Shift Orientation: I Just Know That Something Good is Going to Happen!

Shift Orientation: I Just Know That Something Good is Going to Happen!

I don’t believe “setting intention” is the right way to go for true spiritual evolution in the Shift. Who is it setting intention? It can only be the ego, as the soul has an authentic and natural flow, all by itself. That said, it does become possible to orientate our inner beingness to be in a positive state – to expect that whatever is going on in life, “something good is going to happen”. Let’s explore what that means exactly, and the positive effects of it.

What Happens When You Set Intention?

Let’s get clear about what happens when you “set intention”, because it’s a widespread spiritual practice that I believe is stunting spiritual evolution. The question is: who is it, what aspect of you is it, that’s setting intention? Why, and what’s the motivation behind it?

Setting intention often comes from a subtle sense of lack. Or not being able to accept what the Universe is naturally creating. You’re ALREADY creating the reflective mirror of what your soul is now wanting to work through – where do you get tight in what’s happening? Where do get identified as ego? These are invaluable points of friction to work through, let go of density, and forge soul. When you “set your intention”, the risk is you simply override this educational and soul-forging possibility.

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Why then, do we often have a sense of goals and dreams manifesting for us?

The Natural Oscillating Flow of the Universe

The Universe is a Torus of oscillating energies that create naturally, purely, by the crystallisation of relativity. We are each a fractal of that, as is everything in nature, which means that if we allow ourselves to emulate this natural oscillation (felt as kundalini), then “rightness” is going to happen – felt as a “clicking in” with the oscillating flow.

This “clicking in” with the natural oscillating flow of your Torus, converges with the natural flow of the Universe, which then reflects in supportive signs and synchronicity, symbology and numerology, all around you. That’s how you know you’re in this rightness.

What then is the purpose of your life and path? Can you do anything to enhance its fulfillment?

In a word, yes.

I put it to you that the meaning of our lives is to actualise this oscillating flow of the divine, and to bring it into being in our own unique way. When we’re doing this, then we’re striking the sweet spot of life, which feels simply great, no matter the challenges, difficulty or resistance in the outer, that we might be experiencing. You know you’re in your authentic being.

What then about the dreams, aspirations and goals that come to us?

We have to be sure of what’s fuelling these. 

The Meaning of Dreams, Aspirations and Goals

When dreams, aspirations and goals come to us, they can come from all manner of sources, including intervention energies, subtly trying to own you or lead you astray.

The key about our dreams and goals is to recognise: are they aspirations that expand you with possibility? Do they require growth and evolution of being? Is there a higher purpose that serves all life? In the affirmative, these aspirations then are something to work toward – an invitation to step into. They’re going to expand and evolve you.

But here’s the conundrum…

The risk is to be consumed by the fulfilment of the goal itself – to get lost in the actualisation of it. As opposed, to the actualisation of yourself.

So, can you allow these dreams and goals to form, work toward them, but not attach to an outcome?

The Naturally Creative Orientation of the Soul

If you work to open into this naturally creative state of the soul, then two things are likely to happen: 1) You’ll be enormously creative 2) Not all your creations will come to fruition.

The reason creative actions don’t always land, is because they’re not necessarily meant to – the oscillating flow of the Universe, through you, is now moving toward a different actualisation than what you might have expected.

This can lead to disappointment, until we realise what’s going on. Or it can lead to detachment and inertia: what’s the point of working toward anything at all? Both of these states actually retard the flow from crystallising – so they become self-defeating. We start to derail and even hijack our own path.

Which leads me right back to intention. Plenty have realised the need to be positive about goals and aspirations. But when that becomes fixation on the outcome, it leads to the build-up of identity, due to the struggling and the efforting – as opposed to settling into the oscillating kundalini flow.

What’s the solution?

Knowing that Something “Good” is Going to Happen

I believe it’s to allow, and to actualise, within one’s being, a positive felt-sense about life and the flow – the sense always that, “Something good is going to happen”. I believe this inherent state is natural to the soul. So can we hold this positive orientation, which provides the fertile soil for aligned crystallisations to happen?

This does require us to accurately understand what “good” means in this context. Because it could so easily slip into judgment of what we, the ego, thinks is good or proper or just or should create.

“Good” in this meaning and sense, is the feeling expectation, that something “right” is going to happen – meaning rightness aligned with the Universal flow. It’s the constant “clicking in” of signs, synchronicity, and symbology around your natural creative movement. Some things will create, some things won’t. Often a creation will go through several iterations before it does land. 

Whatever, we can be sure that if we hold this sense of, “Something good is going to happen”, then you’re going to become a positive actualising force for the Shift of universal energies. Which cannot fail to deliver rightness through your life.

Living the 5D Flow

I believe what we’re really talking about it creating from the new 5D consciousness. Which is like a breath of fresh air in all of this intention setting or stagnation of society. It’s about going with the flow of rightness coming through you and actualising from that.

See how that feels. Let go of the need of an outcome, but still allow the feeling of expectation, of creativity and commitment – leaning into the flow of the path. Then for sure, you’re going to witness “rightness” happening all around you. It simply can’t fail!

I captured the sense of this 5D flow in this video below…

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