Omega Koan

by Andrew Forrest (from Lightnet News issue 7/8)

Recall the bitter-sweet aftertaste
of Kali's inscrutable play . . .
at once entranced, enraptured
by Maya's dreamspell.
Time implodes within itself,
revealing the scam diversion,
leaving no trace of temporal forms . . .
this potent illusion, now disseminated.
All naming ceases now,
hearts will find a home.
Boundaries dissolve
as every seed is sown.
Unveil the chamber door
to Thy sacred throne.
Each silent footfall, each breath, a prayer of
sun-moon fusion.
Outer labyrinth, journey of the soul.
Now nameless, guileless, naked undone,
approach the altar of alchemical union.
Hushed and humbled; neither slave nor master . . .
enter the river, become the river.
Unfettered mind, discharge your chains
and release the final koan.

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