Raising of Divine Waters

The information in this article has been translated so that it may be more easily digested by readers new to the language and symbology of esoteric knowledge; and was originally brought into circulation during the 1960’s by a sincere medium, who devoted the latter half of her life to bringing an increase of Spiritual Light to the earth. The medium known as Merope continually refined her earth vehicle so as to prepare herself as a clear channel for spirit to work through, and the depth and volume of her work grew with her refinement. Merope begun her life as a simple working class girl in London and with the help of a dedicated group around her she brought forward knowledge that is only now being be expressed by current day channels. Her work channelled almost forty years ago was expressed using a veiled imagery for the purpose of provoking the student to call on his or her intuitive and meditative faculties. We have drawn on her work and to the best of our current abilities have brought this knowledge into a form that will carry meaning to the uninitiated.


Those familiar with healing and esoteric knowledge will know that all disharmonies and disease begin in the causal or etheric body, the spiritual essence of humanity. To grow in health and consciousness it is necessary for the spiritual body to be edified by prana, also known as vitality globules or air charged with negative ions, these combined with positive thoughts and feelings which ignite the mind with electrical energy and creative potential.

Where does our potential for creativity come from? How can we increase our expression of creative energy? The answers given by esoteric knowledge over the ages proceeds as follows. As the planets within our solar system revolve around the Sun so our galaxy along with the many others rotates around a Central Galatic source of Light. The Central Galatic Sun carries the blueprint of Creation and radiates this message out to the surrounding galaxies. All the creative potential exists within its beams of Light. As we open up our awareness like the unfolding petals of the lotus we can decipher the messages within its rays, bringing new frequencies of love, knowledge and wisdom to humanity. The stream of cosmic rays which opens us to new feelings, dreams and visions, enters the soul through the downpouring of energies from the planet Neptune which it filtres from the Central Galatic Sun via the Pleidies which is within the constellation of Taurus, the sign of fertility (the Galatic Central Sun being in the constellation of Scorpio the higher polarity of Taurus.

The celestial rivers of energy emanating from Neptune are manifested on earth as the great rivers around which civilisations have arisen. The Nile for example was recognised in Ancient Egypt for its life giving powers and reverenced accordingly, and still today people who remain connected to their ancient cultures value their waters as sacred.

To be an initiate of the light one needs to be able to synthesis the many conflicting aspects of the soul which manifest themselves in the physical as the many inner warring tribes of desire which develop into inner states of personality which struggle for supremacy. This struggle for consciousness also manifests within the cells of our blood and body tissues and are the source of our dis-ease. These conflicting states originate from the desires generated during the many incarnations of the soul. For our blood is millions of years old, passed on to us from both the growth and degeneration of our ancestors. The cells of our bodies hold within it all the states of development from the beginning of time. From our principle experience as spiritual beings within the creative source down to the animal states feeding upon raw flesh, blood and bone. All creation being an aspect of ourselves manifested in the third dimension as a mirror of our soul states. (refer p. 6 Schauberger description of knowledge in the blood.)

Another significant aspect of our bodies is the water it holds since we are composed of at least 65-70 % water. Scientists believe that water is indestructible and that there is not a drop more or less than when shallow water first formed the roundness of the earth. The work of the French scientist Benveniste, although discredited by sceptics, pronounced that water carries memories, through its electro-magnetic structure. It is this phenomena of water holding memories which is utilised when homeopathic medicines are prepared. (See ‘The Memory of Water’ page 5) The water being potentised to carry the frequency of an increasingly minute amount of a remedy with which it is succussed. The significance of the waters memory becomes relevant when we consider that the water on our earth has passed through and has been absorbed by every type of living creature, plant, river, ocean and landscape at some point and carries with it memories of its existence through every cell of our bodies. We and the rest of creation are one. The memories of the whole of creation are within our bodies, waiting to be accessed, purified and refined. It is now known that we can erase the memories held in water so that it is clear for re-patterning, through this we can begin to initiate and take responsibility for our own cellular transmutation.

When one is ready to take on the challenge of facing the full truth of one’s inner being and the willingness to evolve into a full human being given to cosmic service. One has then stepped on to the path of initiation. This journey of the soul towards awareness of itself as a divine being has been symbolically mapped out in the mythology of the stars and studied by astrologers through out time. Alice Bailey under the guidance of the Tibetan depicts the story of this journey through the hero Hercules in the ‘The Twelve Labours of Hercules.’

The story of the soul’s growth towards the light of self realisation characterised by the astrological round of the zodiac, begins with the energy of Aries the pioneer who striving to bring about soul growth seeks to take on and ignite the energies of the lower aspects of the soul, which have up until that time been preoccupied with the concerns of the personality. The driving will of Aries provides the soul with the necessary impetus to search for its hitherto unrealised needs. This conscious intention to seek soul growth goads the energies of Taurus, the desire body, away from its initial goal of sensual gratification, to apply itself to the work of ploughing the fertile ground of the soul, so that the seeds of right action can be cultivated and service of the Masters, our Higher Self can begin. Once the desire body is willing to serve the Higher Self the evolving energies can take on the mental body of Gemini, to bring to it discipline and Divine perspective. When the mental body begins to look beyond its intellectual multiplicity, one can begin to channel more of the soul energies into one’s thoughts. Then as one begins to consciously look for the divine unity in all of one’s experiences the emotional body can be developed to feel outside its restrictive boundaries of family, nation or religion. The nurturing energy represented by the sign of Cancer can be developed to be sensitive to the needs of others beyond one’s personal domain to include the whole of the human family and all of Creation. As it is said, so let it be seen, ‘Love All, Serve All.’

As the round of the zodiac moves up out of the Cancerian depths, the next step of the soul initiate must be to further master the needs of the personality to display its ego. This aspect of the journey is characterised by the energies of Leo. Again the initiate, or light seeker, is given the opportunity to further learn the meaning of service. The constellation of Leo represents the energies of the king who was once held in the position of radiating the divine energies through his crown chakra The symbology of his crown jewels being the faceting, polishing and setting of the soul qualities into the crown chakra through discipline, igniting the 12 nerves within the meninges known as the ‘Circle of Willis’ often depicted in religious art as the illuminating light of the halo. When the king had mastered the soul qualities of service and discipline to his higher self he would be a worthy and clear channel of the divine, his purpose being to bring the divine will to earth so that he could truly say “The land and I are One.” The myths and legends of King Arthur and the Grail portray this energy of the divine channel ready to serve the people with his divine light.

In this time of raising Aquarian consciousness (the higher polarity of Leo) more people are conscious of their spiritual energies through the accessability of the lost and hidden knowledge that is now being brought out through the mysticism of the world’s cultures. Each finding a place and expression within the growing consciousness of humanity, which will eventually lead to a oneness of understanding. Now the role of the individual is to find their own royalty of being through energising their own crown chakra and so by being a channel of the divine they hold themselves responsible by their own conscience.

When the soul initiate takes on the energies of Virgo the mind begins to consciously realise the wealth that has been gathered from its lower aspects, lower in that they have been concerned with the personal rather than the impersonal needs of the collective. The lessons of discrimination brought by the energies of Virgo bring the soul the opportunity to purify and refine the mental body in preparation for the next step. For the energies of Libra represent the overcoming of the duelling aspects of the soul so that the spiritual marriage can take place and the personal aspects of the self are brought into harmony with the soul desires of the spiritual self. Here the intentions of the heart are weighed and if they have been refined of the ego’s desires the soul will be fortified by its radiations of love and will be ready to meet the challenges of the Scorpionic intitiation. At this point the initiate’s desire for spiritual awakening is challenged. Through harnessing its strength of will, faith and belief in its divine mission the soul will be able to pass through the ‘dark night of the soul’ knowing that the higher powers are there providing invisible sustenance. Through the Scorpionic energies all that is known to be not of the light is released. Because the fear of overshadowing darkness no longer paralyses the soul, new found consciousness can now reveal that both the light and the dark are working together to initiate evolution. People who have gone through a near death experience have the initial perception of darkness but are brought through to a place of illumination and overwhelming love from which they have gained a new understanding as to their life purpose. They return with invigorated enthusiasm and a quest for knowledge. From this level of awareness the multiplicity of the mental body is synthesised into unity consciousness, through the universal vision of Sagittarius. The personal desires having been mastered to become the will of the higher masters, and the emotions will been expanded to become faculties of empathy and intuition.

The dissolving of the souls inner conflicts now brings the release of an expanse of energy which can be used by the soul to manifest the structures around itself. The soul can now consciously create its own reality, the shadows of it unconscious desires, fears and limitations having been recognised and released. Through using the energies of Capricorn the soul is able to discipline itself, choosing to structure its life experience to further the growth and expression of its soul’s purpose. Then through the Aquarian energies the soul is able to fulfil it collective position within humanity and through the experiences gleaned from the whole astrological journey, the soul enters the final phase of service, through the devotional and meditative energies of Pisces. Through introspection the soul finds the next light of initiation to be pioneered in the following round of experience.

Now that the path towards the light has been mapped out for us, what else is there to know that will prepare us for our journey? The ancients have frequently stressed the need for containing ones sexual desires and that this drive be sublimated to fire the soul’s search for truth. When the sexual energy of the root chakra in conserved and is instead expressed through the raised frequencies of the chakras above the diaphram, the atomic power within the reproductive seed is transmuted and used to activate the souls’s spiritual will and intent, bringing it focus and direction. The conservation of sexual energy brings about a vapourisation of the sexual hormones and fluids which are channeled up the ida and pingali shashumas that weave up around the spine. These activated waters of regeneration enter the upper chambers of the mind and activate dormant neurons and so arouse a rebirth of new wisdom within the corpus collosum. This new spiritual light carries electrified energy which will be now transmitted through the blood to all the cells and tissues, bringing the opportunity to recharge the body cells and so provide us with the potential for physical rejuventaion, increased vitality and radiant health. This process can be described as an activation of the Taurus Scorpio polarity, as the personal desires for gratification symbolised by Taurus is balanced by the need to inquire into the unknown, symbolised by Scorpio. This drive to sacrifice the self for the purpose of gaining greater truths will provide the required vibration within the blood that will assist the soul in blending the warring states of conflicting desires mention previously. The battle of desires takes place in the blood, which is the vehicle of consciousness, and carries to every cell the spiritual vibration emanating from the pineal gland in the crown chakra. A whole article could be written about the metaphysical role of the blood, which we may well take up at a later date.

The story of Christ walking on the water is said to represent this phenomenon of the etherialisation of the sexual desires/water. As Christ had overcome his personal will and desires he was able to raise himself above the lower waters of desire and through the refined sensitivity this brings he was able to receive from the etherial rays of Neptune, a stream of celestial consciousness of spiritual love. Like wise through relieving ourselves from the life draining task of repeated childbirth we can instead serve the needs of our spiritual self by focusing our energies on bringing rebirth to our minds. Conscious childbearing would serve to assist the soul in its efforts for attaining soul growth and relieve the planet of the pressures of supporting an ever growing population.

Our present state of existence is marred by fear, disease, poverty and violence, creations that we do have the power to transmute. In this current time the drive for soul growth is expanding and multi-dimensional awareness is becoming an increasing common preoccupation. While this drive continues to grow the soul can lift itself out of the emotional waters which are broiling with all the ancient wealth of knowledge and achievements embedded within its depths. With the passing of generations more experience is acquired and so the weight of our earthly achievements weigh heavily upon us as the encrusted forms of non-activation. When the soul takes on a physical incarnation and does not use this as an opportunity to release the souls’s desire to search for truth (to realise it’s firery essence) and to perform acts of service this atomic power within the reproductive seed festers and eats into the very marrow of the physical bones, bringing on all sorts of degenerative diseases. Here lies the biblical mythology of the Cave of Macpelah, the ancestral burial place purchased by Abraham while the twelve tribes of Israelites (the 12 signs of the zodiac or aspects of the soul) sojourned in wait for their promised land. The symbology of the Cave of Macpelah is manifested within the body as the cavities containing the bone marrow of the legs, where the red corpuscles are re-formed to replace the old cells broken down in the liver. As each red corpuscle is broken down in the liver there is an opportunity for evolution when the new red corpuscle is reformed in the marrow bone. This is where the consciousness carried within the blood begins it journey. Blood rich in energy activated through the light of a radiating crown chakra will reprogram the forming red corpuscle with light consciousness. It is through the formation of these light programmed cells that the warring states of desires held within the ancient patterns of blood can be reconciled. The light radiating from the evolving unity consciousness helping to overcome the anger, frustration, suspicion, fears, lust and powers of the ancestral states. Any one doubting the existence of these states need only listen to the mental and emotional confusion that pour out of a soul undergoing a nervous breakdown, to realise the array of stimulus and response going on inside person, multiplicities that are ordinarily masked by the person’s ego consciousness.

When the bones are cleared of their old encrusted stalagmites of past incarnation, the bones become a cleansed cup, the Holy Grail ready to be uplifted and filled with the new wine (red corpuscles) of the Neptunian consciousness of Spirit.

Aspects to Mars and Saturn and planets in the 12th house of one’s astrological chart are clear indicators of the spiritual growth one has made at the point of entry into this incarnation Mars rules the blood and symbolises the spiritual will disciplined and exercised in past incarnations. Saturn tells of how the past acquisitions have been absorbed and used. It indicates the extent the stalagmites or ancestral residues within the bones are waiting to be refined and absorbed into the cellular composition of the red corpuscles. While the 12th house planets represent those energies waiting transformation, through their passover into the house of Ra in the 1st, the first ray of activation.

Ascension unto the very Heights of Mind

This mysterious picture illustrates the Ascension unto the very Heights of Mind of one who has laboured to build the God within. First the mount of Saturn, the magnetic rock of memory, that holds the soul earthwards; secondly the chair of mind birth in the heights to receive the wealth of the Solar Light. Thirdly the mastery of the Winged Eagle, the channelling up the spine of the Sex-Life unto becoming the winged energy of God-Mind. Then the FACE born as mind Wisdom as the Heights and depths blend in perfect embracement, the Maid Mary giving birth to her God, the new Heaven envisaged in Revelations. Lastly the Castle epitomising the new Earth to be brought into being through the unity of The Spiritual Sun and the Fatherhood, and the Earth Motherhood.

Only by labouring with the soul states through the application of evolving consciousness and spiritual intent can the soul bring itself to purify its living waters by the infusion of solar light energy. In turn as we purify ourselves we will purify the waters of the planet. For it is not a coincidence that we find the seas and rivers, the life blood of Mother Earth encrusted with polluting chemicals and debris. As we are so is our Earth. For the land and we are one.

Compiled and translated by Denise Turner & Christopher Barnes from lectures given by Mrs. Spearman-Cook

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