Dream of the Future?

Transcript by Chris Barnes

From Lightnet News Issue #3 – May 1997

How did your dream begin?

Myself and many others were in a barracks compound when we were told of ET activity. I found myself with some others walking along Seven Sisters Rd. (London), this I think representing the Pleiades to my conscious mind. We were aware that we were heading into an encounter, and initially, we wanted to find a place to conceal ourselves. I distinctly felt I was being told to stay calm, it was as if our feelings radiated our presence for we were soon greeted by an ET.

What did the ET look like?

I was aware that its appearance wasn’t an important focus of my attention, rather the message it relayed to me through my senses.

How did the dream proceed?

We were taken to join other ET’s, we were asked to help in communicating with other humans. We were shown scenes of crowds of humans in a state of panic, who were being hosed down by ET’s. It was as if the actions of the ET’s were mirroring the emotional haemorrhage of the panicking crowds. The torrents of water symbolising their emotional overflow. Under these circumstances, the ET’s couldn’t communicate.

What happened next?

The scene changed. I was driving with my family along a motorway, which was lined with streams of traffic. In the distance, there was a burst of ultra violet light on the horizon. I was dazed for a few moments and then when my attention came back to the road ahead of me, I was shocked to see the cars that were in front had now turn around and were heading towards us. I began reversing back only to realise that there would eventually be a series of multiple collisions. I reversed up on to the grass verge and parked up.

We left the car, climbed up the grass bank and sat down. The words that echoed over in my mind were “You have got to have a vision” Simultaneously I saw a picture in my mind of an ancient Egyptian boat which they used to symbolise the journey of the soul through its transition from the 3rd to the 4th dimension and beyond. I was given the impression that our state of mind and the vision we hold during this transition determines the dimensional destination of one’s journey.

I became aware again of being on the grass bank, rays of sparkling light were showering down upon the Earth and were being absorbed by everything they touched. I looked around we had been joined by many others. My six-year-old son and all the other children had become miniaturised and were in a dormant state within a glass cylinder cocoon held by either of their parents.

How were you feeling during this part of the dream?

The most important message I felt from this dream was the need to keep clam and the purpose of keeping hold of the vision.

The scene changed and I was standing in a canyon looking up at the narrow strip of visible sky above. I stood in awe as an enormous mother ship begun to pass overhead.

What thoughts do you have concerning the message of holding the vision?

I feel at this time the thoughts we hold will manifest the reality around us like a form of instant karma and if we can hold the frequency which is our belief in our self-empowerment, atonement with Earth and that we deserve to be apart of a glorious future of where we all have the right to seek joy, abundance these can be apart of our visions and our manifestations.