2024 is Set to Be A Massive Year for Humanity

2024 is Set to Be A Massive Year for Humanity

2024 is Set to Be A Massive Year for Humanity. Gaia’s unwinding Shift is accelerating exponentially. Key layers of the Intervention, such as the Annunaki, have been healed and realigned in 2023. And there’s also a massive decline in the Earth’s magnetic shield in the ongoing Pole Shift. But there’s also been a lag in the awakening of Human consciousness. And this is what we must be aware of and prepare for. Because it’s likely to precipitate some huge ructions as humanity begins to cross the karmic plane.

Crazier by the Day

I know it’s not just me seeing it – society gets crazier by the day, including and especially, what we’re subjected to online, with all of the programming, censorship and distraction. It’s purposeful, so as to keep awakening souls distracted in the drama. And it’s this that is creating the lag behind the ascending movement of consciousness on our planet – that’s what I’m feeling at a field level. I’m sensing a build-up of a bottleneck, that wants to be released.

In 2024 humanity will be compelled, in growing numbers, onto the karmic plane. It will be how we channel the consciousness that yearns to unravel and realign – how we restore the even flow of the Shift. So it’s likely to be a rocky road at times. That’s what we must prepare for. If we turn into the activating energy and work through, then all will be well. But if people continue to ignore and distract, it will get increasingly difficult for them.

Our orientation in life must shift more into the connection with the energy field itself – the unravelling flow that wants to reanimate our lives and rejuvenate us. But first, although it may sound contradictory, we must anchor in our Sacred Ground of Being – because this is where the natural Toroidal Flow of life animates from – that which is a fractal of the greater system: of our Earth, of the Sun and the Galaxy. It’s all meant to be moving as one, and is straining to break free into that harmony once more.

So let’s be sure to keep anchoring in our Sacred Ground of Being through our meditations. That will be your rock in the storm.

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Reactivation of the Christ Consciousness

I also believe that 2024 will be an essential time for the reactivation of the Christ Consciousness in our hearts – no, not of any kind of religious connotation, but more the Ray 4 energy of the Soul Ray Harmonic. It’s the harmonising energy that can weave a pathway through the disturbance and density.

You can literally drop into the heart and feel it as a pull.

If followed, it will guide you to essential situations and weave new possible circumstances to uplift and liberate you through this defining year. As you peel off the karmic density that then triggers through this confrontation process, it will offer a quantum shift possibility to all those going with the Ray 4 weaving effect, of the Christ Consciousness.

So in any confusing and triggering situation, drop into the heart and let it guide you through.

2024: An Essential Year for Processing Karma

Karma is the reason we are here, and in actual fact, the doorways we must pass through in order to advance.

Society is a karma avoidance mechanism – carefully configured so as to distract you from these inner doorways. Whether it be on the mental level through social media or the emotional through comfort cravings, society is engineered to limit. We must not be so lulled into limitation. There is nothing to fear from karma, other than our fear itself. Karma always offers the gateway to a new expansion of possibility. So let’s not be distracted.

The bulk of human consciousness is lagging behind the realigning flow right now – this is bound to create turbulence. It’s like an anchor trying to resist the rising tide. Ultimately it will fail, but especially if you’re empathic, you’ll likely to feel this lag in the flow. Be aware of that – work in meditation with it. Help the energies harmomise through you. Let’s be clear, plenty are not ready to go with the Shift during this cycle – but that’s okay, providing we can bridge the flows through into the higher consciousness: by creating channels through us.

You become a Bridge Between Worlds, and this is where the Christ Consciousness will become doubly important to you.

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Past Life Regressions

When your consciousness is ready, you’re going to start to experience not just the odd past life regression, but wave upon wave of them. They’ll animate into your life, creating challenging circumstances to work through – in your relationships, how you live and work. That’s okay – we need the spiritual gym to grow through, and that’s entirely necessary right now.

How to recognise triggering karma?

It creates patterns of behaviour and circumstances that keep manifesting, backed by signs and synhcronicity. You might get some physical, emotional or energetic illness that appears as if out of nowhere. These are always the effects of karma and must be dealt with at that energetic level to process through and heal. To be clear, it’s not about fixing the physical ailment but healing by integrating at a soul level.

In other words, you work with the triggering effect that you’re resisting or surpressing – you let it activate so you can work into it by becoming as-one with it. So the situation no longer defines you. Then the layers peel off and you integrate a profound gift of beingness – that’s the value of processing karma: we gain something new about ourselves each time. It feels like destiny unfolding before us.

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A Year of Extraordinary Possibility

Above all, 2024 will be a year of extraordinary possibility – the energy is driving us to new heights and new revelations.

Build trust in the heartfelt pull – the Christ Consciousness – by taking off free-wheeling as much as possible. Watch for how the signs and synchronicities reflect into your life. What are you being invited to be now?

Also, allow the Christ Consciousness in the heart to hold dissonant situations with conflicting truths – in family dynamics or at work for example. To be clear, this is not about compromising your soul. It’s being prepared to hold the space, honour others in it, but hold the possibility for a higher truth to weave and emerge. It takes great care, compassion, but also patience and persistance. The truth will always find a way!

Allow your inherent sense of creativity to come through. Even if you don’t believe you have an aptitude for creativity – we all do. What new hobby or art does your soul call for you to take up? Even if you’re not skilled, begin it anyway – because it helps deconstruct hard wiring making your consciousness more malleable for innovation and growth. Create simply for the sake of creating.

2024 Through the Veils

The New Paradigm builds by the day. That’s the energy we’re tapping into when we feel excited, adventurous, and animated. Let the energies course through you and give them channels to express into. Thus you’ll embody these new energies and they will transform your landscape – even amongst the veils of the Old Paradigm. You’ll be creating in a new way with oodles of new possibilities. But you do have to work for it, by opening up to it. That’s my encouragement for all as we venture into a challenging, but for sure, highly alchemical and adventurous New Year.

Should you wish to call upon us, Openhand will be available every step of the way. It will be our pleasure to serve.

Wishing you all a productive and transformative 2024.

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Bright Blessings

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