Psychic Coning

From Lightnet News Double Issue #7/8 – Aug 1998

As a Light-worker, I am mindful of my environment and the people with whom I choose to interact with within this space.

Mostly, I am conscious of the energies of people and places and the effects that negative energy can have upon me. So, naturally, I practice auric protection exercises and attempt to surround myself in a loving and healthy environment, attracting only those of similar vibration that can resonate harmonically within this environment.

However, even with daily protection exercises, such as surrounding myself in a protective golden bubble, placing different colours around this bubble, grounding myself and so on, I have moments of being overwhelmed or drained by the energies of others.

This occurs more frequently in a public place, when I am holding the energy for a group, have participated in a group activity or have been in a more claustrophobic environment.

Recently, I received information on working within protection coning to combat most forms of negativity and to be able to clear the aura of “foreign energy”.

A coning is a vortex of energy, which is placed by the coning members over the top of the aura, with the V of the cone spiralling upwards. This coning then allows for the connection of only those members that you wish to include into the coning. For this coning, the appropriate protection coning members are the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light (a group of Light beings from the fifth dimension), St. Germain, Archangel Michael, the Christed One and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Ascended Ray of Christ. You will also be including your Higher Self of the Light.

(As a free will zone, no other energies, unless specifically invited into this coning, will appear).

To open this protection coning, you state your intent to do so:

“I would like to open a protection coning”

Then ask to be connected to the appropriate coning members involved in this protection coning

Ask to be connected to the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

Ask to be connected to St. Germain, keeper of the violet flame

(Visualise yourself stepping into a huge violet flame)

Ask to be connected to the Christed One and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Ascended Ray of Christ

(Visualise yourself surrounded in the white Light of Christ)

Ask to be connected to Archangel Michael, keeper of the Sword of Holy Truth (Visualise a “Sword of Holy Truth” and place this within your heart area)

Ask to be connected to your Higher Self of the Light

Wait about a minute for the coning to be fully activated

You may ask to be disconnected from this coning at any time. If you think you will forget this, ask your Higher Self of the Light to monitor the coning (so you do not feel an energetic draining of energy in any way¹) and to disconnect you from this coning when it is appropriate.

Ground yourself and surround yourself in a golden bubble of Light within two to three feet of your body in every direction.

The affirmation for this protection coning is:

I accept only Divine Love and Light. All else is illusionary and will not be allowed within my sacred space. I ground myself in my sacred space. I am centred, mindful and aware of my environment and the energies with which I choose to interact.

I made up a spiritual uplifter essence spray, which works really well on its own as well as enhancing the experience of the protection coning.

The essence spray was made in North Devon, while I was sitting on the long mossy roots of a birch tree on the bank of a gentle stream, surrounded by bluebells and wild garlic. The spray is made from the vibrations of bluebell (using the crystal method), the organic essential oils of rosemary, clary sage and lavender and the Light energies of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, St. Germain, the Christed One, Archangel Michael, Pan, the Overlighting Deva of Healing and lots of fairy energy. The fragrant version had been lightly scented with geranium essential oil.

While travelling with a friend to one of the Greek Islands a few weeks ago, I inadvertently had a marvellous opportunity to try out this protection coning. (I was only given this information a couple of days prior to our departure). We had a wonderful holiday and we were both really relaxed and looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

However, at the airport, our plane was delayed and we were stuck in this tiny smoke-filled Greek airport waiting room with no ventilation, no windows and bright fluorescent lights.

To top it off, they were doing construction work, and all we could hear was the sound of this heavy-duty drilling. (The Greek authorities certainly know how to host a farewell bash).

The lack of air, smoke-filled atmosphere combined with a room packed with people were making us both really ill. I used the spray and opened a protection coning, including us both² within the coning.

Within a couple of minutes, the air just around us had cleared beautifully, both physically and psychically and as the sweet subtle scent of fire flowers floated within our auras, we were both embraced in an atmosphere of Divine Light and Love.

Protection Coning – Gill Patterson
Copyright © Dolphin Ray Productions. June 1998.
Reprinted with permission

¹ If you start to experience a craving for sweet things, you have perhaps expended too much energy in the coning and need to:

  • close down the coning
  • eat some protein

² To open a coning for more than one person, include the Higher Self of that person. Alternatively, they may open their own separate coning.

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