Ra: the Unseen Spymaster, playing both sides of the 3D Chess Game

Ra: the Unseen Spymaster, playing both sides of the 3D Chess Game

The Shift is rapidly turning new chapters as we move inexorably to the ultimate conclusion – the culminating “Event” in the Grand Galactic Convergence. But awakening souls need to be profoundly awake and aware – on your toes. Because an ancient spymaster, Ra, is playing a game of smoke and mirrors with you. It’s playing BOTH sides of the game. Using AI, it’s playing BOTH the Intervention AND the alternative narratives – what do I mean exactly?

An Intellectual Game of Chess

Did you watch the Tucker Carlson/Putin interview? It seems the whole planet has watched it by now, dissected it, pulled it apart, analysed it from tip to toe. Plenty of alternatives are revelling in what it exposes of the various machinations and coverups of their governments’ population control dramas – like that in the Ukraine for example. It could even be that the developing narrative is stacking up to topple the current US administration – but exactly whose narrative is it anyway?

It’s the same with the Bogus Pandemic and the growing Lableak theory. Maybe so, yet it’s still an intellectual game of chess that’s being purposefully played out in front of your eyes. But who’s moving the pieces?

As long as you’re pulled in intellectually, actually believing that there’s a possibility to win this 3D chess game, and the shadow will fold its hand, then you’re being blinded by a game of smoke and mirrors. We must extract from the game of charades, and play in the much bigger game. That of the Shift to 5D.

Did anyone watch the recent interview between Alex Jones and David Icke? Late in the interview, a mysterious questioner appeared, sounding pretty much exactly like Elon Musk. The questioner was extolling the virtues of AI and the Matrix – essentially ‘how we should ride it, rather than try to destroy it’. For plenty in society, it might well have represented a plausible point of view. But as Icke pointed out, who actually is pulling the strings of this new reality? Who exactly will be free?

No one, if the system has its way.

Skimming Over the Truth to Blind You From It

For me though, it was two key points the questioner skimmed over right toward the end, which were the real illuminators: 1) Essentially, if there are aliens controlling it all, where are they? There’s no “evidence” to presuppose they’re actually here. 2) That we need to escape the planet due to changes in the Sun taking place ‘over millions of years’ – whereas the impact of the immanent micronova will happen within two or three decades.

The “elites” already know, and are probably banking on making it out of the 3D devastation – hence the billionaires building launch pads or underground bunkers. But for the majority, they’ll be left to face the solar micronova music.

Actually, being one of the “plebs” left behind is good news – provided we embrace the true picture right now. Because then we can work with it – we can expand our consciousness and ascend into 5D: Here’s How

The shadow doesn’t want you to know this though – just how immanent the Solar Flash is, and that you’ll be left behind. Because then you become uncontrollable. Why would you continue to play the chess game according to their rules?

Was it actually Elon Musk? For me it was as clear as daylight: whether Musk was speaking or not, you were actually hearing the entity, Ra, behind it all.  Browse the link and make up your own mind (but then do return here for the rest!).

Icke/Jones/Musk Interview

This is the point we need to hoist on board: Ra is playing the narrative on BOTH sides. It’s playing a game of Chess, with itself. And blinding awakening people by pulling them in. You think you’ve got one thread of truth, and it weaves you up in knots with it. If you watch the interview, notice how the Questioner – the entity – steers exploration of the 4D “Astral Belt” instead toward the “Wifi field”. It doesn’t want you expanding into 4D and beyond. Because the 4D astral plane is exactly where it resides. This is where the aliens really are. And by breaking through there, you break their influence, their hold on you.

This is how we overcome it – by NOT playing their 3D chess game.

Opening into the Multidimensional Field

When you engage in the 3D chess game, if you engage it, and you’re sensitive, you’ll feel the wall of density around you that wants to close you down and consume you in it – the hi-tech cloud. What we have to do, is notice the 3D game, yes, but then use it as a tool. We must use it as the spiritual gym, to go to work – you feel the contracting tightness and open out through it. You expand through it. Then look for the real source of news, which is the feeling sense of the energy field itself.

You must work to feel the subtle nuances and inflows of soul consciousness, that click in through you, with a sense of “rightness”. Those which get confirmed as signs and synchronicity, all around you. Now you’re unfolding into your original mulitdimensionality – you’ll expand into 5D/6D/7D, way beyond the nefarious clutches of Ra.

As your soul infuses, then dormant Lemurian Starsoul frequencies can come alive in you. Activate them. Animate them. Create from them. THIS, is the real antidote to the machinations of the new AI iterations of the Matrix.

Mission of the Starsouls

The old spymaster, Ra, is playing games with both sides of the fence. Better to balance on it, watch what’s going on, but extract out – expand your consciousness. And then you become the master of your own game, the Captain of your own ship.

That’s what we’ve worked to communicate in Openhand’s latest video from the La Palma Stargate. And if you ever wonder exactly why Openhand doesn’t gain much traffic in the mainstream for our work, well maybe, just maybe, it’s because we’re actually offering an antidote to the chess game that’s being played with people!

Been inspired? Want to extract from the 3D Chess Game? Then explore the advanced spiritual work of Openhand:

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright Blessings

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