Pollution Clearing

Pollution Clearing

From Lightnet News Issue #3 – May 1997

Drunvalo Melchizedek met a packed house at the Town Hall in Glastonbury in March, to share his recent experiences of unfolding light and evolving consciousness.

One heart-warming message offered were the successful results of some pollution clearing experiments. A simple device built using principles of sacred geometry and sound and needing only a 12volt battery to operate has proved successful in clearing the air pollution of Denver, Giza and Cairo along with raising the water table margins in these regions. Further research is now being carried our in Mexico City with their governments backing.

[Drunvalo] “We believe that, if it was implemented in the right area, almost overnight (it actually takes less than 90 days to do the major part of it), all the skies of the world would be clean. Then, we can go to the oceans and clean all the oceans. Next, we can go into the ozone and heal the ozone. Then we can go into the Earth and actually transmute the poison toxins and uranium and everything into helpful earthly elements and restore the Earth to the way it was before. We know how to do this.”

Drunvalo was asked if he could now actually generate the same frequencies and so clean up the environment without using this technology. He replied that it had taken him 9 months practice and that he was now able to do this himself. From this, we can assume that the morphogenic blueprint has now been set in place so that all on the planet can now access these patterns. It is possible for every individual to access this power and actively accept their own part in the collective responsibility of our environment. So ye harbingers of doom and gloom step aside!