Take time for 12 things

Anonymous (from Lightnet News issue 9/10)

  1. Take time to Work
    It is the price of success
  2. Take time to Think
    It is the source of power
  3. Take time to Play
    It is the secret of youth
  4. Take time to Read
    It is the fountain of knowledge
  5. Take time to Worship
    It is the highway of reverence and washes the dust of the earth from our eyes
  6. Take time to Help and Enjoy Friends
    It is the source of happiness
  7. Take time to Love
    It is the one sacrament of life
  8. Take time to Dream
    It hitches the soul to the stars
  9. Take time to Laugh
    It is the singing that helps with life’s loads
  10. Take time for Beauty
    It is everywhere in nature
  11. Take time for Health
    It is the true wealth and treasure of life
  12. Take time to Plan
    It is the secret of being able to have time to take time for the first eleven things

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