Activating the Time Lock

by Wendy (Arctres)

From Lightnet News Issue #1 – 26th July 1996

A very special day, at midday the time-lock was activated on the earth grid at Stonehenge. This had been part of the plan starting with the spring equinox when the portal was opened to let the Divine Light in and for the ascended masters and higher beings of consciousness to come down to earth.

The portal had come down a long time ago but as the energies on earth are now of a purer light, the levels are now being opened up again, this is part of the grand plan. All those that went to the sacred sites on the equinoxes and solstices were part of this plan and would have been structurally altered in some way, so for those of you who were there, don’t be surprised if you feel different.

The master energies will have zipped through and activated everyone. On this day also the new seed was sown for the new race. The four points where the seasons change are now dates of importance, when events will take place, over the next few years and more and more people will be coming together at sacred sites.

Stonehenge is a major point on the earth grid and all those drawn to this site will play a major part in the plan ahead and some will be drawn to actually move to the Stonehenge area.

It is important to understand that on a soul level, not on an emotional level – the feeling will be so strong that at some stage you will give up everything to be part of the plan. So don’t rush off at the first thought but wait until the true knowing comes in.

The ascended masters are all ready to work with those that are waiting for their help – so just put out the call and get your answers. If you need any help give me a ring: this is a part of my soul mission and I have to help anyone who is part of the plan. This is the time of the great awakening and we are all being brought into full consciousness and can actually bring heaven to earth. The time locks and portals on all levels are now open and can be accessed by those who want to make contact with beings of higher consciousness on other levels.

For me the midsummer solstice was a magical day, as I stood in front of the stones in the west and pointed my crystal at the sun, I was taken down into the core of the earth amongst the red swirling molten lava and saw a massive cross (a crusader’s cross) in the opening and at the same time a phoenix flew up over the door. I was then taken through the door back to the stones and saw a large twelve-pointed star over the henge.

Always live in the light.

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