As A New Millennium Dawns … The Sirius Mystery Deepens

As A New Millennium Dawns … The Sirius Mystery Deepens

by Richard C Hoagland – The Enterprise Mission

In 1976, Royal Archeological Fellow Robert Temple put forth a startling theory. He asserted that an evidently primitive African tribe, the Dogon, had substantial astronomical knowledge concerning the existence of a “heavy” hidden, companion star to Sirius. This book was greeted by critical acclaim and almost universal academic chagrin. Numerous NASA luminaries attacked Temple with what seemed far too much enthusiasm. As things developed, Temple was eventually vindicated by a number of astronomical observations. Since just before New Year’s Eve, the Enterprise Mission has been involved in a new extensive research project. One of the keys to understanding the focus of this project is directly related to the Dogon, Temple’s work, and most critically to Temple’s own experiences since the publication of his initial work, “The Sirius” in 1976.

In order to lay the groundwork for our new research (which will be published in the coming weeks), we are now presenting our own independent analysis of some of the crucial new findings presented by Temple in the latest version of his book. We feel this is critical to appreciate not only the thrust of our new research initiative but in answering the Sirius Mystery and perhaps in revealing the true nature of this unusual star itself.

Certain portions of the text that are not relevant have been omitted. We suggest that readers pick up a copy of the book to read this text in its entirety.

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