Bombshell SCOTUS Decision Gives Hope to Lawsuits Against Biden’s Social Media Censors

Bombshell SCOTUS Decision Gives Hope to Lawsuits Against Biden’s Social Media Censors

You won’t believe the latest bombshell from the Supreme Court that could blow the lid off the Biden administration’s shady censorship operations during the pandemic.

In a unanimous ruling last week, the nation’s highest court gave free speech advocates a massive win – and a glimmer of hope in the fight against the COVID censors. The case was NRA v. Vullo, and while it was ostensibly about government attempts to blacklist the NRA, the ruling has massive implications for the lawsuits challenging the coordinated censorship of COVID dissidents.

Let me break it down for you. The Supreme Court ruled that the government can’t go behind closed doors and threaten private companies to punish or suppress speech it doesn’t like. Sound familiar? It should, because that’s exactly what the White House COVID crew was doing.

Emails and whistleblower reports have shown how White House officials like Andy Slavitt and Rob Flaherty were aggressively pressuring Twitter, Facebook, Google and others to crack down on anyone questioning the official COVID narrative. They didn’t just complain about specific posts – they demanded entire accounts and voices be banned from the platforms.

And they backed up their demands with not-so-veiled threats about revoking Section 230 protections, which would upend the entire social media business model. As the Court said, using “regulatory authority” and threats of “adverse consequences” to coerce censorship is a blatant First Amendment violation.

The parallels to the COVID censorship operation are striking. In fact, the plaintiffs in cases like Berenson v. Biden and Murthy v. Missouri are making almost verbatim arguments citing this exact ruling.

Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter who was booted from Twitter for COVID blasphemy, has rock-solid evidence that White House officials explicitly targeted him for deplatforming in their secret meetings with Twitter. Ditto for the states, publishers, and individual doctors in the Murthy case.

Even the notoriously liberal Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson gave these lawsuits a boost in her concurring opinion. She said the key issue is whether the administration had a “retaliatory motive” for targeting the plaintiffs’ protected speech. Well, bombshell after bombshell has revealed the COVID regime was absolutely gunning for critics and dissenters.

Of course, this is just one Supreme Court case, and the Court’s conservative majority could shift on a dime. But the legal precedent here is hugely promising for those battling the COVID censors.

The American public has known for years that something desperately undemocratic was happening behind the scenes between big government and Big Tech during the pandemic. Now, we may finally get accountability – and a reaffirmation of our core free speech rights.

So, to the Biden COVID advisors who orchestrated this disgraceful episode: you guys might want to lawyer up. The legal walls are closing in, and We The People want answers.

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