Honouring the Moon

From Lightnet News Double Issue #7/8 – Aug 1998

The LightNet News came about because of peoples’ growing desire to attune with the Feminine Principle by harmonising with the natural cycles, through the Solar Ceremonies held at the Sacred Sites to honour the Equinoxes and Solstices and other global meditation times.

Both the Sun and Moon have been archetypes in our consciousness since the beginning of our time on Earth. They have been constants in the human experience, spanning generations and transcending cultural and national barriers.

In ancient times women were the priestesses of the Moon through their menstrual connection to its changing cycles. Now through our search for unity consciousness both male and female need to restore and expand their understanding and expression of the masculine and feminine energies within themselves.

Astrologically the Moon is our emotional vehicle which makes it possible for us to relate to others. Also, the Moon is our way to go deep inside to experience the subconscious mind. All feelings are screened through our Moon energies and deposited into the subconscious mind which is where all our experiences since the beginning of time have been contained. We cannot know ourselves without journeying deep within by means of dreams, exploring past lives, or relating our present-day emotional experiences to deep feelings inside. The Moon is a critical vehicle through which we feel our spiritual essence. (Paraphrased from “Chiron – Rainbow Bridge between the Inner and Outer Planets” by Barbara Hand Clow. Llwellyn 1988 pp133-4)

As a satellite of the Earth the Moon transmits the Solar Light to us and through its phases steps down the Sun’s potency and intensity, serving as a translator and transformer, lighting the way so we may tread the path between our conscious and unconscious selves.

Increasing numbers of individuals and groups of individuals have been participating in Full Moon meditations, encouraged by the teachings of Alice Bailey and the Tibetan who called on participants to work in triangles of three. During these times of meditation people are subjectively linked together across the world, transcending religious, cultural, social and political differences, joined in focused group consciousness through which, by working together as a planetary group are opening channels to an inpouring of the energies of light, love and spiritual direction. (Paraphrased from Queen of the Night – Exploring the Astrological Moon by Hayden Paul. Element Books 1990 pp 215-216).

Of the twelve Full Moons each year, three are considered to have a greater significance. These are the Full Moon of Spring, associated with the Christian Easter festival, the time of the Risen Christ when there is an emphasis on the inpouring of the energies of Love; the Full Moon of May, the Wesak festival, the time when the Buddha draws closest to the Earth to inpour the energies of Wisdom; and the Full Moon of June, the Festival of Goodwill and World Invocation Day, when the spirit of humanity inspires the opportunity to give recognition to the spiritual essence of humanity. (p217 ibid)

By focussing our attention through meditation we can increase the flow of planetary energies to ourselves both as a means of receiving knowledge and for the purpose of bringing about inner transformation and inner wisdom.

The qualities of the Moon are associated with the attributes of the right brain hemisphere, with the sensitivities of imagination, visualisation, intuition, divination, scrying, dreaming, empathy and fluidity. We know that the expression of these powers bring balance, unity and healing within the soul and bring the foundations of emotional, psychological and physical healing.

With these objectives in mind, we would like to invite our readers to work with the valuable energies the Moon is sending us by linking together in regular Moon meditations.

Through the ritual of meditation, we will be creating an environment for ourselves to enter into an altered state on consciousness where we can attune to the blueprint of creation. During our time in this environment, we can build up a symbolic language between our conscious and subconscious mind. This symbolic language will build a channel through which our Higher Self can communicate with us and provide us with a means of interpreting the morphogenic field around us in our everyday life. By understanding this language we can step into being a master of our own destiny both by being able to interpret and design the realities that unfold around us. To first change our reality we need to change inwardly, to become a master of our own hologram, our DNA codes, our patterns of thought and light.

The way one chooses to hold the meditation is purely personal other than we link together at the same time. For those who would like to join in but are unfamiliar with preparing oneself here is a line of suggestion that can be improvised with; to begin the ceremony, create a sacred space around yourself by bringing into your circle a collection of sacred objects, maybe some flowers, a candle, a crystal, sweet-smelling incense and an object or picture that symbolises beauty and healing for you. Sit quietly in your space for a few moments and absorb the love and beauty you have created. Then to centre your thoughts begin to focus your attention on your breath when your mind and body have become settled, deepen your breathing and begin to focus on yourself as a Pillar of Light. As you breathe in envision a Pillar of Silver Light pouring into the spinning centres of energy both above you and within your body. Allow your consciousness to stretch high above you, recognise yourself as a transmission centre hundreds of feet tall. When you are comfortable with this level of energy begin to focus on breathing in the energy from the core of our Mother Earth, feel her energy rising within your body, infusing within your heart with the energy from above. As we each hold this energy we are both being charged with energy and transmitting energy. Allow your open heart to send and receive love from the collective radiance we have generated. In your own time turn our attention to those parts of yourselves, of others, or of our planet that you want to send the healing power of Love.

Allow the energy to flow through you until you feel complete, allow yourself to sit in a quiet, composed and gentle space before you end your time in meditation. It has often proved to be a source of inspiration and self-growth to spend some time keeping a diary of the visions, emotions and thoughts that arise through the meditation.

The New Moon represents a time for sowing seeds, we can use the meditation at this time to sow seeds of intention through voicing the affirmations that we want to grow and become a living part of our lives.

The Full Moon is a time of fruition so that the focus of the meditation at this time can be to observe the progression of our experiences since the last New Moon to assess the extent we have allowed our affirmations to come into being and where and how we may have been blocking the flow of our creative energy.

We also invite our readers to send their letters as a way of expressing any illness or condition they seek to be healed. All letters will be acknowledged and we will be kept in a sacred space. Please send your letter with a SAE to:

LightNet, PO Box 9640, London E11 2XY. UK.