Being Creative Part 2 – More than One Brain

From Lightnet News, Issue 7/8 – August 1, 1998

by Blue Crystal Eagle 12/MEN/Kin:155

In our last issue, we considered how bringing the left and right brain hemispheres together are important for increasing our potentials for creativity and accelerated learning. In this issue, we are following on from this theme by concentrating on the nature and significance of the horizontal layers of the brain.

The brain and spinal cord are made up of alternating horizontal layers of grey and white neural matter, which create an alternation of positive and negative electricity, much like a capacitor in electronics. Brain signals are emitted along certain paths that extend out from the central mid-brain area through a large nucleus of fibres. The activity of the brain as a whole modulates and tunes the signals, selecting among hundreds and thousands of paths, so that the signals will travel along specifically chosen pathways to certain areas. The preferred circuits are often habitual and are formed through the embryonic development of the nervous system, then by the following postnatal social, environmental conditions, and later by the conscious discipline of the circuits. It is possible to shut off or amplify different parts of the brain and so create large changes. Also, the electrical potentials of the neural pathways can be consciously altered allowing us to change any of our habitual thought patterns or emotional responses.

Learning, memory and habitual responses are developed by setting up stored patterns of potential energy in the cells of specifically chosen brain circuits. These choices are the result of unconscious memories. Conscious selection is only made through the use of conscious will. Any unconscious choosing can become conscious choosing once we are aware that choices are happening and we begin to deliberately interact with our unconscious programming.

Large amounts of electricity can be stored by raising our vital forces to higher layers that will increase our thinking capacity since the electrical charge in the brain ionises more brain fluids which excite cellular activity.

The body can be changed by an act of consciousness. The secretion of brain chemicals can be controlled at will to affect our emotions and levels of consciousness simply by raising these electrical potentials and awakening millions more cells than is normally possible.

There are seven circuits within seven the brain layers and each acts as a ladder. Each brain area has its own method for raising the frequency of the electricity passing through the alternating layers of grey and white matter.

The nervous system is an extended part of the amplifying circuitry of the brain. Surprisingly there is not any direct contact made between the nerves and the body, they actually exist as a separate body communicating with the physical level of consciousness by chemical hormone transmitters transported through the cardiovascular system via the blood, sometimes described as the vehicle of consciousness. (To be taken up in the next issue)

(Paraphrased from The Matrix Manuals vol. III by Val Valerian pp. 59-61)

Awareness of the internal operations of the brain can be used as a focus for self-analysis, as a means for unwrapping the layers of density which restrict the flow of prana of divine force through our biological systems.

The first layer situated at the very base of the brain as it emerges from the spinal column has been identified as the Reptilian Brain. In the reptile, this circuit is a rudimentary pineal gland acting as a highly sensitive antenna that provides them with their acute 360 degrees of space/time awareness. In humans, it regulates all our physiological functions, blood flow, digestive enzymes immune system etc without our need to be consciously in control. These basic regulatory patterns are for the most part imprinted during birth and the experiences immediately after.

The priority dominating this conditioning is concerned with the newborn’s feelings of being safe and unsafe. The experiences of the new-born infant are important to the ease with which the child is able to mature into opening his/her higher centres of consciousness. For those who feel safe enough to relax their survival instincts are able to allow the other life support systems of the higher circuits and the endocrine system to take over in their role in developing growth and good health. However, those whose unsafe imprinting has been stronger become fixed into a reality tunnel which is governed by the first circuit (energy frequency) which leads to action-orientated behaviour which has an underlying need to destroy that which is perceived as a threat and also leads one to look upon others as sources of pleasure or pain.

Those who have part of their consciousness stuck in the fears related to their early life experiences could be helped by Rebirthing Therapy in order to allow themselves to consciously let go of their unconscious limitations.

Wilhelm Reich found that people with blockages in this area often experience respiratory restrictions and are often overweight due to a need for emotional consolation through eating.

As the root chakra, situated at the opposite end of the spine to the first circuit in the brainstem, is also associated with issues of survival it would seem that appropriate healing techniques and visualisations connected to this chakra would also help when working with this layer of consciousness. For example, there is a range of oils by Aura-Soma made from a blend of herbal, flower and gem essences which have been prepared for each of the seven chakras. The Balance Oil No. 5 Sunrise/Sunset (yellow over red) has been blended to stimulate the root chakra into releasing its suppressed anger and fear and the reasons for their origin, through the inner experiences that surface while in meditation or dream state.

This oil would complement any therapy involved with unblocking the root chakra and its accompanying affirmation is “I open myself to the joy in my life.”

Apparently 85% of the USA have physical symptoms which suggest the imprinting of the first circuit is still dominant. As suggested earlier such symptoms like respiratory problems, overweight, compulsive eating, the dominant potential for violent reactions are a few examples. As the development of the higher potentials of consciousness is rooted in the experiences of the new-born infant it is essential to the evolution of consciousness that more care and importance is given to this time of life.

Yet, if we compare the number of minds caught up with the need for the existence of the nuclear arms race, to the number of minds concerned with promoting humanitarian childbirth conditions, it would seem that the critical mass of human consciousness needed to release the hold the root chakra/reptilian brain has over the Earth’s inhabitants has yet to be shifted. The work of the French obstetricians Dr Fredrick Leboyer (“Birth Without Violence”) and Dr Michel Odent who have humanised the childbirth experience for many French mothers and their new-born have been important to the greater scheme of things; as has the research of the Russian Igor Tjarkovsky, who has not only trained mothers to deliver their babies in water but has gone on to train the babies to feel completely at home underwater. Tjarkovsky’s concludes from his work of over twenty years that water not only provides the new-born with freedom from the intense pressures of gravity, which allows the sensitive development of the brain to excel but that it also provides the baby with freedom of movement to explore his/her own senses and his/her surroundings. Tjarkovsky states that “By the age of three months, “my” children are at the ability level of a normal one-year-old. They are also extremely strong and physically well developed, and therefore well equipped to handle life on land.” (p50 Water Babies Erik Sidenbladh)

Drunvalo Melchizedek, the well-known inspirer of the Flower of Life workshops, gives a description of the new-born as a being who is fully practising the Merkaba or dolphin breathing which involves taking in prana through the fontanel. If the child’s mother is consciously able to sustain the Merkaba field around the child through her own ability to practice Merkaba breathing, the child can remain open to this level of consciousness. If however, the child is in an electromagnetic field that has suppressed this level of awareness, the child’s potential for pranic breathing will soon close down and will need to be re-stimulated later in life to fully activate the higher centres of perception.

The next layer of the brain is called the limbic system, or the mammalian brain. This part of the brain mainly operates through the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland which regulates the endocrine system and acts as a mini-brain controlling our emotions, sexuality and pleasure centres.

Within this region there are the second and third circuits.

The second circuit involves the Pons Varioli and the 4th ventricle that refines our memory/awareness for storing experiences that extend beyond our own bodies to include those around us. The role of this centre is to impress a species to act together, as is expressed by such activities as feeding, mating and migration patterns. Its purpose is to hold a species together through stimulating synchronised movements such as those displayed by a flock of birds in flight, sea fish swimming in schools, or herd mammals on the stampede.

In humans, this circuit is mainly imprinted by the perception of the first dominant male figure. The main feeling connected to this level of consciousness is a sense of unity but if limited by the underdevelopment of the higher centres of consciousness this ‘unity’ becomes restricted to a sense of domination and submission, of territorialism and a need to belong to the ‘in-crowd’ and a sense of safety in numbers.

Sometimes, this circuit is related to as the EGO, which refers to a brain circuit that often mistakes itself for the whole SELF. The imprint for the EGO develops during the toddler and toilet training period. The second circuit has an Anal orientation and people stuck in their second brain circuits prefer to use anal-oriented words in their vocabulary which is very noticeable in male-dominated organisations such as military camps.

It has been estimated that 50% of the human race has not yet evolved beyond the reality tunnel controlled by the second circuit. A person who has a heavy imprint on the second circuit tends to be very muscular and is underlying concerned with the dominance/submission content of his/her interactions. The importance of individual power politics is chemically triggered by alcohol. Some say alcohol is promoted for the very reason of furthering the divisions between people that promotes the control of the population

The sacral chakra is associated with this part of the brain and is situated midway between the navel and the root chakra. The Aura-Soma oil blended to harmonise and release the blocked energies of this centre is the Balance Bottle No. 26 (orange over orange) The Etheric Rescue, which works to anchor in the emotional body which has been displaced by the blocks reverberated from the life threats on the root chakra. The affirmation for this centre is “The only constant in life is change.”

The third circuit is situated within the neo-mammalian brain located between the neural matter above and the spinal cord below. The purpose of this circuit is to contain all our lower emotional responses to enable us to simultaneously compare and analyse the stimulus arising from the previous two circuits. From this analysis, we are able to make intellectual and logical appraisals, much like a computer scanner. The role of this circuit is ideally to filter information through to be processed by the higher brain circuits. This centre also acts as the seat of the Ego that handles and packages the environment.

Physiologically this centre is connected to the left cortex and the larynx and is the main operative in our powers of induction, reasoning and communication. Without the imagination of the higher centres, this intellectual function is very dull and gives rise to those who seek to prove that much of human experience is ‘delusion’, ‘hallucination’ or sheer coincidence. Those firmly based on this level of consciousness fear those who are demonstrating intuition. This fear has manifested historically in events such as the Inquisition and the resulting witch-hunts. The symptoms associated with someone who has dominance in this circuit would be the need to reason out problems and the inclination to be perplexed. This can be described as the reality tunnel of the third circuit robot who judges all responses according to the ‘accepted’ rules or ‘accepted’ knowledge.

The chakra operating in conjunction with the third circuit is the solar plexus, situated just above the navel, in the hollow between the ribs. Clearing the energy blockages related to this centre is concerned with bringing about clear thinking and feelings of self-worth. The Aura-Soma oil blended to assist releasing these blockages can be found in the Balance Bottle No. 4 (yellow over gold) The Sunlight Bottle. This oil helps the soul to overcome fears which have their cause in the mental plane and allow for a raising of the perspective faculties so that the soul no longer feels the need to know all the answers on an intellectual level but has the trust to be able to allow life to unfold its answers as the knowledge is needed. The affirmation for this chakra is “I am safe. I know that I know nothing.”

All these circuits have evolved from the beginning to the point in our present-day society. The use of the other circuits have evolved only to a small extent, yet they signify the harvest fruits of our future evolution.

The first three circuits situated in the first two layers of the brain (the reptilian and the mammalian) are separated from the next layer by the mid-brain and the hypothalamus, the thalamus and the floor structure of the inner brain which form the fourth circuit.

It is from here that our sense of self-identity is centred acting as a bridge between the three lower circuits and the three circuits above. Here our consciousness meets a crossroad and must choose between re-stimulating the stability of the presiding, time-proven responses of the reptilian and mammalian centres; or responding to the urges made upon us by the internal and external demands to push forward into the unknown territories of our future evolution.

The fourth circuit relays sensory impulses to the heart centre where the emotional responses arising from the hormones secreted from this centre, must alchemicalize or synthesize the chemical responses of the reptilian brain, the social responses of the mammalian brain and the intellectual responses of the neo-mammalian circuit. From the culmination of these three sources of awareness, the existence of the self emerges. The life force emanating from this centre can only be expressed through the chakras which are already open. For example in an intellectual, the energy may be directed almost entirely through the third brain structure and only if something happened to prevent the intellect from its usual habits could it be re-directed down into the first chakra can be experienced as physical vitality, sexual feeling or the energy to manifest something. It may also at this point be directed upwards into the intuition and imagination centres, which would greatly enrich the intellect.

The imprint of the fourth circuit occurs during the first orgasm and mating experiences at puberty and is conditioned by the various cultural taboos by which we live. This energy centre processes sexual pleasure, definitions of “right” and “wrong”, reproduction, adult-parental roles, sex roles, and nurturing of the young. In western society, this circuit contains a lot of inherent “guilt” concepts embedded in the emotional matrix. When people firmly rooted in the fourth circuit reality tunnel confront a problem, its content often transmutes into guilt associations, so that the solution to problems will often involve a “moral” perspective.

This area of the brain connects to the heart chakra. The energy moving through this centre seeks compassionate discrimination. For this will allow the growing consciousness to be able to discriminate between the many possible responses being fed to it from the lower circuits, in an accepting non-judgemental way, so that a calm contemplative choice can be made.

The Aura-Soma Balance Bottle working with this chakra is Blend No. 3 (blue over green) The Atlantean Bottle which helps in opening up the heart centre to allow a space where the love of self an others can find expression. The affirmation for this chakra is “I express love and truth.”

Circuits five, six and seven are situated in the Neo Cortex that controls the higher processes of reasoning and perception.

Circuit five operates through the inter-brain, the third ventricle and the hollow, known as the Cave of Brahma, which links to the two optic thalami and the pituitary gland. The role of this circuit provides the conceptual machinery to process thoughts and feelings that arise through communication with the frontal lobes of the left and right hemispheres. These centres store higher abstractions and thoughts, and process new experiences as well as having the ability to review old emotional scars and recall deep fears and dreams.

It is from the fifth circuit of consciousness that the qualities of idealism and devotion can be developed. It is from this level of awareness that we are able to analyse and compare our emotions to bring about a sense of detachment. It also provides us with the ability to glimpse at our potential for cosmic consciousness. The state of bliss generated from this centre can be experienced during meditation, tantric yoga and for some by the experience of being in the voluntary isolation of a flotation tank. It is from this level of awareness that we are able to heal diseases through energy transference and through sound and music. It is predicted that major social changes will occur when enough of the population have the ability to practice this expression of consciousness. Apparently, the fifth level of awareness and those above are preparing us for extra-terrestrial migration or from the fourth-dimensional perspective this could be called Ascension.

The balance oil working with this chakra is bottle No.2 (blue over blue) the Peace bottle. This oil works in times of transition when the soul needs to process what has been happening in order to re-evaluate its current needs, and then move on. It is also said that this oil helps its user decipher his/her dreams. It also helps release blocks created by unexpressed fears by establishing contact with one’s creativity and intuition, allowing the feminine aspect to flow through into consciousness. The affirmation for this chakra is “I breathe in peace. I breathe out peace.”

The sixth circuit controls the fifth, it stores memories and forms unconscious decisions about how we will identify and respond to any given situation and can be loosely called intuition or it could also be considered as past life knowledge.

This circuit of the brain is connected to the area of vision, both inner and outer. This area of perception raises our awareness of our surrounding environment to a higher level of abstract ideas and gives us feelings of knowing, generated through the stimulation of the pituitary and the hypothalamus. Thus bringing the development of inner seeing which allows for the growth of self-mastery, when the lower brain circuits render themselves at service of the Seer who is receiving direction from the seventh level and above.

This is the seat of the non-sensory pleasure centre. Dreaming in colour or seeing distinct colour images when the eyes are closed indicates that the sixth circuit is being activated. This centre is imprinted by the bio-electrical stresses that are concerned with processing the DNA and RNA feedback systems. Through this circuit, we access our collective consciousness in that it contains the same pattern of programming as for the whole evolutionary script, past, present, and future and provides us with communication with the Great Tao or Akashic Records. Awareness of the synchronicity of events is another indication that this centre is consciously operating since synchronicity demonstrates that everything is an interactive part of the collective.

The seventh circuit is located in the frontal lobes and is involved in developing our imagination and allows the brain to become aware of itself. This circuit is concerned with the metaprogramming that is imprinted by advance disciplines. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is called the White Light of the Void. The perception of this centre brings awareness of the infinite realities that surround us. This could also be associated with the experience people have during a ‘near-death experience’ which has repeatedly been described as moving through a tunnel towards a distant radiance which embraces them as they move further into the tunnel and is usually accompanied by feelings of euphoria. Such experiences often bring about a shift in consciousness where the person when returning to a normal state of health and consciousness have brought with them a new awareness and sensitivities which reflect a sense of collective purpose and ESP abilities.

The balance bottle blended to activate and harmonise the energies of the sixth circuit/chakra or third eye and the seventh circuit/crown chakra is bottle No. 1 (blue over deep magenta) – The Physical Rescue bottle and its affirmation is “I am whole. I integrate every aspect.”

These energies are our own and we can possess them to use for the greater fulfilment of the potential of the human family, to bring both personal and planetary growth. As we increase the energy pulsing through our different brain centres so the infectious energy radiating from us will create a morphogenic field that will support all others struggling to bring about changes within themselves. For everybody that overcomes a personal challenge whatever that may be, automatically creates a path for somebody else to follow, it adds to the collective consciousness and so makes it easier for those who are going through or will be going through similar challenges. Through our own commitment and sense of responsibility, we can be points of light that help guide the collective unconscious to self-awareness as an act of constructive visualisation. It is productive for us to hold in our consciousness a time when the unborn soul will be intuitively linked through the act of conscious conception. When the parents will feel the contact with the soul coming into manifestation and will communicate their love and welcome during the child’s growth in his/her mother’s womb.

At birth, the child will be assisted into the Earth by a group of loving and conscious souls who have already let go of their own fears of life and death, who have mastered the art of breathing and have given themselves in full trust to the universe and can allow the child to be born into the warm and gentle element of water. Through being born into the comforting element of water the child is able to feel the power of movement and exploration through the whole of his/her being.

As the child grows it is cared for by parents who understand its needs, who are aware of the phenomenal insight their child’s astrological chart can bring to them. Insight into the growing purpose of the soul who has chosen to incarnate into their lives. Through understanding the child’s astrological chart he/she can be given toys and opportunities that will stimulate the energies waiting to grow and will also give the parents an understanding of the challenges the child is seeking to face and master.

When the child is ready to go to school he/she is met by teachers who look at each child as an individual soul seeking to enhance the evolutionary process of humanity; teachers who approach the child with love and respect for the wealth of past-life knowledge he/she holds within. Each child is given the opportunity to seek self-exploration through the games and lessons he/she participates in.

Imagine the growth of such a child and then imagine a generation of children who are born with a conscious awareness of who they are and why they are here, who grow and expand themselves through love and trust. What possibilities would be open to humanity! This image is a growing reality, in many countries and in China in particular many children born since the 1970s are showing the development of remarkable extra-sensory powers, they are already awake to their potential. According to Drunvalo Melchizedek, these children will live the consciousness of oneness, they will know and feel their connection to each other.

For we are of One Source and we are of One Purpose, Unification of Cosmos.

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by Irene Dalichow and Mike Booth
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