Due to changes in solar cycles, Earth could enter a period of GLOBAL COOLING, scientists warn

Due to changes in solar cycles, Earth could enter a period of GLOBAL COOLING, scientists warn

Source: Dr Eddy MD

Due to changes in solar cycles, Earth could enter a period of global cooling, warns Valentina Zharkova, a scientist who studies the magnetic waves in the sun. In 2015, Zharkova and a team of researchers authored a paper predicting that there would be a new grand solar minimum occurring between 2020 and 2053. She is now warning that temperatures could rapidly fall in the years to come. Zharkova argues that the upcoming cooling period will reduce global temperatures by upwards of 1 degree Celsius on average.

Low sunspot activity was correlated with low global temperatures in the early 1800s and produced a time of minimum solar activity referred to as the Dalton minimum period. The sun is projected to go through a similar cycle over the next thirty years. In 2019, NASA stated that “the forecast for the next solar cycle says it will be the weakest of the last 200 years.”

Solar activity projected to fall over the next thirty years, leading to cooler than average temperatures

A grand solar minimum is a pattern of solar activity where less energy is produced when sunspot activity is low. The last grand solar minimum, referred to as the Maunder minimum, lasted between 1645 and 1715. During that time, glaciers expanded and rivers in England froze over. Zharkova studied constants in the solar background magnetic field and how these principles affect a pair of magnetic waves that the sun generates throughout its layers. The team obtained sunspot data from the Royal Observatory of Belgium and collected examples of low-temperature data in recent years. The research team was able to extrapolate the activity of those magnetic waves, backward in time. The corresponding solar activity matched sunspot activity that had been recorded over the past 800 years. When this solar activity was extrapolated into the future, it became clear that there could be a new grand solar minimum to come over the next thirty years.

“The temperature during the current grand solar minimum will be slightly higher than it was during the Maunder minimum—and this grand solar minimum will be shorter,” Zharkova predicted.

Governments should prepare for cooler temps, not global warming

This global cooling research is ignored by the global warming alarmists, who are too busy convincing governments to levy carbon taxes on the people and conduct geoengineering experiments that remove carbon from the atmosphere. A recent study found that rising carbon dioxide levels are critical for crop yields and increased those yields by an estimated 40 per cent since 1940. Carbon dioxide played a significant role in feeding a growing world population over the past eighty years, at a time when global life expediencies doubled. There are people who want to reduce the world’s population; they openly talk about reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere to achieve these nefarious goals.

Zharkova believes that governments are being misled by the recent “global warming” COP26 summit in Glasgow, Scotland. As governments prepare their populations to fight global warming, Zharkova believes they should be preparing to counter a period of global cooling, brought on by forces out of man’s control. “They [global warming alarmists] want to gain their money—the taxes, or whatever they get from green technology—as soon as possible because they will be exposed very quickly,” Zharkova said.

To make matters worse, global warming alarmists have been cherry-picking data and only showing temperature cycles and carbon levels over a short amount of time, relative to the Earth’s history. When the big picture is shown, atmospheric carbon levels are actually quite low, compared to all other periods of time throughout history.

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