Gaia and the Shift: Something Big is Building

Gaia and the Shift: Something Big is Building

I’ve just returned from an Openhand Retreat on the Volcanic Island of La Palma. It’s a key Stargate and bellwether for the wider planetary Shift. It’s a fractal, like looking under a microscope. I can tell you clearly: something big is building in the field. No, I’m not speaking of another war in the Middle East or some synthetic new disease, not anything the Shadow will possibly manifest. Instead, it’s from Gaia – an antidote to the toxic 3D sewer that’s rapidly being generated.

How Far Will Things Slip?

In the 3D it’s getting ever crazier on the planet – just how far will things slip?

Whether it’s a new war, this time with Iran, or some strange new disease that mysteriously has a vaxx even before it appears. Or else it’s the fakestream media, spinning one drama after another to suck wayward souls in. It’s clear to me, the Intervention under the leadership of Ra, has gone into overdrive. It’s the consciousness that’s bent on total dominion of the Earth.

You’d be forgiven for thinking it is succeeding. According to Ra, through telepathic communication, the entity believes it has the upper hand. It believes it can indefinitely constrain the natural Toroidal field of Gaia so as to suppress the energetic Flower of Life here.

Think again.

How to Strip Ra Intervention from Your Field

The Watchers

Something is building in the field since La Palma. I can feel it. And “Watchers” in my home area of Avalon, the Glastonbury area, can all feel it too. Gaia appears to be signaling her wildness to upturn the apple cart. I’m praying that’s so – we need a humungous mirror to wake people up. To my mind, even in the alternative and spiritual mainstream, people are way too engrossed with the machinations of the shadow – whether Elon said this, whether Bill said that, wtf is the WEF saying?

I don’t care!

I’m with the bigger story, that which they’re all trying to blind you from – that of the Shift out of the toxic sewer the Old Paradigm is rapidly descending into.

I’ve said for many years, but it’s thus far fallen on deaf ears: there will be no fixing of the planet in the 3D. It’s systemically broken, from the very threads that weave society to the botched DNA that forms old Homo Sapiens. What’s needed is a new evolution on a Resurrected Earth – but this time in the 5D.

It will require nothing short of a complete cleansing, a Great Purification as the Hopi put it. And it’s clear, a Grand Galactic Convergence of energies are swinging into gear to bring it about.

Understanding the Grand Galactic Convergence

Set Your Soul Free

It will depend on Gaia fully completing her Shift – not some half-baked compromise.

Our communications in La Palma did pick up the sense that she was labouring under some old soul contracts – that with the Starsouls for example: are they ready to ascend out? Are they still being duped by erroneous spiritual practices – that of the non-duality trap, instigated by Ra for example: “We’re all one, so we can just sit comfortably back on the sofa, no need to express your individuality”.

Except the individual Soul-Ray-Harmonic is the antidote to the manipulation: set that free and you become uncontrollable.

Or else it’s denying our karma, when karma is the Gateway to ultimate freedom.

Here’s how to set your Soul-Ray-Harmonic Free

What’s needed is a strong activation of Kundalini, so that we can get the lower energies ascending and merging into the higher – both for Gaia and for humanity. It’s high time that a broad swathe of energy crosses the karmic plane.

What on Earth might instigate that at a planetary level?

It needs to be something humungous, that we just can’t possibly ignore. I believe that is coming. Because it’s necessary.

Gaia Holds the Key

It could most likely be volcanic action – that signals an acceleration of the Pole Shift, which practically no one is talking about.  Since our return from La Palma, three Volcanos are signaling their intention to let rip…

Grindavik in Iceland
Kilauea in Hawaii
Ibu in Indonesia

Why aren’t these central themes in the mainstream news? Because it’s the fakestream – and they don’t want your attention on what’s really going on.

Something Big is Building

Something big is building with Gaia for sure. It’s necessary to trigger off this next essential phase of the Shift. If it comes, when it comes, it will be devastating. But it’s necessary – to shock more people from their 3D slumber and distraction. It’s time to tune into the real news of what’s transpiring on our planet.

Yes, the intervention will continue to pull the wool a while longer. But we must tune into the only story that counts – that of your 5D Ascension and the inner journey into the New Paradigm.

It begins here. Right now. Are you in?

Assuming you are into the Shift, then explore the evolutionary work of Openhand. It’s purposefully crafted to support your Journey of Ascension out of the madness and into the New 5D Paradigm.

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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