Darkness is only Light not switched on (Walking with Angels)

Darkness is only Light not switched on (Walking with Angels)

by Jeanne Ames

Darkness is only Light not
switched on (Walking with Angels)

Darkness is only Light Not Switched On (Walking with Angels) is Jeanne Ames’ first book about the discovery and development of a unique healing system – Crystal Clear Diamond Healing (CCDH) – and lays the foundation for her CCDH teaching methods.

From an early age, Jeanne was aware of her healing abilities, but, in an effort to fit in with other children, she tried to suppress her innate psychic gifts, gifts she believes we all possess. After meeting a tarot card reader and spiritual medium in her twenties, who informed her in no uncertain terms that she was a healer, Jeanne embarked on over a decade of research with the assistance of her Angel guides. Despite being diagnosed with acute inflated viral cardiomyopathy in 2002 (a terminal heart condition) and clinically dieing on the operating table, Jeanne has made a full recovery through the application of the CCDH system.

Darkness is only Light Not Switched On (Walking with Angels) is a factual account of Jeanne Ames’ quest to understand and learn how to heal emotional discord – the scourge of mankind and the root of all disease – through contact with techniques such as crystal healing, Reiki, colour therapy, animal healing and birth frequency healing, and guided by her ever-present guides, the Angels.

Despite painful relationships and personal battles with ill health, fear, loneliness, and despair, she is doggedly determined to remain faithful to her passionate healing mission. On her journey, she recognizes that the obstacles placed in her path are merely learning experiences from which to heal and grow, and candidly shares the insights gained from these experiences so that others may benefit from her wealth of knowledge. Her poignant story – a courageous spiritual journey filled with many joyful moments as well as miracles – is captivating from beginning to end.

For more information on CCDH, please see Jeanne’s CCDH website.

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

— The Informer

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