Raven’s Gift

by Reg Woods (from Lightnet News issue 7/8)

When I was young I had a Pet Raven.

I loved it so much with all its colours of the infinitesimal rainbow in its blackness that I chose to make it the Enslaven. To own, study and love it.

Years later Raven began to cry in its cage and she spoke to me. Raven said “You should not have chosen to own me and my beauty. You can still love and experience me by letting me go and when you let me go I will come back with a gift.”

Raven kept her promise, she came back and dropped a crystal from another dimension in my hand. The crystal exploded with celestial light and the sweetest perfume and as you read this Raven will put you in this haven of Unconditional love.

We must all give each other the crystal of unconditional love to create Heaven on Earth. . . . . NOW

Love will always come to you when you love yourself. You can NEVER possess love and beauty but you can become it.

Walk in Beauty