ASCENSION: Difference between 5D Flow State and 4D Harvested Bubble

ASCENSION: Difference between 5D Flow State and 4D Harvested Bubble

A concerning deception is underway to fool souls in the Shift, diverting their natural path of 5D Ascension into a harvested 4D Bubble. Work such as the “Law of One”, actively encourages the “Harvest of Souls into 4D”, as being Ascension – a gross deception. However, the trap is even more widespread – suggesting that reincarnation is not necessary, for example. Whereas it is the means to progressively forge soul, into full enlightenment. It’s essential to be clear of your accurate trajectory in the Shift.

The 4D Harvest is in Full Swing

The “Harvest” of souls into a 4D bubble state is in full swing. The level of distortion and deception is quite astronomic at a planetary level. I’m seeing duplicitous postings, advice, guidance and recommendations by spiritual and alternative leaders that is quite shocking. It’s often because these subtle distortions are actively fed into spiritual work by the overriding entity, Ra, acting from the 4D astral plane. These deceptions can come in wherever there is unconsciousness, including, and especially, in the Dreamtime.

We’re encountering, and stripping out, Ra energy from people’s fields in great measure on every Openhand gathering. Here are just a few signs of Ra’s omnipotence. 1) That Ascension is the soul-harvest into 4D (The Law of One work focuses specifically on this and is backed by many thousands of people around the world). 2) Suggesting that reincarnation is a “trap”, and there’s no need to do it. 3) Channeling an outside consciousness into healing practices, as opposed to resonating your own soul frequency. 4) The bogus measures of the pandemic are creating a widespread zombified state in people, often of deteriorating health.

In the second example, to suggest reincarnation is not necessary, is straight down the barrel of the Ra deception. By dissolving out the apparent need to progressively forge soul through reincarnation, you’re subtly causing the person to “sit back comfortably on the sofa”, and not to actively engage with the Shift. Or alternatively, simply to try to “drop the karma” – in which case, you end up in a tethered 4D state.

You cannot simply “drop karma”. Because it consists of two elements: 1) the unrealised aspect of soul. 2) The karmic energy that builds because of 1). What Ra is actively doing, is stripping out the karmic energy of 2), in which case, it is very hard for a being to access their past life memories. And therefore, the being becomes easily distracted from their true path, making it harder to truly heal, by integrating the fragmented soul aspect of 1).

There’s a widespread energetic deception going on, and it’s essential to be clear what is the havested 4D bubble, as opposed to 5D flow state. Because plenty of spiritual commentators speak of the 4D as if it were the 5D. They’ve not yet journeyed deep enough.

To be clear, progressive reincarnation is the natural and necessary journey of the soul. The “ballast” of karma naturally brings the soul back into an incarnation, so as to have the learning experiences of evolutionary growth. Until that is, full Enlightenment is attained, in which case, you escape this natural cycle and consciously choose the circumstances of your incarnations – the purpose being, evolutionary learning and growth.

The deception of Ra often happens to a spiritual leader or teacher, who hasn’t yet ventured over the precipice into complete non-identification. The soul is still looking for, and needing, or expecting, some phenomenal experience that is the source. Whereas the true source, is to venture over that precipice, within yourself, and into Pure Presence. There is nothing to see here, or witness or experience. It is pre-manifest. It is infinite potential.

How to Know the Presence of the Flow State

When at least 50% of one’s attention is turned inward, in any given moment, then you perceive the disappearance of reality into the singularity. And you settle back into that. It feels like a simple state of arrival, and of belonging. But crucially, it has no phemomenal centre. It is the zero-sum-total of all experience, everywhere.

This pure presence is NOT “infinite consciousness”. Infinite consciousness is a quality of being. That’s measured only in a relativistic state – “this” as opposed to “that”. Whereas the true source precedes relativity. Neither is pure presence the “I am” state – because that still presupposes a phenomenal being. We must break through all such illusions.

So what are the key differences between the 4D Harvested Bubble and the 5D Flow state?

The 4D Harvested Bubble

1) It feels like connection with “Infinite Consciousness” or a sense of blissful “love n light”. So on the one hand, it feels pretty good. However, it’s not a flow state. It’s not living from the interconnection and dynamic flow, where you’re interrelating your choices and direction in life, by in-the-moment signs and synchronicity
-2)There’s still subtle identity and a building-up centre of consciousness: the “I am” state, or the “Gold Self”, a phenomenal being, or becoming “The Creator”. These are point source identities, as opposed to breaking down into Pure Presence as your creative source
3) It feels like a risk-free, spoonfed, and looked-after kind of state. Rather than being in the adventurous alchemy that has risk associated with it
4) Merging into presence is a breaking down process, as opposed to a subtle building-up state of the harvested bubble
5) In the Harvested Bubble, guidance of “what to do” is spoonfed to people. Or else information is given about the state of the field or prophecies and visions, but crucially, without your involvement to intuit for yourself and take ownership of your own decision-making – your own intuitive process.

The 5D Flow State

1) The 5D Flow state emanates from the space of Pure Presence within. It has no intention to do a particular thing. It will create abundantly, but the purpose is self-realisation and self-actualisation
2) There is no attachment or investment in a particular outcome. Neither is there fear or resistance to what naturally wants to happen – felt as a dynamic flow within you
3) “Right Action” emanates from you, and interrelates all around you through signs and synchronicity, sacred geometry, symbolism and metaphor
4) The Flow state effortlessly creates connections with kindred souls for the purpose of resonant reflection and higher evolutionary growth
5) You feel interconnected with cosmic sources of life: Gaia and nature speaking to you; the sense of connection into the solar system and galactic core.

RESURRECTION of our True Divinity

Openhand’s new body of work, RESURRECTION, is specifically designed to explode the myth of this 4D Harvested Bubble, so that people might realise the deception, and align with their natural flow state, leading to evolutionary 5D Ascension.

The work is officially released on 27th April 2024. Although it’s being actively explored in workshops and retreats right now.


Bright blessings in the Shift – the 5D one!

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