Report on the 9th Annual International UFO Congress Convention 2000

Report on the 9th Annual International UFO Congress Convention 2000

Source: SpiritWeb
by Donald M. Ware, 662 Fairway Ave., Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32547, USA

Mar 2000

Our 9th winter convention March 5-11 in Laughlin, Nevada was probably the best yet. Teri Brown reported that 675 had pre-registered. We had 26 presentations involving 30 speakers, and 11 new films competed in the film festival for newly designed EBE statue awards. Each morning gatherings for experiencers were hosted by John Carpenter with assistance by Mary Rodwell and Constance Clear. The food and drinks at the Wednesday meet-the-speakers party were sufficient for dinner, and we enjoyed a unique wedding when Brenda and Ted Lowman were married on stage. The Saturday night banquet and film festival was a great way to top off a week of learning and fellowship with a loving group of 4th-density souls. The full attendance package, including all of this plus seven nights in the River Palms Resort and daily meal vouchers for only $335. What a deal!

Joe Lewels was the first speaker Sunday evening. He is; a financial consultant in El Paso, a former Army combat pilot with a Ph.D. in journalism and communications, and author of The God Hypothesis: Extraterrestrial Life and its Implications for Science and Religion. He recognizes that UFOs and ETs played a central roll in both the Old and New Testaments. Based partially on his study of the Dead Sea Scrolls he suggests that Jesus was an Essene. With 3 + years of research as a certified hypnotherapist, he has found many subjects with memories of past lives during the time of Jesus. He is now starting a new book called “The Christ Connection.” Lewells is inspired to merge science with spirit, and he views spirit as a new science. He said matter is only physical to us because of our vibratory frequency. If we can alter the frequency of sub-atomic particles, we could walk through walls like aliens do. He said that OBEs show that thinking takes place somewhere besides the brain. Contrary to what Jesus taught, he sees us doing a lot of judging, especially of aliens, because they don’t look like us. He also noted that Jesus taught and the law of karma . It was Augustine that made the teaching of reincarnation punishable by death. Lewells reminded us that Jesus said, “God is inside of you and outside of you. Know thyself. Go within. God is within thyself. Ron Russell spoke on the 1999 crop formations in England. He is a professional artist, photographer, trained CSETI field investigator and coordinator for the Centre for Crop Circle Studies. He said there were over 150 formations reported last year, and in many they detected increased energy levels. His slide show was impressive. He views this as a “bridge phenomenon” with something spiritual about it. One was a winged circle. Another showed a cube in a circle. One formation with 320 circles in a square in was reminiscent of a computer chip. One formation in barley was 1020 Feet long. He uses a new type detector to quantify the energy in the formations, and one at Livingston Castle had energy levels well above background after two weeks. Russell also mentioned that in Ohio a sheriff treated one crop circle as a crime scene.

Dr. Roger Leir is a Podiatric Surgeon and author of Aliens and the Scalpel. He and his surgical team have performed eight surgeries on alleged alien abductees, removing nine separate objects. These surgeries were carefully documented, and the objects have very strange characteristics. Some show isotopic ratios not of this world. They are surrounded by a “dark, gray, shiny, well-organized membrane” made of the body’s own genetic material that blocks rejection. This coating contains protein, caratin, and hemociterin. All objects have been in the left side of the body. One in the wrist showed signs of being attached to a nerve in the shoulder, and at 100x magnification you can see what looks like nerve fibers attached. Leir has recently established a non-profit organization, A & S Research, Inc. to fund his investigations. One of Leir’s subjects, Tim, spoke briefly to encourage donations for the research. He said that six weeks before his UFO experience he broke his neck in a car accident and was hospitalized for 19 days. He thinks he got a medical checkup while on board. After the object was removed, his normal cooking tasted much too salty. He now uses less salt. He also said that when he was 20 he was more psychic than he is now. A. J. Gevaerd, editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, then gave us an update on increasing UFO encounters in South America. He is the Director of the Brazilian Center for UFO Research, having over 2000 members, a Director of MUFON, and a Director of the IUFOC. On 9 Oct 1999 something that left anomalous radioactivity crashed on the Island of Joseph Bishop and was witnessed from two Indian villages. The fire burned for three weeks. On 19 Jun 1999 a 737 crew encountered a cigar-shaped vehicle with rows of windows and an “exhaust” trail – no wings. The Brazilian ATC was on full alert. Eighteen years earlier that pilot tried telepathy with aliens, and the UFO crossed in front of him several times. He woke 155 passengers to view it. A catholic Bishop and his companion refused to look. In another recent case 21 balls of light, each about 300 feet in diameter, were seen between Rio and Sao Paulo. Gevaerd said he has many cases of men being taken onboard to have sex with alien women, but not women having the same experience. I wonder if that isn’t a more pleasant way to collect sperm, and other means are used to collect eggs for genetic engineering purposes. As a follow-up to the 28 Jun 1979 UFO Abduction at Mirasol that Wendelle Stevens wrote about, Gevaerd said that the man has now been taken over 20 times. He feels that they are coming about two days before they do. He has met his hybrid child three times. Jose Alvo reported that when he was taken to have sex with an alien her telepathic thought caused him to desire to have sex several times. One man who was returned with a V-shaped “brand” on his back was told that we must stop producing weapons, stop wars, stop pollution, and we must preserve the environment. Another man reported that he was placed in a glass container where a light came from all around, and a copy of him was produced in the next container. He was given a pill that apparently improved his telepathic and telekenetic abilities. He was drinking at a dinner with UFO investigators when all of the utensils on the table suddenly bent and twisted.

Next was Michael Hesemann, author and video producer known as Germany’s most prolific UFO expert. He has lectured in 23 countries, investigated in 42 countries, and since 1990 has traveled over 700,000 miles in search for truth about what’s out there. Hesemann is also an IUFOC Director. He spoke about “Contact in Tepoztlan: A Message for the 3rd Millennium.” These contacts involved over 1200 witnesses and seem to be continuing. Carlos Diaz lives in that village two hours south of Mexico City where strange lights have been sacred to the Astec Indians for ages. ETs have taught Diaz much about the situation of our planet and the survival of mankind. His contacts look much like humans. They say they live among us. Although they don’t talk about where the are from, he heard one refer to Maya, which we associate with the Pleiadies. Hesemann said a vehicle filmed from STS 55 resembled one Diaz photographed. Diaz was told that we are increasing in creativity. This can be used to transform the world in positive or negative directions. Negative {or selfish} people are destroying the ecology. They are giving away the vitality of the planet.

Lyn Buchanan was the last speaker Monday. Be has BA degrees in Languages and Psychology and an MA in Psycholinguistics. His natural psychic ability was first noticed at age 12. Then, while a linguist at the US intelligence Field Station at Augsburg, Germany a “psychokinetic” event led to General Stubblebine transferring him to Fort Mead as a Controlled Remote Viewer where he worked for nine years. In 1992 he retired and built a company called Problems Solutions Innovations. He said that in December 1995 the CIA effectively declassified the knowledge of our government’s use of CRV to gain an informational edge in political, military, logistical, and tactical situations. In 1997 his company moved to Alamogordo, NM where he trains CRVers at all levels and performs CRV work for individuals, corporations, and government agencies. Buchanan is a founding board member of the International Remote Viewers Association that uses trained, tested, and proven remote viewers for public service. He is also Director of the Assigned Witness Program and is highly dedicated to finding missing children.

Buchanan spoke of the history of CRV, which started with Project Scanate in Washington, DC to spy on the US Government. The best feedback was when the CIA raided their office and tried to arrest them as spies. This led to the Stanford Research Institute program led by Puthof and Targ to validate CRV. Pat Price was considered the world’s best remote viewer, but was reported to have died in 1978. Remote viewing apparently got into the public domain through students who were SRI subjects. One thing they learned is that the more info you give the viewer, the more you mess him up. Buchanan described the levels of awareness and how you have to get through the filters of imaginative memories, fears, desires, and emotions of the conscious and sub-conscious mind to get to “the source.” You use the body to have him bridge the filters. You have to feel, smell, and taste the target. They now use a computer that calls out words to train the sub-conscious to avoid “thinking.” In one test, to get 25 hits in a row and graduate to phase two, it took him 2 months, 25 days and 8 hours. Buchanan mentioned the Second Annual RV Conference in Mesquite, NV next memorial-day weekend. During the long Q&A session he did mention that he was an abductee. He said that recently Hal Puthof accidentally encountered Pat Price in a Washington, DC department store before he fled. In remote viewing one of the four underground alien bases that Price found years ago, Buchanan sensed they knew he was there, and that was OK with the aliens.

Tuesday’s lectures started with Ron Regher, an aerospace engineer who worked on the Saturn/Apollo design team, became interested in UFOs in the mid ’50s as a young volunteer for the Ground Observer Corps. He spoke on “Spy Satellites – Our Nation’s Last Defense Against Alien Invasion.” He reported that in the autumn of 1974 a Hawk missile in Korea was fired at a UFO and was shot down. The UFO then destroyed the rest of the Hawk battery on the ground. [Sometimes we learn our lessons the hard way.] He said that Defense System Program (DSP) satellites 14-17 were launched in 1989, ’90 ’91, and ’94, and they provide a stereo view of air and space vehicles. They detected 166 of 166 Scud launches in Iraq. The 19 Sep 1976 Iranian UFO was tracked from there to Cairo and Lisbon. DSP detected the cylindrical object caught on video over Salida, CO, and also the Phoenix lights that caused an increase in our defense condition. I find it hard to believe, but Regher said the resolution was 0.4 inches in 1978. We can photograph Soviet spy satellites orbiting 22,000 miles up. He said our Keyhole satellite observed Terry Waite’s abduction in Lebanon. [I wonder how many other abductions they observe.]

Larry Warren, co-author of Left at East Gate, related his experiences as a security policeman at RAF Bentwaters. Following two days of UFO activity, on 28 Dec 1980, he said he and others observed one on the ground while the commander, Col. Gordon Williams, apparently communicated with some aliens. He said questions were asked about his book on the floor of the British Parliament. Apparently a UFO sent beams if light into nuclear storage areas. Lord Hill-Norton said publicly that it was of great security significance. Warren said that the object moved through the forest and left radioactive traces on some trees that were 25 times above background level. Ground at the landing spot was crystallized to a depth of three feet. The base has now been sold to a private group. He got into trouble with security when he called his mother and talked about that night. He said Col. Williams approved his honorable discharge. A British tabloid made up a story to discredit the event. And when he tried to continue his investigation his passport was suspended on request of the Dept. of Defense for releasing defense secrets.

Nick Begich, most famous for Angels Don’t Play This Harp, is the son of a US Congressman and a political activist. He was twice elected President of both the Alaska Federation of Teachers and the Anchorage Council of Education. In 1994 he received a doctorate in traditional medicine from the Open International University for Complementary Medicines. He is currently Chairman of Earthpulse Press, Inc. His new book and his talk are titled, Earth Rising – The Revolution: Toward a Thousand Years of Peace. He promotes a leaderless revolution, one where many individuals use intellect, spirit, and heart for effective change. He also stated that no one should talk about a problem without talking about solutions. That way they argue about solutions instead of problems. Begich said that Tom Spencer, of the European Parliament, heard about him on Art Bell’s program, and he was invited to the European Parliament. The Greens, Social Democrats, and Conservatives together got a Resolution passed. Three days later Tom Spencer’s personal life was used to force his retirement. In describing scary soft technologies, Begich said: voice prints from the airwaves can now isolate an individual; modulated radio waves can alter mental states of anxiety, fear, etc.; electromagnetic energy can cause symptoms of iodine poisoning; and memories can be removed and replaced with synthetic ones. These technologies can be used or misused. We have a choice. He ended by saying that each step that the people at this conference take can lead to a thousand years of peace.

Dr. Stephen Greer, Founder and International Director of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, spoke next. He first introduced his CSETI assistant, Linda Willits, who would help him sell his recent book, Extraterrestrial Contact, The Evidence and Implications . He was inspired to establish CSETI to train scientist/ambassadors for the alien presence, and he established 25 such groups around the world. Then he gathered compelling evidence from over 200 military and civilian witnesses and used it to try to influence government policy. He more recently provided briefings on ETs to government officials, including a CIA Director, Congressmen, military and White House officials, and the UN Secretary General. Greer related that during one dinner Mrs. Woolsey asked, “How do they communicate? The speed of light is too slow.” He responded, “Through coherent directed thought.” And she said, “I thought it had to be something like that.” A Foreign Space Technology Center official asked, “What are we doing that is causing them so much concern?” Also, Dr. Von Braun told him that ETs seem to be very concerned about what we do. Stevens said that no one in CSETI has ever been threatened or harmed by ETs. When Senator Sam Burton heard his briefing he asked for everything he had on the subject. Then extensive effort was made by someone to keep their staffs apart. Greer said that a transnational government was keeping a lid on the subject. Greer said that at age 17 he had a near death experience, and he learned no one could hurt him. At 18 he learned there was only one mind in the universe. We are like billions of windows with only one light shining through them. One story concerned a man that slammed into the side of an ET ship during an OBE, and it rocked the ship. This suggests both were in some altered state. He passed on a story that Daniel Sheehan heard from a priest. A young boy watched a butterfly struggle to get out of its cocoon. He clipped the last attaching strand to help. The butterfly fell to the ground and died, because it needed the struggle to mature. We are now emerging from a cocoon of ignorance, and we can’t depend on ETs to solve our problems for us. Greer was concerned that existing technologies that could replace fossil fuels were not being used. He closed by saying he was starting a company that would bring one of these technologies to the public. The specific technology would soon be announced on Art Bell’s program. He had an extensive Q&A session after the evening film.

Wednesday morning Dr. Robert and Ryan Woods spoke about the leaked Majestic program documents. Robert is the Director of Research for MUFON. Ryan started with an Arthur C. Clark quote, “When a scientist states that something is possible, he is probably right. When a scientist states that something is impossible, he is most probably wrong.” Concerning the leaked documents, many through Tim Cooper, he said, “We think they are from individuals in the program who have had remorse, rather than an MJ-12 release program.” An Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit report stated that three of four technicians who came into contact with dead ETs became ill and died. One MP committed suicide. Animal parts were inside a saucer. Also, the coordinates of one crash were only 800 meters south of the first nuclear test site. It also said Major Charles E. Ray, head of the military hospital at Oak Ridge, did an autopsy on an alien. The Eisenhower briefing document, Attachment D, dated 19 Sep 1947, listed many political considerations: public trust would be eroded, it questions the certainty of scientific knowledge, national security in jeopardy, financial institutions and energy providers suffer, history of religion suffers, and there may be political repercussions, including that the announcement might be perceived as a trick by the opposite party. The 1952 draft of MJ-12’s first Annual Report mentioned the government policy of control and denial. It said that Great Great Britain, Canada and the USSR were the only countries to be informed of an ET landing. Also, in 1949 and ’50 several B-36 bombers were missing with their crews. More info about these documents can be found on Majestic.

Next spoke Georgio Bongiovanni, Italian stigmatism and the reincarnation of one of the children from the miracle at Fatima. He received his hand stigmata in the presence of Mary at Fatima. She assured him that intelligent life is abundant in the universe. His feet were stigmatized in the presence of Jesus in 1991. In 1992, and ’93 he was stigmatized on the left side and the forehead. These marks, that still bleed daily, have helped him present a message of love and transformation to the world. Bongiovanni said that in the past 10 years the ET presence has greatly influenced our scientific sociological, psychic, and spiritual life. “We need to prepare to become one with our cosmic family.” He noted that Earth is in a sad time: three wars ongoing, 15,000 children dying of hunger daily, and enormous contamination of the planet. He said there is a bright future, but we have to earn it.

Bongiovanni said we could now rewrite UFO history. Newly surfaced Italian Secret Service documents reveal an ET landing there in 1933. He presented excellent UFO videos and photos. One very large vehicle was only 20 miles from his home in 1997. Another showed a crashed saucer being moved into a hangar at Kapustan Yar, the Russian Area 51. The Russian military gave him a video showing a UFO near the Russian space station when our shuttle was there on 18 Nov 1995. He said there are many active duty Russian military that do want to speak on the subject, and some higher up are allowing them to. This is a subtle form of revenge against the west. He encouraged us to eliminate our own aggression, and to counter aggression throughout the world. Search for our cause, and then take action. Gildas Bourdais, a Frenchman with an MA in business administration, works in technical publishing and is the author of three books. On 16 Jul 1999 a 90-page document was published in France titled, “UFOs and Defense – What Must We Be Prepared For?” Known as the COMETA Report, it was prepared by a group of former “auditors” at the Institute for Higher Studies for National Defense. The report’s three parts are titled: Facts and Testimonies, The Present State of Knowledge, and UFOs and Defense. Bourdais noted that the COMETA report was published about the same time the Corso and Birnes published The Day After Roswell. It was widely distributed within the French government. One case mentioned involved a UFO 200-300 meters in diameter. One Mirage 4 fighter pilot expressed fear when a UFO kept on his tail, and he could not escape it.

The report noted how debunking articles were blindly accepted by the press in many countries. It mentioned the research of Dr. Barry Downing on religious aspects, but it was criticized for not mentioning the famous French investigator, Aime Michel. It recommended discussions with the US on increased research. Media reaction to the report was mixed. Some called it modern mythology, while a science magazine article was titled, UFOs: Why Science is Beginning to be Interested.”

The next speaker, Delores Cannon, considers herself a regressionist and psychic researcher. Author of many books, she spoke primarily about material in her new book, The Custodians: “Beyond Abduction”. Here are a few comments from a very informative talk. Several crashes were not widely reported. Some were caused by electrical storms interfering with their systems. The “Watchers” use saucer craft operated by thought. There is an order to everything. There are councils over solar systems, galaxies, and universes. The Star Trek rule of non-interference is real. She mentioned the creation of human/alien hybrids and even some cloning. She closed by saying that some abductees may be responsible for saving the human race. Her book has much new information. Some gathered in 1992 on tape was physically removed from her for several years, so it would not be published prematurely. It discusses other dimensions and the reasons for implants in the human body. I recommend reading the book.

Wednesday evening we had a really fun social gathering where I was able to do something besides take notes. On Thursday morning following the experiencers’ support meeting, John Carpenter hosted a non-recorded open mike session.

About seven ladies and gentlemen shared their personal stories with the audience. This was interesting, and it apparently has some therapeutic value. John Carpenter then presented his lecture with excellent visual aids. He is a licensed psychiatric therapist who has treated thousands of psychological problems over 20 years. In the past 11 years he has worked on 140 “abduction” cases. Carpenter is Director of Abduction Research for MUFON. He has written 5 papers, produced 7 videos, and is working on a book, “Beyond Fantasy: Human Contact with Non Human Beings”. Among his photos was a tabloid announcing “Hillary Clinton Adopts a Space Alien Baby.” The baby appeared to me to be the same species that was on the cover of Time magazine 23 Jun 1997, which I think is properly called Homo alterios spacialis. Carpenter said that some gray folks that float through walls frequently operate in threes. He spoke of apparent alien mistakes. Different family members wake up in the wrong bed. One woke up in the wrong house. One man on a farm met aliens beside a ship who wanted something. He went to the barn to get it, and when he returned the ship was invisible until he got within 50 feet. It was somehow shielded. Carpenter ended with a clip from Paranormal Borderline about an abduction caught on a security camera. When he was returned on camera 110 minutes later he vomited, and he was disoriented according to the other security guard. He called in sick the next three days, but never returned to work.

Next spoke Constance Clear, a 30-year San Antonio psychotherapist and author of Reaching for Reality: Seven Incredible True Stories of Alien Abduction. She has a long list of professional credentials. However, from 1982 to 1997 she facilitated a support group for bereaved parents, which she feels is her best preparation for the work with abductees she is doing now. She titled her talk, “Ambassadors or Lab Rats?” She received one of the 90,000 copies of the Roper report; “Unusual Personal Experiences” mailed by the Bigalow Foundation. This led to her attendance at the Mack, Hopkins, Jacobs conference in San Antonio, which got her on the PEER referral list. Clients drove hundreds of miles to visit her, and her first experiencer support group of seven has met for four years. She has nine in her new group. She finds it interesting that all nine and half of the first group seem compelled to save seeds. Both men in the first group pack iron. Men in Texas are supposed to be in control and protect their families. Clear said we can choose to hate or love. One client was a German POW who had chosen to love when he was beaten unconscious. He met Jesus. When he came to he said in German to the guard, “I love you.” His wounds were immediately healed. Some clients have memories as early as six months of age. One homicide detective, Robert Snow, had a past-li fe regression from which he collected 28 bits of information on his life as Carol Beckwith. His investigation found 26 of those bits, proving the case for him. Her client, “Kay”, has a strong bond with a being that has visited her since she was a child. When she was under serious stress they appeared and answered her questions. Then she began to consciously remember her encounters. Her cats that normally sleep on her bed sleep elsewhere on nights the aliens come. One client asked her spirit guide about her alien buddies. The guide responded, “I would not let them perish. They are my children also.” When she asked to see them, four showed up. During the Q&A session, she said ten is an ideal number for a support group. You don’t need to be licensed. Just practice compassion. From 4:30 to 6:30 PM Thursday Dr. Jonathan Reed, co-author Robert Raith, and publicist Pamela MacLeod sat on the stage for their highly controversial presentation. Reed gained some notoriety when he reported on Art Bell that he had an alien in his garage for nine days in 1996. Reed, who claims a Ph.D. in Developmental Research Psychology, was hiking in the woods of Washington State when his dog Suzy attacked an alien. He called her off with no effect. The alien then mysteriously killed Suzy, causing Reed to hit it in the head with a stick. Thinking that he killed it, after taking some video and still shots of the alien and a strange black thing nearby, he wrapped it in a thermal blanket and put it in his freezer. The story and its aftermath are detailed in their new book, Link – An Extraterrestrial Odyssey. Reed said this talk was his show and tell, in spite of some folks’ actions to keep him from telling it. He said about 85% of the evidence he gathered was taken from him. Some who offered to help in analysis claimed to be from MUFON, but they weren’t. Art Bell and Eastman Kodak have analyzed the film. When he was lying beside the body feeling ill, he heard a harmonic sound that led him to the black “obelisk”. It felt like very cold marble, and it was immovable. The tone changed to a more pleasant sound after he touched it.

The alien had five fingers and was 4 feet tall. It only weighed 50 pounds. When he was making a video record of the alien, it partially opened its eyes. He was only recently convinced of this by Cole Larson. The alien wore a black suit that reminded him of wet spandex. When he cut it, it repaired itself. An artifact that he found near the body, he calls the Link. The alien took water he was offered. It appeared to be bioreactive, and it is being analyzed in Japan by a supportive group he calls the Alliance. He said that after nine days another group in black suits and vans had him fired, stole everything from his office and home and erased much of his background. He lost his girlfriend. His best friend, Gary, went into hiding and has withered from 200 pounds to 130. Dolly, an older lady who was keeping a package for him was found dead on the kitchen floor. The package was gone. The coroner said she died of natural causes. He said that a “collector” offered over a million dollars for all rights to the pictures. He did not accept. Reed made a presentation to a group of 120 in San Diego. Four days later a man on the street put a 9mm gun to his chest, and when he tried to force it away it fired into his shoulder. The man fled without a word. Reed thinks the man did not intend to shoot him, just to scare him. I don’t know why anyone would want to make up a story like this. I see some lessons for us here. Apparently a human nearly killed an alien over a dog. George Knapp, investigative reporter and anchor at KLAS TV-8 in Las Vegas was our speaker after dinner. He provided some interesting information and the most humor of the week. He is best known internationally for his TV mini-series, “UFOs – The Best Evidence.” Before The Day After Roswell was written, NIDS asked Knapp to contact Corso and he taped hours of interviews. Knapp was thinking about helping him write the book. Corso was reported to have said, “We didn’t do enough on the bodies.” I had the money, and I take the blame on that.” He seemed to be interested in how the brain worked. One story involved Corso visiting a launch site at White Sands Missile Range when he went into an old gold mine to cool off. Water trickled out. He encountered an alien. He reached for his gun, and heard in his head, “Don’t!” He asked, friend or foe? It responded, “Neither. It asked to have the range radar shut down for 10 minutes. Corso asked, “What do I get?” The alien responded, “A new world, if you can take it.” Corso got into his jeep and ordered the radar shut down. However, one radar site did track an object departing at over 3000 mph. At some point I think he reported seeing a smooth, cold saucer on the ground that killed his motor and spun his compass. Corso mentioned an autopsy at Walter Reed. He said the eyelid was a light collector they used at night. They apparently had no internal digestive system. Corso said some alien artifacts go to Los Alamos now. Knapp mentioned the recent lawsuit on burning wastes at Area 51. As a result, EPA got their security manual, and it is now on the Internet. The first speaker Friday was Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center since 1994. His broad education includes degrees from Stanford in Russian and biology, an MS in genetics and biochemistry of fish, and an MBA in finance and international business. He has worked as a commercial fisherman, Russian translator, fisheries observer on Soviet vessels, a flight instructor, and a businessman. He was founding President of a Seattle-based biotech company that now employs over 300. He has personally observed UFOs at St. Louis in 1954, Baja in 1990, and Washington in 1992. Davenport was pleased to introduce his web master, David Stepp. He got a report from a federal employee of a of star-like UFOs moving rapidly over the White House and gyrating in relation to each other at 10:05 last Friday night. One report involved an object moving from Main to New Jersey that met with five other UFOs over Basking Ridge, Vermont. One “dish with a bite out of the edge” went around an airplane. Investigation of the very large V-shaped object over Phoenix indicated that it; shined a brief beam of light to the ground, it blurred the light of the moon as it passed, and close inspection of one light looked like a “tornado of gold sparks.” He said the UFO observer by a large group to pick up an elk, apparently dropped it unmarked. Most amazingly was a tremendous flare of light west of Albuquerque, moving south, that flooded a 60-mile-wide path brighter than daylight. Sky cameras at Sandia Lab picked it up, and there were many witnesses. Apparently there was a second one ten minutes later. Davenport said that on 17 Mar 1997 a man who apparently knew what he was talking about said, “They are sophisticated craft under intelligent control, and we are worried about them.”

Next Wendelle Stevens spoke about man-made flying saucers. He graduated from Lockheed Aircraft Maintenance & Repair School, Aviation Cadet School, and Fighter Pilot Advanced Training all as a very young 2nd lieutenant in the US Army Air Corps. Then he attended the Test Pilot School where he learned to fly everything in the Air Corps inventory and a few Navy aircraft as well. Later he was assigned to the Ptarmigan Project, recording and analyzing visual and EMF emissions throughout the Arctic. Looking for influences to aircraft systems caused by UFOs, they recorded all disturbances. This effort was quite productive, and the data was hand carried to Washington, DC nightly. Stevens owns the UFO Photo Archives, the largest of its kind in private hands – over 3000 of them. He is a founding Director of the IUFOC. Stevens recalled early attempts by Vladimar Terzinski to speak about Nazi flying saucers at our conference, but most people were skeptical. Then at a private meeting three years ago with Stan Dayo from Australia he was inspired to study these man-made vehicles. Stevens thought maybe 2% of the saucer sightings were man made, when Dayo suggested 40%. Dayo was the AF Academy honor student who, after completing his final exam, looked on his neighbor’s desk before turning it in. He reported this to the class monitor and was summarily dismissed without a commission. A Senator then referred him to the TRW Corp. that held a prime government contract for gravity research. He was immediately hired. They knew of his preparation by his Academy counselor and controllers. In the academy he had learned speed- reading in an altered state of consciousness. He averaged 30 minutes per book. The final exam event was apparently a recruiting technique for masterminds to avoid military duty. He worked for TRW when they solved the gravity control problem. Then he went to Pine Gap, Australia. Stevens found several books on the subject: UFOs: Nazi Secret weapons; Genesis by W. Harbenson (written as fiction but 80% true); Man Made UFOs 1944 – 1994, 50 Years of Suppression; and The German Saucer Story. Stevens reported on the German tech film of their Kugelblitz, V-7 weapons research that the Australians acquired as war booty. Two Kugelblitz failures were the Spitzbergen Island crash and another on the coast near Heligoland. In both cases there was no doubt to the origin, and the Americans and British carried away much of the disk residue. The disk that came down 8 miles SE of Laredo, TX was one of 32 Kugelblitz disks brought here from Germany after the war. It was being tested from White Sands with a rhesus monkey on board when they lost control. Stevens mentioned some Haunebu ships about 100 feet in diameter, and smaller 30-foot Grill class ships. There were apparently nine secret bases in Germany working on anti-gravity vehicles. One involved BMW.

Stevens even recalls seeing a map of the base locations in recovered German documents while in the AF, but it was shredded. After Hitler learned that he could not use these antigravity vehicles in the war, he launched two expeditions to the Antarctic led by Admiral Richard, one in 1938 and one in 1942 after the eastern front losses. The work on flying disks continued there. According to Meier case documents, Ptah said 334 members of a secret German society continued the work that has remained secret even today. Stevens also mentioned that Adrian of the Miami contacts said he and his girl friend were taken by Pleiadians to a secret base in SW Brazil where they saw German style saucers parked on pedestals. And I recall from that case that Adrian was told that some of the German scientists’ children were raised on the Pleiadies and are now back here working for BMW. Finally, at last years conference a retired NRO gentleman presented us privately a picture labeled Haunebu 5, made by German, American, and Aldebaran scientists in Antarctica. James Guilliland is now a teacher, spiritual counselor, and energetic healer living at his Self Mastery Earth Institute, a 70-acre retreat at the base of Mt. Adams in Trout Lake, WA. Commercial real estate made him a material success by age 26 when he had an ocean-surf NDE that changed his life. He is author of Becoming Gods: A Reunion with the Source, and Becoming Gods II. For 12 years many strange things have been happening at the retreat. One photo shows a bright light over a statue of Jesus in the garden. He was facing west at 10 AM. Another shows a golden-white light brighter and twice the diameter of streetlights. At 8 PM over Mt. Adams, Spar Giedeman, a member of his group, made a video of a UFO that tribal police watched from the other side of the mountain. Guilliland’s guide said, “It is not your job to defend these pictures.” He reported no fear at his sky watches; however, his Korean friend was hit with an energy that caused many lesions. When he asked his guides to help, all the lesions healed the next day. He introduced Jim Dilettoso who sought him out to study his spiritual encounters. Dilettoso said people could be trained to advance their consciousness so that the OZ factor takes effect.

This is where some people see things when others near them don’t. He also studies others of the group at the retreat. After Guilliland’s NDE, his aura photo showed a powerful gold light. One interesting photo showed energy waves coming to a lady who had an astral face superimposed over hers. Local police recognized the astral face as being someone who overdosed on drugs at her place. She did not feel well until spirit releasement therapy cleared her. He said they teach compassion and love at the retreat, and he reminded us that Jesus asked us to be kind to each other and the planet. Michael Newton, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in counseling and is a state-certified Master Hypnotherapist in California. He is author of Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives. He learned to “see” into the spirit world through the mind’s eye of subjects who are in a hypnotized or super-conscious state. He retired from a large regular practice in Los Angeles to specialize at his secluded spot in Northern California. He has a waiting list of over two years. He said it is amazing what he can learn in three hours. His colleagues now say he has gone New Age. When he asked one lady if she had a group of friends that she missed, she saw her soul group all in front of her in the spirit world. Some soul groups seem small for fast learners, because slower ones seem far away. When he asked one man who had been on many worlds about sex, he said there is nothing like Earth for sex.

He said souls are of equal value no matter where they are on the ladder. He often finds out why people were given their bodies. One lady said she first came to Earth from the Pleiadies as a goat herder right after the flood, to repopulate the planet. When a child dies very young, it may come back as the mother’s next child. Picking a body is like a stage play, and many souls look at it that way. He closed quoting Shakespeare; “All the World is a stage.”

After dinner William Buhlman, author of Adventures Beyond the Body, spoke on “Out of Body Exploration and Alien Abduction.” He said that after 30,000 people responded to his survey, he has determined that there is an increasing amount of spontaneous OBEs. There is a shift of consciousness occurring. Years ago, after visualizing objects as he went to sleep for four weeks, and he woke up feeling different. He said, “I reached for the wall, and my hand went through it. I thought of getting up, and I was immediately standing at the end of my bed looking at my body lying there. We can all do it.” He said that historical records showing a bird leaving the body depict an OBE state. He has been scared, shocked, and amazed but never harmed in an OBE. He suggested that many people who have a non-physical experience interpret it as physical. Here are some common features he mentioned between OBEs and alien abductions; humming, light with no obvious origin, sense of a presence, strong state of vibration, paralysis, missing time, another reality, and many beings present. Then an OBE meditation was practiced. Graham Birdsall and Russell Callaghan made the first presentation Saturday. Birdsall is editor and publisher of UK’s “UFO Magazine.” Callaghan is their web master and videographer. They presented some excellent photos and video, and then gave a behind-the-scenes preview of the new international UFO exhibit that will eventually travel to six continents. Birdsall said that British TV covered well the recent mutilation of sheep there. At the Farnborough Air Show people were asked not to film the rear of the B-2. When the press asked why, they were told, “That is the sensitive part.” The pilot said they refueled twice, but the second time was only because they did not want to refuel there on the ground. They showed excellent film of underwater ruins near Japan with a base the size of the great pyramid. It was as high as a six- story building and had hieroglyphics around the base. The new UFO exhibit, “Phenomena”, was open in Australia and is on a world tour this year.

“It has the power to change the way we think about the subject.”” It covers 12,000 square feet of space. It will be in Sydney through the Olympic games, and is promoted by Fox. One guy controls 95% of the money. Franchises have been invited in, and they are cloning five exhibits to cover the world. There were many good videos, including some from NASA. One showed a flying saucer with a smaller one coming off of the bottom and departing left. Another video showed a grub-like UFO – very strange. Santiago Yturria Garza founded the first UFO Research Group in Monterey, Mexico in 1974. He has amassed the largest UFO video and photo archive in Mexico. He said the Mexico UFO wave is still increasing. One TV reported announced that there was a UFO in the sky, please go out and video it. It remained still at 10,000 feet for 30 minutes. An airline pilot also saw it.

In April ’98 a forest fire became one of Mexico’s worst ECO-disasters of the century. A cigar shaped object appeared near the fire. One impressive video showed a hamburger-shaped object, black with white in the middle and a light on top. Then the white part turned red. Garza said the Mexican population seems to relate well with the phenomenon, and they are not afraid. The final speaker was Daniel Sheehan, an impressive man whose curly hair reminded me of judge’s wig. He has degrees from Harvard in government, law, and divinity. He established the Christic Institute in Washington, DC, and has been legal counsel on many high-profile cases such as; Karen Silkwood, Iran/Contra, the American Sanctuary Movement, the Pentagon Papers, Three Mile Island pollution, and Watergate. He has gained access to many restricted government files. Today he is General Counsel to Joe Firmage’s International Space Sciences Organization, and he heads the Strategic Institute to Define a New Paradigm. He wants to integrate the fact of the ET presence into all classical fields of human knowledge: Cosmology, Theology, Philosophy, Physical Science, Psychology, Ontology, Epistemology, Human Teleology, etc.

He also wins the prize for the presentation with the longest title; “The Probability of a Public Encounter with ET Intelligence in the 21st century and the Public Policy Implications of Such ET Contact on American Foreign Policy, American Military Policy, and American National Security Policy.” Sheehan represented Dr. John Mack, chair of Harvard’s Dept. of Clinical Psychology, when the University tried to fire him after he published Abduction; Human Encounters with Aliens. Mack tried to publish an article on his research in the New England Journal of Medicine, but the editorial board would not even consider it, so he wrote the book. Sheehan, funded by Lawrence Rockefeller, resolved the case against Mack quickly. In 1987 he became Chief Counsel for the Jesuit National HQ. They asked him to get UFO information from the Vatican. While seeking information about Carter’s 21 Jan 1977 UFO sighting from Bush, then Director of the CIA, Bush said that a congressional committee would have to ask the Library of Congress to declassify the information for a report to the President. He once asked the Washington Inter-religious Council staff to consider the UFO/ET presence and was met with total silence. He was asked by the Gorbachev Foundation to try to clarify the UFO/ET facts that pertain to public policy. He hosted a round table at the October 1999 State of the World Forum that included 24 people, such as; John Mack, Depak Chopra, Jean Houston, Joe Firmage, Hal Puthof, Wink Franklin of IONS, Rick Tarnis, Sam Keen, etc. They even appeared before the entire group of 1000 world leaders. Sheehan said that many members of the human family are not properly prepared for open contact with ET. He sees two major risks; some covert military group may be preparing to engage militarily and some people may be so unprepared they may become totally subservient. Neither is appropriate. Sheehan mentioned 12 separate premises that we can discuss this year, such as: We should accept the 1979 Congressional Report to Carter saying that ET exists. There are two to six highly intelligent, technological species in our galaxy. If there had been contact with our government, they would not have told us.

People have different paradigms depending on their worldviews: authoritarian, reactionary, conservative, moderate, liberal, progressive, or mystical. You can’t convince the first three to not treat ET as a threat. Then he mentioned eight possible origins of UFOs with his assessment of probability; 51% ET civilization either positive or negative, 40% super secret government or private contact, 5% PSY-OPS operation, 2% spiritual phenomenon, 1% time travel, and 1% either extra-dimensional manifestations or projections into another reality. He said we are at a special time in history. Dr. Fugiama announced that the western civilization has a short time to fulfill its promises to the people of the world or they will look elsewhere. Then he mentioned the high level debate between Zbigniew Brzezinski, cofounder of the Trilateral Commission, and conservative Samuel P. Huntington, former Editor of Foreign Affairs. He closed by saying we must show ET the major qualities of humanity. We need a public interest group with chairs for the ET presence, the environment, peace, etc. And we must stop attacking each other’s positions. He received great applause.

On Saturday night seven of the 11 films that entered the film festival shared 9 EBE statues. Ken Seddington, the Congress Director from the United Kingdom, had selected and supervised the panel of judges who watched all of the films, and he introduced the producers who were present for the showing. We appreciate the efforts of all of the judges. “Close Encounters: Proof of Alien Contact” produced by Chris Wyatt & Lela Vandavier won for Best UFO Documentary – Short Subject. “UFOs and Cosmic Dimensions – Above Top Secret” produced by Yin Gazda won for Best UFO Documentary – Long Subject. “The Secret of Nikola Tesla”, directed by Kristo Papic in Zagreb Film Studios, Croatia won Best Feature Film – UFO or Related Theme. “Expressions of ET Contact: A Visual Blueprint” produced by Bradley DeNise and directed by Mary Rodwell won Best Abductee/Contactee Documentary and Best Musical Score within a Documentary. “UFOs – The Footage Archives Part 5 (1998 – 1999)” produced by Michael Hesemann & Natalia Zahradnikova was chosen Best UFO Footage (Stills or Live) within a Documentary. “Mystery of the Crop Circles” Produced by Georgio Bongiovanni and directed by Piergiorgio Caria won THE PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD and Best Non UFO Documentary in a Related Field. It was a real pleasure to watch this film. Also, among the four entries that did not receive an EBE statue, I found Joe Escamilla’s “Rods: The Smoking Gun” very interesting. Those “rods” that seem to defy our physics make me wonder if they consist of a different kind of matter, perhaps a morontia material as mentioned in The Urantia Book.

On Saturday night we seated 500 for an excellent buffet and great social experiences, helped by ample red and white wine on the tables. I truly appreciate the wonderful technical crew, the staff, and especially Bob and Teri Brown for their great effort to bring us together for wonderful fellowship and learning experiences twice each year. The Summer Seminar will be August 5-11 at the Palm River Resort in Laughlin, NV. You may learn more about it at UFO Congress.

Ninty-minute audiotapes for $8 and videotapes for $20 are available from the Congress at 303-543-9443,Fax 303-543-8667. Prices are $7 and $17 for members. P&H in the US is $2 + $0.75/additional for audio, and $4 + $1/additional for video. Their address is 9975 Wadsworth Pkwy. #K2-274, Westminister, CO 80021, USA.

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