Stonehenge Midsummer

by Marcus Mason

From Lightnet News Issue #1 – 26th July 1996

Since October 1994, a dedicated group of 26 people have managed to obtain special access permission to hold Full Moon meditations at Stonehenge. These meditations focus on the etheric Rose, embodying the heart energy that has been emerging at Stonehenge, to ground the inflowing energies of Unconditional Love into the planetary energy web.

An extension of this work has been the re-discovery of the planetary orbit pathways in the landscape around Stonehenge, all of which are focussed on other sacred sites, and extend as far as St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, and Sea Palling on the Norfolk coast which both lie on the Neptune orbit.

Neptune’s and Pluto’s orbits extend also into France and Ireland. These planetary sites and orbits are grounding the harmonic overtones and resonances of the Solar Logos “tone” which is flowing into Stonehenge.

As the access to Stonehenge is restricted during the period of the Solstices and Equinoxes, it was decided to hold simultaneous meditations at Midsummer Sunrise at sacred sites which lie on these planetary orbit paths, along the axis of the Stonehenge Midsummer alignment, extending from the Norfolk coast to Dorset coast. Those who attended these meditations convened later in the day at Stonehenge, to hold a silent meditation outside the rope boundary around the stones. This was attended by more than 100 people, including many tourists who were drawn to the beautiful, peaceful and loving energy that was created. The meditation culminated with the release of three OMs into the centre of the Vortex in the henge and, at the invitation of the English Heritage guardians, a procession around the perimeter of the henge. The sounding of the OMs at 5.00 pm BST coincided with the commencement of the World Peace and Prayer Day Ceremonies being held in South Dakota, USA, convened by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, nineteenth generation keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe.

We plan a similar event for the Autumn Equinox, details of which are on this bulletin. Our understanding is that, by meditating and focusing the planetary energies at the appropriate sites, then carrying this intention into the heart centre of Stonehenge, we are assisting in the grounding of a balanced etheric/energetic form, through which the pure Unconditional Love presence of the Christos and Solar Logos, can manifest more fully on the planet, being carried through the energy-web and ley-lines to Sacred sites throughout the planet, and thence into the hearts of all sentient beings. If you cannot be present, please join us in spirit, or link in at your local sacred site. Wear a rose, and allow your heart to open to the divine Love Presence within.