Remote Viewing – What it is and What it is not

Remote Viewing – What it is and What it is not

Part of the following is abstracted from several radio programs done within the past five years.

The Future Of The Field Where Are We Going And Where Can We Go With What We Can Do?

Remote Viewing and Psi abilities are more and more taking their place in the public consciousness, perhaps not as much as they should – and will, eventually, in my opinion. Remote Viewing shows more promise of becoming an acceptable field than does Psi as ‘ESP’ in all of its varieties has already been shoved into a maelstrom of bad public perception due to junk television Shows, tabloid journalism, Hollywoodisms and 900-number saturation. How is the observer to determine what is real and what is not? Remote viewing in its several forms has shown itself to be more than useful in the fields of crime-solving, Wall Street Investing, archaeology and in the military version – operational targets which led to good, solid data on critical situations. Where can it go next? counter-terrorism forensic science investigations assisting law enforcement with clues and descriptions early-warning investigations of specific endeavors such as space missions, manned and unmanned solving outstanding ‘mysteries’ which still tantalize the public medical scans (especially body scans for disease) global mapping (and scanning) investigations of accidents of a serious nature (how they occurred) early warning of oncoming weather disasters the Shroud of Turin early warning of seismic events worldwide archaeological investigations which can provide checkable data (above ground and underwater) early man habitations, location and description location of potable watersources (aquifers), especially in desert areas paleontological scans of animals now vanished – extinct (above ground or underwater) location of critical mineral deposits assisting in cultural anthropological projects dating artifacts and placing them in time locating important ocean sites and wrecked ships providing data to laboratory scientists in a wide variety of fields locating and describing areas on other planetary bodies location of individuals undergoing severe psychological crises (and providing information on their cause) (such as the recent unabomber case) identification of incidents such as that at Columbine High before they occur location of offensive weapons of any major kind warning of terrorist operations, location of specific terrorists assistance in location of underground faults or problems prior to building on a site – and several hundred others I don’t have time to List……… In other words, as I’ve said to several researchers, and in a number of interviews – they just aren’t using us enough! The most outstanding need is to not only better utilize those individuals who are already trained to use remote viewing in some of these projects. The second is to begin serious efforts at training others to be able to provide reliable results. (this should be taught in all Police academies – just for a start! What better way to show the pro sceptics that they are wrong than to show such reliable results in the above fields? Why should we pay any attention at all to these individuals? Simply because they are keeping the majority of scientists from taking advantage of what is offered. The so-called ‘giggle factor’ would become a non-factor, as it has in many instances where remote viewing has been able to provide checkable data. It might also be true that this same loud, aggressive scepticism is keeping some persons from taking a serious look at the field with the object of themselves becoming involved and trained in remote viewing. Since the best students, we find, are highly intelligent in the majority, this could obviously be a deterrent we do not need. Having been involved in pioneer projects in many of the above fields during my own career, and being a keen observer of other projects ongoing since the ’60s and ’70s, it is obvious that even a cursory look at what has been done – will provide a clear view of what could be done with applied Psi. What is Applied Psi? It is the application of this HCA – human cognitive ability, to a given question, set of questions, or a particular need. Stephen Schwartz’s Mobius Group showed first what could be done when seeking particular archaeological Sites in Egypt. (See his The Alexandria Project – about to be republished in late 2000. It was also his space shuttle probe in 1981 that led to my own precognitive viewing of the reasons for and the actual occurrence of the Challenger disaster. Although the information is not yet declassified, it is clear that good, reliable data was retrieved from military projects such as Centerland, Grillflame, Stargate, etc. Earlier SRI data shows that not only is this ability universal, available to every human person but that some really spectacular results can be gained when applying this trained human ability to solve problems such as “where is a given individual at this time” and many others, assisted by protocols and methods suitable for laboratory work – devised by Ingo Swann, Dr Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ. ( Some of this work was done with the viewers deep underwater viewing targets on land.) (Operation DEEP QUEST) The Psi Squad has not yet, after 35 years of looking, found anyone who could not be trained to use their ability to remote view. If you are human and can find a good teacher, you can learn it and use it. Even the worst of the SRI Program’s sceptics were allowed to prove to themselves that remote viewing works by doing it themselves. At the 1999 Crv Conference in Ruidoso, NM, a sceptical reporter became a participant and a trainee in remote viewing when handed an anonymous Ziploc bag of mud and asked to describe from where it had been taken – and ended up describing an entire ancient civilization as it was more than a thousand years ago. It’s a terrible thought that such an ability would not be used – used for providing real, tangible assistance with difficult problems both in the world of science and outside the laboratory. Like the saying “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” – it can be rephrased “a skill like trained and applied remote viewing is a truly terrible thing to waste” In this world, and on others, there are thousands of potential projects for which Remote Viewers
can and should be used. Many of us are ready and waiting to take on the next task…..why waste more time? I’ve heard from the beginning or partially-trained remote viewers the apt question “what can we do with this skill, once we learn it?” The answer does not lie in seeking ephemeral targets such as the Holy Grail, important as it might be – nor in bigfoot, or ET landings. The answers lie in the list of applications listed above. Where would you like to begin?

Recommended Reading

The Secret Vaults of Time – Stephen Schwartz (Library)
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The Conscious Universe – D. Radin PhD.
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Other authors to research include Joseph McMoneagle, Ingo Swann, Harold Sherman.