How to Quantum Shift Your Life in 2024

How to Quantum Shift Your Life in 2024

I’ve already expressed how I feel this is going to be a massive year for Humanity in the Shift. A Broad wave of consciousness is being drawn onto the Karmic Plane, so we’re bound to see more ructions and upheavals. But great change also offers great opportunity too, provided we see that possibility by seizing the moment. In these conditions, powerful quantum shifts in our Beings are possible, which then infuse into our lives. Let’s seize the opportunity in 2024.

Gaia is Gearing Up

Gaia is gearing up by the day as our Solar System moves deeply a high energy segment of the Galaxy. It’s already triggered other star systems between us and the galactic core into micro-novae. Our solar system is next in line, with the atmospheres of all the other planets already changing strongly.

This is causing an activation of consciousness at a planetary level, where we’ve moved into a new phase called, “The War on Materiality”. It’s actually where the substrate of the consciousness construct we’re living in becomes increasingly malleable before wholesale transformation in the Shift.

Since, in our physicality, we are biomagnetic beings, plugged into the planet, we’ll feel that in key ways. Firstly, it will trigger karma, in growing waves for those whose consciousness is expanding with the Shift. It’s a good thing, because it means you’re digging up the tethering ties that limit – that which has brought us into this incarnation. But this also offers massive opportunity too. How?

Infusing Our Higher Selves

Firstly, it means there’s the possibility to infuse more of your Higher Self – because it’s becoming more internally “visible” – meaning that if you’re tuned inwardly in, then you’ll pick up the senses and nuances of it more clearly. The Higher Self will speak to you in signs and symbology in your outer world. You’ll likely start seeing metaphors of it – a person or historical figure you greatly admire; a power animal that uplifts you.

Pay attention to these occurrences of the Higher Self and give time for them to activate within you. Because they represent a priceless opportunity to integrate and embody a new aspect of Self. Not only does this feel marevllous and uplifting, but it’s going to start shaping your landscape in positive ways too.

Make sure you begin to open the space through your regular behaviour patterns and routines – how you spend your free time for example; when and how you meditate; the route you take to work. You don’t have to turn everything on its head necessarily, but open the possibility for small changes by paying attention to why you’re doing things the way you do. What’s being invited now?

Here’s How to Activate Your Higher Mind

Explore Your Creativity

Consider that creativity helps enormously to soften the hard wiring that’s gotten embedded in your psyche over the years – take up something new, just for the sake of it. You’ll soften up the inner landscape so that your consciousness becomes more malleable to change.

Watch for that spark of inspiration that interrupts the old patterning and takes you in a new directtion, in a new way. What chance connections do you make? What do you notice on your pathway? Pay special attention to repeating numerology, sacred geometry and flows in nature. Just by noticing these occurances and how they feel inside is enough to begin to weave the quantum field in a new way.

Suddenly life takes on whole new meaning and direction.

Here’s How to Craft Lower Mind as Your Friend And Ally

7 Golden Keys to Quantum Manifesting

Here are Openhand’s Seven 7 Golden Keys to the approach of quantum shifting your life. They are expressed fully in detail in the 5D Shift Podcast at the bottom…

Key 1: Honour the Truth of the Moment – embrace the situations and circusmtances exactly as you’ve created them. Take ownership – meet the moment exactly as it is and how you feel about it

Key 2: Tune into the Path of Light – apply softening and opening meditation processes to begin to feel the infusion of Soul as a sense of Rightness

Key 3: Process Triggering – the infusing light will trigger aspects of inner density and ego that are resisting the movement to higher consciousness. Work to unwind through these convergences applying the Breakthrough Approach

Key 4: Switch to Active Attention – work to soften intentionality to make your consciousness open to “spiking moments” in the flow. They’re point to new directions and possibility

Key 5: Ask, “Show Me!” – the Universe is configured to reveal yourself to yourself, which then shapes your destined pathway. To illuminate this, ask the Universe to reveal it, “Show me!”

Key 6: Reflective Feedback Loops – watch for moments that “click in” for you, in terms of how you are, what you feel to express and create. Pay attention and give energy to them

Key 7: Pathway of the Soul – step positively into the pathway of the Soul that is now clearly revealing itself and compelling you forward.

A Golden Opportunity Awaits Us in 2024

Fear not the powerful changes happening on our planet right now and in the energy field around us, because this also offers enormous potential to evolve and grow. We’re being invited to break down the conditioning and limitations of our old consciousness and to create life in a more fulfilling and rewarding way.

And have no doubt – the power is within you. You have everything you need to create a life that is more fulfilling, adventurous and successful. Providing that is, you accept that it’s all about the revelation of you. It’s an endeavour that the Universe will work tirelessly to support. What could be better?

I’ve shared Openhand’s Approach to Quantum Manifesting in this 5D Shift Podcast here below. If you’ve resonated with my post, I urge you to take some quality time to explore, digest, and experiment with it. People around the planet are finding the approach is transforming their lives.

Wishing you every success in 2024. And if you feel inspired to get further involved with the Openhand work, then check our events calendar which is packed with uplifting and transformative possibility:

Openhand Events 2024

Bright blessings

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