Benzene in our food and water

Benzene in our food and water

Source: David Icke

Information: The original founder of the FDA banned the use of benzene to be used in food. Then he was fired. Today, most everything packaged, grated, ground, chopped, blended, etc., has benzene in it. Even the vegetables and fruits you think are pure and fresh are covered with it because it’s in pesticide.

Dr. Hulda Clark [author: “The Cure For All Diseases“] states that benzene is killing us. We should be living to age 140 and beyond with all the information we have available, yet now we are dying sooner, and we get sicker sooner. Dr. Clark states that benzene is so debilitating to the liver and the immune system, it causes cancer, HIV, and allows certain parasites to infest our bodies. If our white blood cells are preoccupied with a toxin, we shouldn’t be consuming it. She went as far to say on a PBS show that she thinks benzene is in the water supply in Africa. That would explain a lot! Dr. Clark also has a cure for HIV/Aids, but no one in the US wants to listen.

She was arrested last year by FBI agents and put in jail. Now she practices exclusively in Mexico, which has a research-friendly environment. The fact is, Dr. Clark’s work is mainly ignored by the FDA although she proves her latest work and research findings in “The Cure for Advanced Cancers.”

I think the practice of arresting her was a ruse to “get her out of the way,” to get her out of the US, and silence her. Not only does she write about benzene, but also asbestos, dyes, lanthanides, aluminum, fluoride, amalgam, and everything that is put in our food and products.

If the FDA acted on her research, hundreds of products would have to be pulled off the grocery store shelves, and food processing would have to be redefined. Of course, thousands of people would be cured, if not millions, but “they” don’t want that.

“They” want us to die!

Dr. Hulda Clark,
“The Cure For All Diseases”
“The Cure For Advanced Cancers”
The Sun Coast Eco Times, Sarasota Florida

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