Saucer lands on ancient pyramid in Wiltshire, UK

Saucer lands on ancient pyramid in Wiltshire, UK

Source: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 5, Number 9; Editor: Joseph Trainor

“Driver Clive Stevens is seeking the truth behind mysterious coloured lights he saw over Silbury Hill (in North Wiltshire, UK) in the dead of night.” “He said the flashing lights formed the shape of a flattened oval ‘rather like a flying saucer’ and he is hoping other motorists might have spotted them and tell him what they mean.”

“Mr. Stevens, 25, of Upper Isbury in Marlborough, was driving home on the (Motorway) A4 past the Waggon and Horses pub in Beckhampton when he saw the shimmering blue, green, white and red lights in the distance.”

“‘It looked like a helicopter landing pad on an oil rig with all the bright lights,’ said Mr. Stevens, a consultant on water softening devices who was returning home after dropping off a friend in Chippenham,” a city about 125 miles (180 kilometers) west of London.

“He said it was on a clear night with a bright moon but he could not see people on top of the (Silbury) hill, just the lights forming an oval which he estimated as being two-thirds the size of the hilltop.”

“On top of the hill was a whole pattern of lights in a traditional flying saucer shape. They were blinking red, white, green and blue, he said.”

“‘I could not tell if it was hovering, or if it was stationary on top of the hill. It really scared me because I was on my own.; there was no other traffic about, and you hear these stories of alien abductions.'”

“Mr. Stevens said he was also well aware that the hill stands in the centre of an area where mysterious crop circles are frequently found.”

“He said that as he drove past the hill the light dropped behind the hill, and although he did look in his mirror, he did not see it again.”

“He added, “I am not frightened to admit I was scared stiff, and I could not get along the A4 quick enough.'”

“Mr. Stevens, a keen military historian, said he doubted the light could have been from a helicopter or aircraft. Nor does he think the lights were caused by hoaxers because they would have had to be on the end of long poles.”

“‘It was very cold on Sunday morning (February 20, 2000), which makes me think that if there were hoaxers there, they would have needed their heads read,’ he added.”

The sighting took place at about 4 a.m.

“Doug Sheppard, landlord of the Waggon and Horses pub, said he was in bed at 4 a.m. on Sunday, and he had heard reports of strange happenings at Silbury. But, he said, ‘I don’t know if it’s connected at all, but my telephones went down at the weekend. When BT (British Telecommunications–J.T.) came to repair it, they said it was an exterior line fault.'”

Silbury Hill is one of the most ancient sites in Britain. It’s an earthen pyramid that covers five acres and is constructed of over one million tons of earth, apparently moved by hand.

According to Aubry Burl, author of Prehistoric Avebury, Silbury Hill is an estimated 4,000 years old and is said to be the burial site of King Kunedha, a legendary monarch of the Beaker Folk. The king’s body, clad in golden armor, is said to lie at the base of the man-made mound.

Silbury Hill bears an amazing resemblance to the pyramid of Cuicuilco in Mexico, which geologists maintain had to have been built before 8,000 B.C. Nearby Beckhampton and Abury Hill have been the site of intensive archaeological efforts recently, but it is not known if these activities have anything to do with the landing of the saucer. (See the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald for February 25, 2000. See also Prehistoric Avebury by Aubrey Burl, Yale University Press, 1979, pages 128 to 136. Many thanks to Gerry Lovell of Far Shores for forwarding the newspaper article.)

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