Spring Equinox Affirmation

From Lightnet News Issue #3 – May 1997

Denise Turner

Avebury/Stonehenge/West Kennet Burrows

For some time we have been drawn to our personal places of power and to holding sacred in sites in reverence.

In 1995 our impulse to visit various sites grew stronger and we have begun to make our journeys. Then in March 96, we were strongly impressed to visit Avebury for the dawn Equinox. We set off not knowing what would unfold and we arrived to meet a group of others waiting to greet the dawn. Through synchronicity, a group of people came together to participate in a ceremony which unfolded naturally. At these times it does seem that dimensional portals open up. Being at the sacred sites opens us to receive a whole host of etheric energies, which transforms us inwardly.

This spring brought a collection of us together again to celebrate the new season and to commune with the energies of Heaven and Earth. During the ceremony, we called in the highest energies of our past and future selves to embody them and then to send them to the Earth’s core. We then processed the return flow of these energies through ourselves and on to the central galactic source and awaited the reply from the galactic impulse. The message I gratefully received was that all are cared for, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. We followed this meditation with the affirmation of our soul identity to remind ourselves of the vision of who we are: I am sacred I am holy I am that I am.

I urge all those who feel called to come and share their Divinity. For the value of these greetings go far beyond ordinary experiences, so that we leave with a transformed view of our personal potential and of what we deem possible.