Love Light

by Mike, Tippee Valley in Wales (from Lightnet News issue 9/10)

May everyone across all Nations
Get in tune with the Love will vibrations.
Love is the Truth and Love will heal.
May we all be blessed
By being able to feel.
The splendour of Love
With no beginning or end,
In symphonic perfection
All dimensions will blend.
The Light of Spirit is now plain to see
It's inside of you and it's inside of me.
We'll make that light grow.
Till we see each other
In a steady glow,
Of Love Light so refined and complete.
We'll all be just swept of our feet.
Shimmering colours never seen in creation,
Cascading patterns in every direction.
Cos Now is the Time!
We've been waiting so long,
For the universe to sing a brand new song.
Humans Wake Up!
We've been missing the beat,
Dancing so long with heavy feet.
As light as air
And with the grace of the breeze,
We'll be able to move just as we please.
Living in the moment
Means freedom and access,
To the power of Love.
Let it pour through your chakras.
As vibration increases so will perception,
Love Light will shine in every direction.
Can you feel the excitement
Rising from within?
That means you are just going to begin
A transformation so incredibly great,
Star people and Angels, just can't wait!
It's so exciting for everyone, you see
As one. In love, the sweetest harmony.