Living the Shift – A Life Beyond Fear

Living the Shift – A Life Beyond Fear

Essentially fear is what cripples people into outdated lifestyles, divorced from the connection with ‘God’. It’s often fear that keeps people nose-to-the-grindstone in today’s society or else strangles the joy from relationships. How different would your life be if you lost the fear of any of this? What would it be like if you no longer feared death? I believe that with some relatively basic internal confrontation, we can purge fear from our lives, and set the soul soaring.

Confronting Fear

Are you ready to take a journey with me beyond fear?

It’ll take a little over 5 minutes to read my article, slightly more than it takes to brush your teeth. I can’t promise you that reading this alone will be the end of fear. But it could be the beginning of the end. And if you’re prepared to put some of my suggestions into practice, then I believe you could be living beyond fear a great deal of the time until ultimately it vanishes from your life. Is that not worth some committed focus?

Okay, let’s go.

Take a deep breath, and an honest look at the choices you make on a daily basis. When you dig deep below the surface level motivations, I believe you’ll find a simple dynamic: all choices emanate either from subconscious fear; or else they’re coming from the soul, which is yearning to set you free.

For example…

– we don’t express to people what we’d really like to for fear of losing friendship, or love, of being isolated or alone, or losing a connection, of not being loved.
– we allow programming to make daily routine choices about what to do because of fear that we won’t fit in, won’t be accepted, we’ll look odd or weird, which might lead to judgment and even persecution.
– we don’t spend more time actually doing the things we love because of existential fear, that we won’t get paid, won’t be able to afford to live, then end up homeless and starving, that we might even die.

Let’s contemplate them and deal with them, beginning with the fear of death.

Fear of Death

When you contemplate it deeply, fear of death is irrational. From the moment you were born, you were already on a trajectory towards your death. You know this, but society continually creates the fear of it so as to lock people in. There are a zillion ways you could die, and life is becoming increasingly precarious with accelerating climate change and the impact of the shift – especially the pole shift, which is likely to complete within 3 decades and will be nothing short of a biblical in terms of impact on the surface of the earth. If you’re reading this, you probably already know that life will continue after death and that death is only passing on into a new existence.

So maybe you’re afraid of how you could pass on?
That you might have to endure pain or suffering?

The problem is that humanity has been divorced from life, and with that, separated from deep awareness of the flow. When you come into the flow, it always puts you in the right place at the right time and in the right state of consciousness to bridge – to transcend – what transpires. Take the humble rabbit. It will run like crazy to escape a predator, but when caught, it gives up the struggle and completely surrenders.

When your soul knows it’s time to pass on, and if you can be in the soul, then it prepares you. If you allow it, the bodymind starts to shift and let go. You come into the spirit light body, and with that there’s tremendous expansion. You start to shift into a dream-like state. The construct of the old reality bends and breaks – what you might have considered as fearful before, simply melts around you. You’re washed through with unconditional love as you expand into higher realms. Your death, becomes the most joyful liberation imaginable.

That’s how it can be, provided we’re prepared to live in the moment. You don’t have to envisage how you’ll ‘bridge this or that’, how you’ll endure certain circumstances. Simply work to be in the moment, let the flow carry you, and work into any contraction or fear that comes up as you progress along the pathway. The rest will take care of itself (see below as to how to deal with the symptoms of fear).

For most people reading this, I’d say you’re already mostly past the fear of death as any underlying serious level of control. Because at some level, you know you’ll pass on. You’ve ALREADY experienced past lives both here and in other vibrational realities.

It’s the Fear itself that’s the ultimate problem

You might be afraid of the pain of death. This is straightforward to mediate – take cold showers every morning!

I’m serious. Have your usual hot shower, but then turn to cold for a few minutes. Feel the contraction. Feel yourself withdraw from the body. Here’s exactly where you identify with the physicality. Now instead soften into the feelings. Stop judging them as ‘this ‘ or ‘that’. They are simply an experience. Now let a new sense emerge forth – the sense of aliveness for example. Imagine you’re standing under a vibrant and fresh waterfall. It completely turns the experience on its head.

The same can be said for fasting – practice intermittent fasting for example. Confront the internal cravings that contract you down – go deep into them. Become intensely intimate with them. They’re just feelings, just experiences. Let go of the judgment of them. Just BE with them.

If you truly yearn to set your soul free, then this level of confrontation in daily life will ultimately do it. You do have to work at it though. It has to become a constant practice of confrontation of that which you would retract from. But if you do, the fear of pain will start to subside. Because you start to realise it’s always a doorway, a possibility to explode identification with the physical; the opportunity to transcend into the spiritual.

You start to realise something totally fundamental to you as a being – that fear itself is the real problem. Not the experience itself, not the situation that transpires, nor the prospect of what could happen. You start to become so understanding, intimate and aware of fear, that you realise NOTHING can be worse than living in fear. So why not turn right into your fears and work through?

The Fear of Truly Living

So now you’re dealing with the fear of pain and death. What about the fear of living? Why would we be afraid of that?

Here are three key reasons based on the same issue – karmic source pain and inner density:

1) Firstly there’s attachment to an outcome. Society has convinced people it’s about achieving ‘this’ or ‘that’. Acquiring what we think we need to make us whole and complete. You don’t need any of this. You are already whole. So work to let the need for a particular outcome go. That’s not what life is about and you know it. Keep turning to growth from any situation – the emergence and expression of you as a being. Do it now. Wherever you feel the attachment to an outcome, switch instead immediately to your divine expression. And let the outcome happen as the effect of your growing divinity. You’ll progressively lose the fear of not getting an outcome, because you’ll gain so much more – the simple feeling of eternal being.

2) Secondly there’s fear of not being loved, appearing out of place, odd or foolish. Let’s get right into it – we’re ALL odd, because we’re all unique! That said, one of the greatest problems of living is that we’ve tried for too long to placate our inner density – to bottle it up and push it down. What’s the effect? It means your density will create anyway, because its polarity, and that bends space time around it to create a mirror of it. So you’ve been creating disharmony in the various circumstances of your life – derailing and self-sabotaging due to the density. This breeds conservatism. You’re afraid to be and do what you really want to because of the negative experiences you’ve lived with. There’s a subconscious idea that it’s better to play it small, and that way play it safe. The problem being you’re constantly living with the disharmony of the distortion. You might have found ways to deal as best you can with the effects, but you’re not truly living.

So why not open the box, let the distortion express through, and then realign it by finding the truthful expression in it? This is what we do at Openhand in the Living the Shift work. It brings the soul into coherency. It means you start putting out a more aligned vibration. It means you attract into your life more aligned and harmonious circumstances, more befitting of you, the real YOU. 

3) Thirdly, in our capitalistic society, the other common fear of living stems from the idea that you won’t have enough resources. Let’s dive right into this one. Society is awash with resources! It’s become incredibly good at extracting from the environment. Take a look at any town or city – there are resources everywhere, anything you could possibly want. There are so many goods, that when something breaks, it’s cheaper to dump it and buy new. There’s so much food, up to 50% of it gets thrown away! (I’m not saying any of this is a good thing by the way, just that there are plenty of resources out there).

Most importantly though, you’ll be at a stage to realise one essential truth: that when you express yourself fully, in alignment, as a soul, then space time bends around your aligned expression and furnishes exactly the vehicle you need, and with all the energy, so as to express yourself – because that’s exactly what the Universe does. It does nothing else!

Poverty Consciousness that Stems from Fear

Another challenge of society is that subconsciously, from an early age, we’re ‘saving for that rainy day’. Or there’s expectation there won’t be enough. In which case, you’re ALREADY telling the Universe you don’t have enough, which then creates that reflection in itself.

Energy is a flow – it comes in and goes out. Hanging on to energy is not the solution, because you’re breaking the flow. Have courage, let it flow, and what you give out, in an aligned way, will always come back to you. But you do have to test this by giving it away.

You do have to explode the poverty consciousness in order for the flow to unleash through you. Give something away – with a full and open heart, with no intention but to give. And for certain, the energy will come back to you. But you do have to explode this fear through application, practice, courage and commitment to it. Then the Universe will reflect commitment back to you.

Dealing Practically with the Symptoms of Fear

How about rapidly and effectively dealing with the symptoms of fear?

Often fear is a mental, emotional, biochemical bodily reaction that’s founded on some form of karma. Here’s how to deal with it…

1) When fear happens, immediately notice the internal physical contraction. Often the breath shortens and the body goes stiff. So practice deep breathing in these situations and conscious movement to free up the body – you already start to break down the reactive programming.

2) Emotionally fear can contract you down and precipitate nervousness. So how can you get inside this loop? Soften right through the experience by becoming as-One with it. You observe and witness it, but then transcend it by ‘opening a doorway through it’ – simply being present with it.

3) Now look underneath the surface level reaction. What are you afraid of at a deep existential level? Turn into any such fear by considering the worst possible outcome. Continually explore into the depth of your being – who are you at the core level? Know that you cannot die in the depths of your being. The bodymind may fall away, it has a zillion times, but at a soul level you go on.

4) In this new place, you’re dropping way beyond physical, emotional and mental reaction. Now connect with the breath once more, but in a deeper, softer, core way (at Openhand we apply Breakthrough Breathing). Feel the light of your soul as a flicker. Pay attention to it. Feel it grow as a flame. Let this become the core of you rather than the identity. Take on this experience – it is eternal, and beyond any of the circumstances that might generate fear. Sit, breathe and expand in that inner feeling.

5) Now let the soul come through. Put on some favourite empowering music and dance. Connect with nature – watch for example the humble little bird or flower. Is it not soft and gentle, and yet despite the harshness of society, does it not thrive with vibrancy? See your beautiful and empowered reflection in everything around you. Let your soul come alive!

Fear as a Gateway to Liberation

It’s time to live life without fear. You know this. You’ve heard it a dozen times before. But here’s the difference – we now know HOW to do it.

But it doesn’t come by chance. It doesn’t happen by ignoring it and being distracted by the illusion of society. You actually have to commit to dissolving it. You have to work at it in all the circumstances and situations you create. If you allow fear to persist by ignoring it, then it will continue to sabotage your life anyway. So why not deal with it?

We can do it. We can transcend the limitation of fear. Once you begin, once you’ve broken down some of the barriers, there comes a point when you realise that fear itself is the very problem, not that you need a particular outcome. Living with fear is far worse than anything that could possibly go wrong. As you start to experience an incredible sense of expansion and relaxation by softening through fear, you realise the tremendous gateway to liberation such confrontation can be.

Live without Fear…Openhand’s Events in 2023

So are you ready yet? Let’s do it. Let’s begin. Right now.

In loving support

Open 💎

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