Another Smoking Gun Linking Sugar and Cancer

Another Smoking Gun Linking Sugar and Cancer

Instagram strongly warned me for sharing a video from Dr. Mark Hyman for daring to discuss the link between sugar and cancer. They called it blatant misinformation. But they can’t hide the truth forever.

A bombshell new review paper (published 2022) is blowing the lid off the decades-long cover-up of sugar’s role in fueling cancer. Compiled by researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center and the University of Texas, the paper examines a mountain of scientific evidence showing excess sugar is a likely culprit behind soaring cancer rates. (local PDF copy here)

The findings are explosive. Epidemiological studies from around the world link high sugar intake to elevated risk of breast, colon, pancreatic and other obesity-related cancers. And here’s the kicker – the associations held up even after controlling for body weight, suggesting a direct biological link independent of obesity.

But it’s the mechanistic evidence that’s truly damning. Reams of animal research show that high-sugar diets, especially those heavy in fructose like our high-fructose corn syrup bonanza, crank up inflammation, screw up cellular metabolism, and spread tumours further.

In one study, mice fed a sucrose-heavy diet developed bigger, more widespread breast cancer metastases than those on a starch-based diet – and it had nothing to do with their weight. Another study found that even modest doses of high-fructose corn syrup, similar to what humans ingest from sugary drinks, enhanced intestinal tumour growth without causing obesity.

On a cellular level, the researchers propose that sugar’s impact on inflammation pathways, lipid metabolism, and hormone disruption directly paves the way for cancer initiation and spread.

Of course, definitive proof is still lacking, which is why the study calls for more human trials examining sugar’s role. However, the authors argue the existing evidence is already compelling enough that leading cancer agencies need to sound the alarm.

Shockingly, none of the major cancer organizations’ dietary guidelines so much as mention limiting sugar’s potential direct role in cancer, beyond the tangential link of avoiding weight gain. Despite mountains of concerning research, they’ve chosen to bury their heads in the proverbial high-fructose corn syrup.

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to understand why. Big Food and Big Sugar wield tremendous influence through lobbying, ad spending, and research funding. Taking aim at their cash cow sweeteners could jeopardise their multi-billion dollar revenue streams.

So the disinformation campaign continues unabated, helped along by social media platforms frantically trying to suppress inconvenient truths about sugar’s dangers. But this research is getting harder and harder to ignore.

Cancer is a scourge reaching epidemic proportions worldwide, fueled in part by Westernisation and increasing sugar consumption in developing nations. While the public remains oblivious, study after study implicates added sweeteners as likely perpetrators.

It’s time for a serious reckoning about our collective sugar habit – and the food industry’s often insidious influence over nutritional policy. So share this post far and wide before it gets labelled #FakeNews and #CanceledByZuck. The people deserve to know the bitter truth about sugar’s role in our cancer crisis.

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