I often tried to envision every little detail but it never worked out properly, which led to a lot of stress and anxiety, it felt like an overwhelming chore than a fun activity.

This created resistance with my manifestations, which was not good at all!

I was fortunate enough to come across the “Movie Method” which made visualizing a breeze. 

For this trick, all you need to do is watch a movie that reflects the desire you wish to manifest.

Then, make sure to pick a character in the movie and pretend you’re that person.

Perhaps you’re the rich guy walking down the street in his tuxedo flashing his Rolex.

Or maybe you’re the bride who finally found their one true love, after years of heartache and terrible relationships.

You can do this multiple times with multiple different movies, the most important thing is to find movies that relate to exactly what you want to manifest.

If you want to learn more visualization tips and tricks make sure to read 6 Easy Visualization Techniques For Epic Manifestation.

8 – Scripting (w/ Video)

Scripting is writing about your desires as if they have already manifested.

Each day you write a journal entry about how your day went in a perfect world.

The idea is to evoke as much positive emotion as possible.

This is your own private fairytale about the future you!

Before you get started it’s a good idea to get into a state of flow.

Get those creative juices flowing!!

When you are in a good mood,  inspired thought will come naturally.

To get into the flow state for creative scripting, you could:

  • Do a visualization session.
  • Go for a run or walk.
  • Listen to uplifting music.
  • Read some inspirational quotes.
  • Do a quick workout.

Hype yourself up, get inspired, then grab that pen and paper and start writing!

I whipped together this script for manifesting a new car as an example, here take a look:

“Today was the day I picked up my brand new Audi R8! 

I had woken up extra early because I was so excited, I couldn’t stop thinking about my brand new car! 

I got up, had a shower, got dressed and had some breakfast, by that time it was around 7 am. 

I was ready to go but the dealership didn’t open until 9am! 

I couldn’t wait any longer so I phoned Michael who runs the dealership and asked nicely if I could please come in earlier, we agreed to 8am. 

By then my heart was beating out of my chest, I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer! 

So I had a glass of water, then called for an Uber. 

The dealership is about 40 minutes from my house and it was 7:15, which meant I’d get there in perfect timing. 

By the time I got to the dealership, I was so excited that I was nearly in tears! 

I saw Michael waving out to me with a big smile on his face. 

It was only he and I there which made the whole experience feel so exclusive and luxurious. 

Then, he brought me around back and there it was, my AudiR8…

It was freshly polished jet black, rims and with a brand new bright red leather interior, it looked even better in real life. 

Michael placed the keys in my trembling hands and I carefully opened the door and jumped into my new ride.

“Woohoo” I screamed as I started the car, the engine was purring and I gave it a few little revs before I left the dealership. 

I manifested the car of my dreams, right now it’s sitting in my shed and I can’t wait to show all my friends tomorrow. 

I would like to thank the universe, and of course myself for being such a wonderful creator.”

This scenario is just an example and it’s entirely up to you on what you write about.

All you need to do is set the right intentions and evoke a feeling of positivity and joy.

Have fun with scripting and get creative, that’s what it’s all about!

9 – Power Affirmations (w/ Video)

An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change. ~ Louise L. Hay

Affirmations are positive statements/messages you tell yourself to “affirm” your goal or desire.

When you consistently affirm what you want, you restructure the subconscious mind.

This then creates a vibrational match between you and your desires.

Power affirmations are short, simple and powerful.

They can be spoken out loud or within your own mind.

The only difference between regular affirmations and power affirmations is the emotion.

So basically, when you recite a powerful affirmation, you want to search for the emotion first.

Find the excitement, the joy, the gratitude.

Allow yourself to really feel those emotions.

Experience the shift in your body.

Then recite your affirmation from the heart.

This technique enables you to send both thoughts and emotions out into the universe at the same time.

Here are a few examples you can try…

  • “The universe delivers everything I want in perfect timing”.
  • “I am worthy of all things positive that come my way”.
  • “I deserve total abundance and everything I desire from the universe”.
  • “The universe has my back”.
  • “I am worth it”.

These examples are a little broad, so you may need to tweak them to suit your needs.

Speak at as if you have it already, remember that you are worthy of everything the universe has to offer!

10 – Manifestation Box

A Manifestation Box is a sacred box that allows you to manifest using the energy of written messages, pictures, objects and other ideas that represent your desires.

Think of it as a direct mailbox to the universe.

First, you make your box.

It could be a shoebox, a container, or even an upcycled jewellery box.

You place what you want inside and the universe sends your represented desires into your physical reality!

What makes this technique so great is it helps release resistance.

So, if you are feeling overwhelmed or perhaps a little impatient waiting for your desires to take form, a manifestation box is perfect for letting go and allowing the universe to do its magic.

Here are some ideas of things you can put in your manifestation box:

  • Pictures/photos or magazine cutouts that resemble your desires.
  • Crystals (to amplify energy).
  • Quotes.
  • Written affirmations.
  • Scripts.
  • Sentimental heirlooms/gifts.

Personally, I love to use my manifestation box as part of a new moon ritual.

I simply fill it with the things that represent my desires and then leave it overnight on the window sill to soak up all of that new moon goodness.

I find this technique really powerful for successful manifestation.

What Type Of Crystals Should I Put In My Manifestation Box

Turquoise Howlite

This is a rustic/boho style that offers many different healing capabilities.

This stone is often used to manifest prosperity, spiritual balance, and positive energy into your life.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has a beautiful pink natural colour & commonly worn to manifest love.

This stone is comforting and reassuring, it’s especially strong in times of sadness & heartache.

So wear this crystal to restore trust and contentment in present relationships to encourage strong vibrations of love.

White Druzy

These crystals are a natural stress reliever and work best for inner healing.

It’s often associated with bringing peace, clarity, balance, intuition and patience within ones life.

11 – Aligning With The Right People

The greatest value of having good people around you is not what you get from them but the better person you become because of them. – Nishan Panwar.

This is less of a technique and more or a positive lifestyle adjustment.

But it’s something you really need to be aware of if you are serious about manifesting the lifestyle you desire.

You have probably heard the saying “you are who you hang out with.” and it’s so true.

We all absorb the energy that is around us, so you want to make sure that the people in your life are lifting your vibe. Not lowering it.

Think about the people who are already living the lifestyle that you want for yourself.

These are the people you want to align yourself with.

Now, you don’t have to know these people personally in order to share their good vibrations.

In fact, with the power of the internet, these positive influences are easier to come by than ever before.

You probably have a few people mind (I personally look up to people such as Tony Robbins And Kathrin Zenkina) but if you need help, try looking for inspirational influences through:

  • Social Media.
  • Movies/Youtube.
  • Books.
  • Events.
  • Podcasts.

Find people that you can relate too.

Perhaps the have overcome the same kind of struggles that you have experienced.

Allow yourself to be inspired, motivated and encouraged towards great heights of growth and expansion.

12 – Acting “As if” (w/ Video)

“You must be the person you have never had the courage to be. Gradually, you will discover that you are that person, but until you can see this clearly, you must pretend and invent.”  ― Paulo Coelho

Acting as if is a powerful visualization technique that will really change the game when it comes to manifesting your desires.

The idea is to go about your day as if you are already living out your perfect life.

In other words…

It’s a game of make-believe.

You don’t attract what you want… you attract what you are

So don’t just wish for your desires… act as if you already have them.

This technique is actually really fun. It’s like being a kid again…

You can be driving your beat-up old truck… while pretending you are in a V8 supercar…

You might be working at your dead-end job… While pretending you’re in your dream career…

When you bring your energy up to a level that matches the person you want to be…

You become that person.

It’s as simple as that.

13 – 17 Second Manifestation Method (w/ Video)

Do you have a spare 17 seconds? 

According to Abraham Hicks in his book “Ask and it is given” it only takes 17 seconds of pure, interrupted focus to activate the process of your manifestations. 

17 seconds is all it takes to put your manifestations into motion.

And once your desires are in motion, all that’s needed is the momentum to keep them moving.

This method is not difficult to master…

It’s just a 17-second daydream…

When you wake up in the morning, don’t reach for your phone right away.

Instead, lay still for at least 17 seconds and daydream about your desires.

How good will it be to have the house, the car, the clothes, the relationship…

Sit with that thought for a bit…

And then get up and go about your day.

Now I am not saying that your desire will appear in 17 seconds…

But 17 seconds is all it takes to get on the path and into alignment with what you want.

This technique is quick, easy and powerful.

The more you do it, the more you can manifest.

Closing Thoughts

Each of these manifestation techniques carries its own significant values, but one thing remains the same. 

Your intention.

Your intention will always be the most important factor when it comes to manifestation.

The way you think, feel and act are all just the result of that intention.

So decide what you want out of life and dive right in.

Believe with every inch of your being!

Don’t get me wrong, all of these manifestation techniques are powerful!!

But use them as tools…

Because the real magic already exists inside of you.

Never forget that you are a magnificent creator. 

The universe has your back, and so do I.

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