by Jeffrey Gale, August 12th 1998, Totnes (from Lightnet News issue 11/12)

Golden Moon climbing the ancient sky
Veiling your mysteries, rising for ever over indigo trees,
In you I feel my transient nature,
Ever changing and evolving through this spacious richness;
You are the complex soul of my closest lover,
Innocent of our time-mad world,
Smiling at her own expansive dance with her father,
One of millions of scattered ships voyaging beyond and before time.
All these spheres caught in the same relentless circuits
Each spinning another web of time.
Close and moving moon rising,
Carry my love out of time in your fair light,
Through to the secret universe on the far side
Of this warm and golden night.
Of this warm and golden night.
My beloved, offer me your untouched hand,
Guide me through the endless waters of the heavens
In the timeless journey. . . . . .
What vast mind has dreamed this matter scatter?
Wait! There's still a chance to think again.
We, are Post Quantum Minds -
Nothing is absolute and all is mutable.
Even the moon is wayward, unpredictable.
What a lovely woman,
And she, thank God will wander.

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