Random Acts of Sacred Synchronicity

Denise Turner

From Lightnet News Issue #3 – May 1997

Saturday morning after the Drunvalo talk the previous evening my partner and I set about our frequent pilgrimage up Glastonbury Tor. On reaching the top I took up a corner inside the tower.

Although eager to begin toning I began gently so as not to disturb the two meditators seated on either side. I went on venturing to become louder, the sounds echoing around and returning to me as if sent from voices from outside, encouraging me to go on and attracting those in the tower to join in. As the volume increased others came in until 10 or more of us were toning full-heartedly. The tones resonating in waves of spontaneous melodies. For myself, I felt my solidity melt away like never before. We came and left as strangers but our hearts knew the feeling of one. Blessings to all those who were there.

Ho Mitakuye Oyasin !