Merkaba Meditation

Merkaba Meditation

Merkabah: Ancient Egyptian.
M(e)r = place of ascending; Ka = Spirit; Ba(h) = Soul.

In Keys Of Enoch, JJ Hurtak describes the meaning of the Merkabah as “Vehicle of the Vehicles” (see also


The basic techniques use the emotion of Love to activate certain energy fields around one’s physical body. These energy fields upon activation became Merkabah Fields that allowed them to travel with their consciousness into the higher dimensions of this universe.

There are energy fields around your body that are crystalline in nature and extends 55 feet in diameter from the base of the spine (see picture below once activated as the speed of light).

Milky Way Merkaba Field
The Merkabah of the Milky Way Galaxy

It is very specific geometrically and is identical for each one of us except for In fact, this geometric energy field is not only around you, it surrounds every single thing and being in the universe. Understanding and working with these sacred images will revive a forgotten, ancient way of breathing and a higher purpose of the pineal gland.

This breathing process, last used on Mother Earth 13,000 years ago. The meditation also incorporates pranic-breathing techniques, which brings Life Force Energy directly into the body in the same manner that the dolphins and whales breathe.

Mystery Schools in Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and elsewhere talk about breathing to achieve a state of awareness or states of vibration frequencies to obtain higher levels of consciousness the fields for the Merkabah mediation are different for male and female.

SUN tetrahedron: Points upward towards the sky.
male orientation – point at base in front,
female orientation – point at base in back
EARTH tetrahedron: Points downward to Earth
male orientation – point at chest area in back,
female orientation – point at chest area in front

When both fields join together this makes the star tetrahedron.

There are many teachers around the world who offer Merkabah meditation techniques similar to the one originally taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek. It is important that you participate in the teaching to which you are most attracted Drunvalo’s information was given to him from 1972 through the 1980s by Thoth, best known as the Egyptian deity of inner wisdom pertaining to science, mathematics, and literature.

I have learnt from a couple of different teachers one from Flower of Life and another Gary Smith who has expanded the techniques ( and has many teachers around the world. Each from which I have found both held in love and light. I personally feel when you first activate your Merkabah fields that this is best done under someone who teaches one of the forms as not only do there show you the techniques they also work on other levels as being taught it and training it are two different things. Drunvalo learned early on that the instructions for this meditation are most often misunderstood. He used to have the instructions on video but found that he was having to perform “rescue missions” at all hours of the day and night because people were not doing it correctly.

So my advice is to get a teacher as the mediation is very powerful and MUST be done properly or it can have a negative affect.

I have put the information that is freely available on the Internet on this site so that you can make your own mind and as we all should use our own personal power to make our dissuasions.


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